Thursday, May 04, 2006

My herbs

As many of you know, I planted an herb garden a couple of weeks ago. It is really taking off now. Here are some pictures of a few things in my garden.

This cilantro really took off. It was less than half this size when I planted it.
I love that shoot coming up. That is a good sign that this will go to seed. Yah!!

Here is some beautiful lavendar. I love lavendar.
This hasn't really grown that much but boy...when it does...
watch out. It is mightily gorgeous and fragrant.
I can' wait.

And now here is my basil. This one is growing pretty well. I love the smell of basil.
I cook with it quite often.

And lastly for today is my thyme. Another one of my favorites. This one is so fragrant.
I love the plant because of the tiny little purple flowers it gets.
I love the herb because it tastes yummy!!!

That is all I have to show you today. I am going to be working on my new bib that I previewed last night. It is coming along nicely. I decided what to do on the front part. Just to keep going along like I was before. I have about an inch done and it looks great. This will be a simple bib. Might even offer it as one of my freebies and do something more ornate to sell. I don't know. I do need to design some things to offer as freebies to get people to my site. I still have to come up with that scarf I had in mind. Just alot of TRTR's and then the last row is like triple or quadruple trtr's so it has...well....nevermind....I can't describe it very well. Let's just say that I saw one in Target around Christmastime and I knew I could design one. It is so easy. I just need to get the "right" yarn. You know how that is???

Well, Chloe is asleep and I need to spend this precious naptime creating. Have a great day everyone.

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