Tuesday, May 02, 2006

She's Done!!

My Sweet Pea shawl is complete. It only took me a day to crochet. Yahh!!!!!!! I am so thrilled. I absolutely love (LOVE) this shawl. It is going to be extremely hard for me to part with her. She is so gorgeous.

But alas, I must say goodbye. She is in the wash right now with the Flamenco shawl I crocheted a few weeks ago. They will keep each other company.

I do have to say though, that this is my favorite shawl pattern. It was soo easy and quick. One of the nice things about it is, you start at the top (longest rows first) and then you decrease on your way down. That means towards the end, you are going quicker and quicker for each row. I love that. I don't like the shawls that increase on the way up becuase the fast part is at the beginning. It is better at the end cause you just want to get done.

I love this shawl so much that I put a button my blog for you all to check out her site for her other patterns. She has an adorable purse I am eyeing.

I edited all my links and stuff to reflect more current sites I enjoy. Check them out sometime if you have the chance.

Well, I am off to clean up some craft stuff lying around and hopefully start on a new pattern. I am thinking of desiging a bottle cover and a bib for my new newphew who is not born yet. (PTL) I need to get her package in the mail soon so that she will receive it before the baby gets here. So, that means I need to get cracking on it. I also need to figure out what I am doing for my mother for Mother's Day. I am either going to design a new purse in thread (which is what she would love) or I am going to make her one of my Chantilly Lace purses. Can't decide. I guess we will just have to wait and see how much time I have to get these things done.

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