Friday, May 05, 2006

Where's Chloe

Okay, let's see what Chloe can get into today. (this actually was yesterday)

First she climbed into the laundry basket. I turned around and saw her sitting in it.

Okay, says I. Let's take advantage of this photo op and cover her with clothes.

(she didn't like that so well)

So, she stood up and got out of the basket. (all on her own, I'll add)

So, I figure, "if that's the worst she does, I'm good for the day."

But "OH NO!!!"
I turn around and look where she's at now!!!!!

Yes!!!! That's right. This is exactly where I see her.
Thank goodness the camera is on the desk right next to where I am sitting
so I can capture this momentous occasion in history.

Somehow (and we will never know how) this child managed to climb up on this bed
and sit in the middle of it.
What makes this particular choice of where to climb on Chloe's part so funny is that not more than 5 minutes earlier I had picked up everything from the floor
and around the edges of the bed
and deposited them smack, dab in the middle of the bed
so little hands couldn't reach them.
What irony!!!!

Such a sweet baby. Why do they have to grow up so fast. She changes every day. Literally every day. Today she has started doing this thing with her tongue in her mouth. She presses it quickly up against her new teeth on the top of her mouth and makes a sort of smacking noise. She is extremely proud of that one. She hunches up her shoulders and puts her head down and kind of does a cross between a baby giggle and snicker. Its funny.

Kids are so much fun. Complete bundles of fun.

I have some wonderful, wonderfu,l wonderful, totally wonderful news. Etaria over at is the most generous and kind lady you will ever meet. She has offered me a forum to use until my website and forum are complete. She had bought the domain name but then didn't like it and it was non-refundable so she is letting me use it. Isn't she the best????

So, please check it out.

Its not a crocheting type name but oh well. It is a forum and its mine and I have started testing some patterns on it. YES!!!!!! I am testing patterns. Check it out to see whats coming up. Right now I have three in testing. I am working on finishing up my Angel Kisses dress and should have that ready in the next day or two for testing. Then this next week will be spent getting those other patterns ready for testing. YIPPPEEE!! I am so excited. Don't forget to check it out. Even if you don't crochet. (MOM!!!! hint, hint.) You have to register though to read and post. It would be fun. And I look forward to hearing from all of you.

And guess what!!!! I have been finding out that there are people reading this blog. I never knew it before. (well except a few of you and you know who you are{smile to you}) People actually are reading what I have to say. Well, maybe they are reading. They might just be looking at the photos. But hey...I'll take what I can get.

So, anyways, Ashlie and Laura are coming over to say goodbye and drop off a gift for Chloe. (and I love you gift just because) So, I need to run. I am working on redesigning the bonnet for the Angel Kisses Dress and I should be done tomorrow or the next day. Keep an eye out for that.

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