Friday, June 30, 2006

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

I saw on someones blog once a wishlist. They had listed out for family and friends the things they wished for so all anyone had to do was come check the blog for things this person really wanted. I thought this was a clever idea for family and friends and also my hubby who complains that he never knows what to get me. I had showed him some TOTC hooks the other day and he said "that would make a nice gift for you sometime". Light bulb moment...but I know that when the time comes for him to do his shopping, he will not remember that conversation. I am not being greedy or anything. I know that family calls James asking what to get me and he has no clue. This will make it easy on everybody.

So here is my wishlist.

~@ TOTC hooks in any size
~@ Clover Soft Touch hooks (I already have sizes 6, 4, G, H and I)
~@ Crystallite hooks (I have J already)
~@ Painted Doilies Book
~@ Pineapple Lady Doily Kit (or just the pattern if you can find it, since I have tons of thread)
~@ Ultimate Doilies pattern book
~@ Alpaca Cloud yarn in Horizen or Peppermint (6 skeins for this dress)
~@ Patons Grace in Rose (6 skeins for the daisy skirt)
~@ Gift Certificate to Handy Hands Tatting (Thank you Lori for introducing me to them...I don't think I will be able to get enough)
~@ size 80 or 100 thread
~@ vintage thread
~@ Adagio Tea (any tea from them but I would love to try some of this show tea)
~@ Care Bear Pattern Book
~@ Books for Chloe (she likes those books she can do things with like petting fur, lifting flaps or sliding things)
~@ And to Think that I Saw it On Mulberry Street
~@ Yarn Ball Winder
~@ Yarn Meter
~@ Vintage Style Travel Case for needles
~@ Clover Bamboo Knitting Needles (I have size 8 already)
~@ Pink Wind Doily Set found here
~@ Flylady Duster
~@ Magic Wings Doily Set
~@ The New Dare to Discipline by Dr. Dobson
~@ The Hope Chest: A Book for the Bride for me to read and put in Chloe's hope chest
~@ Hope Chest Legacy Books Any of these books.
~@ Hope Chest Legacy Or just about anything from this site.
~@ Crochet for Barbie

Wishes Granted (thank you)
~@ Spiderweb Skirt Pattern
~@Aesops Fables book for Chloe
~@ Vintage thread (big box full)
~@ More Vintage thread (3 balls)
~@ Even More Vintage thread (3 balls)
~@ Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies pattern book
~@ travel sewing scissors
~@ size 12 crochet hook
~@ Veggie Tales books for Chloe
~@ Anne of Green Gables on DVD (the series) ~ gifted by my SIL for Christmas 2006 (Thank you)

Guess What Else!!!

Not only have I inserted a new email address for comments to now be published on my blog...but I have found a page where tons and tons of comments were listed from all of lovely it was for me to go through reading all the nice things you have been trying to tell me all along. (and I thought no one silly of me)

So, now I know where I can go if your comments aren't getting through. And I have published all your comments too. (there were some dating back to NOVEMBER!!!!!) Well, now they are all there...and maybe soon I will try to respond to some of them. Oh, I am in heaven now thinking about you all. I am so lucky to have people reading my mindless chatter.

Have a wonderful day everyone. My evening just got lovelified!!! (my own word *smile*)

A story about a day!!

This is a story about a day in the life of a housewife. Many will most likely find this tale to be boring, but it will be told, nonetheless.

The day started out like any other Thursday. It was bright. It was sunny. It was a day with many things to be done. Thursday is Errand day. A day full of car rides and long lines. A thursday type of day is not usually the highlight of a housewife's week but it is a day when many things get accomplished.

The particular Thursday that our story will detail started out like any normal Thursday Errand Day would. A giggle could be heard from the crib as the housewife awoke at 7:00 am on the nose. She arose from her bed as the days plans scattered around in her mind. Lists of chores to be done and the weekly menu to be written...all had to take place before the car ride adventure could commence.

