Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pleasantly Busy!!!

When asked lately if I was feeling overwhelmed lately with all that I have going on I had to respond with, "No, I am just pleasantly busy" and thats the truth. The honest truth. I am very busy...very, very busy but I wouldn't want it any other way...and I don't think it has ever been any other way. If I didn't crochet...there would be a billion other things I would do to take up that time. I have never been one to be bored. I have never known boredom...I have never understood those people who go to work after just having a baby a few weeks earlier cause they were bored. I can't understand that nor do I want to. I do understand that some poeple have to work...but the whole boredom thing with young chidren in the home, this I will never understand.

So, what I have I been busy doing??? Well, I just designed a new purse.This is more of a clutch really. (what I am saying...really??? It IS a clutch, 100%) So, I designed a clutch. It is very cute. I am loving it. I patterned it after my Vintage Shell Purse that everyone seems to love so much. This one is thread though due to the fact that my wonderful mother requested it that way. I am sending it off to her tomorrow. (should have today but I didn't finish it in time...)

I actually love the way this photo turned out. I wish I had made those roses in the corner a little more transparant but oh well. I have already gotten a few compliments on it from some testers on my board and the really wonderful news is, it is already in testing. Took me two and a half days from first ch to testing. Pretty good if I do say so myself.

What else is keeping me pleasantly busy, you ask??? Well, let me tell you. I finished this purse but now there are about a million more other things I want to do. First, I joined the hat-a-week-along in January and I have only done about 6 hats to date. They are on week 20 so I have a lot of catching up to do. I am planning on doing two hats today and tomorrow. They should work up fast. Hats always do.

Then, I also joined the skien-a-week-along that I haven't done yet. I have about 6 skeins of my Caron Bliss in Plum but I don"t know what I want to make with it yet. I am thinking of a shawl but the right pattern hasn't hit me yet. Maybe I will do a search for one this weekend. I may even need to buy more skeins, I don't know.

In addition to my Summer Secret Pal swap I joined, I have joined two more swaps this summer. The accesories swap and the bookmark swap. Both of those are going to be really fun. The accessory swap is going to be something funky and with beads. I have a new pattern book I bought (pic in an old post) for crocheting with wire and I am dying to try out some of the patterns in there. I will probably end up making a bunch of stuff for myself too cause there are so many cool things in there.

The bookmark swap is a bit different than the other two in that I am in a group of five people and we exchange a bookemark with each person in that swap. So, I have to make a total of four bookmarks. Which after doing a search for bookmark patterns on CPC might just turn out to be a lot more than four. (for me of course) There are some really neat bookmarks out there. I am loving those corner ones like this one. Pretty neat.

And another thing I have started is my own CAL. I started the Tablecloth-A-Long so I could finish my thread tablecloth I started when I was first married 8 years ago. My how the time flies. Anyways, I have to make a button for this CAL and so far I have about 5 people say they were interested. This is great as I really need the encouragment and motivation that comes from a group. I have made the goal of getting one motif done each week. Not too hard but its still getting something accomplished.

I got the neatest post card from my SP yesterday. Miss Sterious. She is the neatest and I think we are going to be friends after this is over. We both have so much in commen. Anyways, this post card is from Multinomah Falls. I love that place. It is so gorgeous. It it one of my favorite places. She asked on the post card where some of my favorite places in the world are. So, I am going to answer them on here. (in case she reads my blog)

My first favorite place is on my couch crocheting with my baby playing on the floor and my dear husband playing his guitar next to me. My second favorite place is Stratford-upon-Avon in England. This is where Shakespeare was born and all. My third favorite place is the river in Norwich, again in England. Norwich is the old capitol of England before London became the capitol. Can you tell that I love England?? Then next would have to be Arizona. I absolutely adore Arizona. It is nice and warm there and the only place in the world that the saguaro cactus grows. If you ever see a movie and it says it was filmed in New Mexico or Texas or somewhere but it has saguaros in it, then you know at least part of it was filmed in Arizona.

I will take some pictures tomorrow of my picture of Norwich...I ablsolutely love it there. I had better get going a lot to do and times a ticking away!!! Have a wonderful evening everyone. I am off to finish a hat for my Hat-a-week cal and start on another one. I think I can get two done tonight...since one only has one more row.

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Mom said...

That clutch is gorgeous! I'll be on the lookout for the pattern!

Jenn (handbells)