Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Many New Happenings

In addition to my new forum (which is going great by the way) I have place my hand in the soup pot to a few more things lately.

First, I joined another swap on c'ville. And not just any swap at that. This is the Summer Secret Pal Swap. And I am so excited about it. I already have the whole three months mapped out for my known sp. (I send to her but she doesn't know who I am) Alls I can say without giving myself away is that she had better be prepared to be spoiled. (and I mean, rotton.) This is going to be so much fun.

And my secret pal, (the one sending me things) has already blown me out of the water. She send me to e-cards on Sunday and a lovely email telling me a bit about herself and asking me questions about myself. She is indeed a kindred spirit cause she knows so much about me without even asking. The really neat thing is that we have so much in common. I just know that when this secret stuff is over, we are going to be friends. How can we not??? She is an Anne of Green Gables person as well as a Laura Ingalls Wilder person. And we both love to crochet with thread. (and small thread too...) This sure is going to be exciting.

Well, Chloe eats a ton. I mean a ton. I haven't been around too many babies eating but it sure seems to me that most babies her age wouldn't be eating as much as she does. (and she is still way underweight...don't know why)

Well, just to prove to you all that she eats a ton, I took a picture of how much yogurt she ate the other day.

And this is a 2 lber tub of yogurt and it is HALF GONE!!! She ate a lb of yogurt. Okay...for one!! I did NOT eat ANY of this yogurt...for two...she ate this in one sitting...for three...and this one is the clencher...she ate this after eating a jar of baby hot dogs and a whole banana. Come on!!! The child is only 14 months old and is the size of a 6-8 month old baby!!! I have NO clue where she puts all this food. I mean, sometimes she eats more in a sitting than I do. Talk about a lot of food.Her doctor says that she just burns it off quickly. (both James and I have a quick metabolism so she was pretty much guarenteed to get that gene.)

So, what else have I been up to late beside feeding Chloe??? Well, I finished my first bib set. The series will be called The Littlest One and this particular set will be called Old fashioned Simplicity. I love it. I really do. I am sending it to my new nephew born last Sunday. Yay!!! Congratulations to my brother-in-law and his wife. They have a new baby boy named Noah Josiah. He was born 7lbs. 2 oz. That is pretty good for being two weeks early. Chloe was 7lbs. 4 oz and she was three days late.

Anyways, here is one of the bottle covers for the set. I made it for two different sizes of Avent bottles and then one for a plain ole gerber baby bottle you can find in any grovery store. I love the stitching detailing on the covers. I am excited to design more things now.

My testers have been saying that they love my patterns. This is a good thing cause when you are starting in this business, word of mouth is good. I have also signed up for some yahoo groups to try to reach more people. I think this will be fun and it certainly is a challange. I needed a challenge in my life.

So, what else have I been up to??? I designed a new dress this weekend. I am loving working with this size 3 thread stuff cause I still have the satisfaction of working with thread but it works up so much quicker.

Here is my Spring Blossom Sundress. The weather has been nice and sunny lately so we ventured outside to take some photos with Chloe out in the back garden. The lighting in my house is so terrible for taking pictures. That is one thing I am going to look for in a house when we move is one with lots of big windows and lights.

Isnt' this picture fun??? It makes it look like there are three of Chloe. hehehe....I am learning how to play with my photoshop cs. This really is a lot of fun. Anyways, this next picture is off the trim on the dress. It is two layers of ruffles. I wish I had done three layers but I can always frog it and add another one if I want. For now this is fine. There will be an option in my pattern for however many layers you want. I love options!!!

Well, that is all I have for today. I am now working on a purse for my mother. It doesn't matter that I am posting about it on here cause she never reads this anymore any ways. It also doesn't matter cause she is on vacation this week and it was supposed to be a mother's day gift so I hope to have it done before she even gets back from vacation.

Anyway, I had better go anyway...haven't gotten a lot of time in crocheting today and I need to. Or I will get behind. Behind what??? I'm not on a deadline or anything...uummm...I don't know really but I always feel like I am behind when it comes to crocheting. I guess maybe cause I have so many ideas in my head of things I want to design that I will never do them all and so therefore I am behind. There you have it!!

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