With breakfast on the highchair tray, and a tornado toddler sitting still, mashing bananas into her mouth, the housewife sat down to the kitchen table to begin the grocery list.

Upon completion of the list, she arose and proceeded to clean up the kitchen from breakfast and gather the things neccessary for the days outing. While packing the diaper bag full of snacks, diapers and little attention grabbing toys (for those long lines with nothing to look at but miles of laudry detergent) the phone rang. Getting quite used to the phone ringing and it only being the husband, the housewife answered the phone and was shocked at who was on the other end. The centralized showing agency. They wanted to see the house which was for sale. The housewife said yes as this was only the second call on the house in two weeks. Little thought did she give to what time the showing was. After putting down the phone, these things started to come into her mind. The showing was scheduled right in the middle of the aforementioned toddlers naptime. Well, plans were quickly made for a place this housewife could go to for the naptime to be on schedule. But this meant to rush through errands.

Well, needless to say, you cannot rush lines in the grocery store and so lunchtime was not on time (which, in turn, means that naptime was not on time...which, in turn, means cranky mama)...and during the toddlers lunchtime, the housewife didn't have time to eat because she was running around the house, getting everything in order for the showing. (house must be spotless, you know.)

The housewife then packed up the car and the tired toddler and left for a friends house. At this point in the story, the housewife makes a judgemental error. She took a wrong turn on the road to the friends house and ended up at Hobby Lobby. (how she ended up at her favorite store, we will never is in the opposite direction of the friends house)Well, in she went to buy a skein of yarn. Just one skein. She had run out in the middle of designing a skirt for the toddler. Upon entering the aisle of yarn, she passed by the crochet hooks and pondered if they carried any Clover Soft Touch hooks (that her secret pal kindly introduced her too and she fell in love with). Well they didn't, to the housewife's disappointment, but as she turned to leave the hook aisle, something else caught her eye. It was a Clover Bamboo Knitting needle. At this point, had the housewife had any wisdom at all, she would have kept on walking. But she didn't. She petted the knitting needles and dreamed of what she wanted to knit with bamboo needles. She imagined how the wooden hooks would feel in her hands after using cold, hard aluminum for years. (crochet hooks are aluminum too.) Somehow, (and we will never know exactly how) these size 8 bamboo knitting needles ended up in the buggy.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Then another wrong turn was made and instead of going to the well known aisle where the Sinfonia yarn slept, she ventured down the pattern book aisle. After a few minutes of browsing the knitting patten books, she placed one for some cute knitted dishcloths in her buggy. (to keep the bamboo knitting needles company, of course)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now the housewife had another knitted dishcloth pattern book she had bought a few weeks earlier but when purchasing it, had failed to look closely at the dishcloths until she got home. She then realized that they were all patterns of heart and the housewife was not a big fan of hearts. This new pattern book suited her style so much more so I can see why she was inclined to purchase it.

The housewife then grabbed her Sinfonia yarn and trotted on out to the car with it. The next chapter of this story is what makes this Thursday much worse than the typical Errand Day Thursday. The housewife inserted the toddler into the car (note here that the toddler is asleep and has been for the past 15 minutes) and proceeds to start the engine of the car. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. She tries the key again. grrrrr...brrrrr....sssiiggghh....nothing. Did she leave the lights on??? No. Is is in park??? Yes. What is going on??? She does not know but it is very, very hot inside this car and she looks into the backseat where already, the sleeping tot has drips running down her forehead and cheek. She tries to call the husband on the phone but it is busy. She fears what he will say when he finds her stuck in the Hobby Lobby parking lot instead of the driveway to the friends house.

Well, after ten minutes, she finally gets a call from her husband and he comes and rescues her from the parking lot. She trots off to the friends house to sit and wait for the showing to end.

The plan of a long naptime at this friends house backfired when the cell phone rang (inside of Hobby Lobby) to let the housewife know her husband was waiting for her outside. (to jumpstart the car...what??? You thought she would wait all this time outside in the heat??? Are you nuts??? She went in and dreamed of patterns to crochet and knit until the phone rang.

Well, the tot would not go back to sleep, so the housewife finally went home. But she did try out her new bamboo knitting needles while she was sitting in the cool of the friends ac...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now this is a dishcloth done on size 8 bamboo knitting needles. The pattern called for size 7 but Hobby Lobby didn't have bamboo knittineg needles in size 7 so the housewife bought size 8 (which is the size she uses the most often anyways). Well, these bamboo knitting needles are a dream to work with. The housewife has found a new love. I think she will begin collecting crochet hooks and knitting needles. Bamboo, turn of the century(TOTC), Clover Soft Touch, Baleen and crystallites. She might as well. It could be fun!!!

Well, that is not the end to this story. Oh no...but the worst is least for the time being.

The housewife came home, much more relaxed from when she left. There is something about knitting that relaxes you. I think it may be the fact that she knits so slow due to being a beginner...but that's neither here nor there...Anways, she then cooked dinner of Chicken Tetrazzine (per her husbands request) and they sat down to dinner. Her husband (being the brilliant man that he is) decided it was time to teach the toddler to eat with a spoon.

He placed some squashed up squash on a baby spoon and placed it into the toddlers hand. This is what she did with it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Upon handing her the spoon empty, this is what she did with it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Is she hungry?? Or what???

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

She might just make it in, this time.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Its in...and boy is she proud. She didn't even wait for the spoon to get out of the mouth before she got the biggest grin. How funny it is to watch toddlers learn something new. I have loved every minute of Chloe's life so far. I look forward to the moments yet to come.

So, I bet you are wondering right about now, just what that housewife did with that yarn that caused such a big fiasco...well, I'll show ya!!! That's what I'll do.


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This is the skirt for my newest outfit Freedom Belle. I love that name. I have been waiting since last summer to come up with something by that name for my Holiday Lace Collection.

And I think Chloe likes it too. I put it on her and she was prancing around the dining room in it. Then she pretended to sqaure dance.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well, at least that's what it looks like in the picture. She is growoing up more and more everyday. And turning into the most adorable little girl. I just love her.

Anyways, I just want my Unknown (now-known) secret pal Lori to know that I love these clover soft touch hooks. I have been using the size 4 for my latest Patricia Kristofferson doily (hazelnut I think it is...some sort of coffee flavor from the Coffee and Cream book Lori sent me) and then the Freedom Belle Skirt was designed specifically so I could implement the "G" one she sent. I love seems to make my wrist feel better and I can get a gauge easier with it as it seems to help me hold my tension better. What a great hook!!! Loving it.

Well, this post is probably the longest post in history. I have probably bored you all to death with my un-exciting day that happened yesterday. We are waiting to see if they liked the house well enough to put an offer on it. Last night they said it was between two houses and ours was first on the list. Yay!!! We got feedback on the first showing from last weekend and they say they are going over their finances so they can try to afford this house...they really want it...and then we had another showing today and are waiting to hear the feedback. So, wish us luck!!! (and pray that someone will buy it soon...this house selling stuff is for the birds...I am not enjoying it one bit...not ONE bit.

Oh, a little announcement for those of you who were brave enough to read this far...I have recently found out that I have not been such a nice blogger person. Somehow my email notifications for comments on this blog was set for my old email address (that I NEVER use for anything so I don't even know why I had it in here) and that email address has been closed for months now. I wondered why so many other people had tons of comments on their blogs and mine diminished to nothing. (which is why I put in the hit see if people actually read this thing...and you do...thank you) So, to let you all know...this has been changed and I am now a nice blogger comment away...I love comments. Especially how cute you think my baby is or how wonderful my designs are. (just kidding...but not really...I do love comments though...)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Silly Facts about Me

1. My second toe is longer than my first toe

2. My nickname in highschool was Tigger

3. I love my freckles

4. I have a mole on my back

5. I love black licorice

6. I love to watch kids movies (yes...this includes things like sesame street and baby Einstein and such...If I don't enjoy watching it, then Chloe does not own it)

7. I love Mexican food

8. I have vampire teeth (two of them...I call them my fangs)

9. I pee'd my pants while in class in the third grade (the teacher wouldn't let me go the bathroom when I asked)

10. I once drove a fighter jet (yes...a real fighter jet...and yes...I really drove it...more about that to come in my next Monday Memory...check back

11. I was married at 19 in my parent's backyard. (my father married us)

12. I love pickles and peanut butter sandwhiches

13. I used to dream that I could fly and escape any situation when I was a kid. I would flap my hands and push off the ground and away I would go.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I will not MISS!!!!

These bugs. I will not miss all these bugs when we move. I am dreading the move...but looking forward to it as well. (is that possible to not want to do something, yet want to do it at the same time???)

So, why the bug intro??? Two reasons...bug bites and fleas. First for the bug bites. I have bug bites all over my body and in places that are most uncomfortable. The most uncomfortable place are the ones under my armpits. (ewww...gross??? yes, I know...gross) Now those of you who don't know me well (or have not been reading this blog long enough to know my flea story) should be told this key bit of information. I HATE bugs. I DETEST them actually. They are a nuisance and the most disgusting things...and what's worse is that they are small so they can get into any house...clean or not. Now I do tend to keep my house cleaner than most. James often complains that I don't let him "live" here...cause unless he is using the remotes, they must be put away in their special drawer. But the cleanliness of my house is beside the point, really. The bugs are my point. (so I better stay on track here and leave the housecleaning topic alone)

Another really miserable place for a bug bite is the ridge of the bellybutton. Horrible place for a bug to eat your skin...because that is precisely where the belt lies when fastened around the waist. Another place is un-mentionable but let me tell you...its a dreadful place for a bug to be...absolutely dreadful.

I am really tired of these bugs. But moreso than that, these fleas are horrendous. Just awful. As many of you know...we had the exterminator out last Monday and had $150 worth of poisen poured (or sprayed is probably more like it) all over our house and yard. They guareenteed the service or they would come back and do it again. He told us to wait like 10 days and we shouldn't see anymore fleas. Well, it has been 9 days and I still have fleas jumping on me. I was so grossed out last night when a flea jumped on Chloe's cheek...right under her eye...and when I tried to wipe it off...the little sucker jumped onto her eyelash...GROSS!!!! And all three of our legs have little red bites all over them. I can stand it on me and James...I don't really mind...but when I see all these little red bites all over my precious makes me so I am a horrible mother for letting those vermin attack my child.

Okay, so I am tired of talking about bugs. Yesterday the most horrible thing that could happen to a mother, happened. It was horrible. I couldn't even post about it til now cause I needed to calm down about the whole thing.

First, a picture of my adorable little girl.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This is her new set-up while watching Baby Einstein. James jimmyrigged this for her. She loves it and will now pull these two pillows off the couch when its time to watch a movie. She is so smart.

I love this little girl. I love her more than anything. I can't explain the love that I have for her. So, now you will understand a bit about why I was so upset last night.

We were taking a bath like we always do every night. (well, not me...Chloe was taking a bath while I was sitting on the floor next to the tub crocheting...that's how we do it) Anyways, I had read somewhere that at this age, babies like to learn to use a water gun to spray things so a few weeks ago, I purchased a pack of them. I put them in the tub with Chloe and didn't think anything of them. She never really took much of an interest in them til last night anyways.

Well, I was busy crocheting, and I heard her give a start and then she started choking. I grabbed her up out of the tub and faced her towards me and I could see a little yellow piece of plastic stuck in her throat. Fear struck me like I have never know before. Sheer fear. I stuck my finger in there and only managed to push it in further. She couldn't choke any more which was a bad sign so I dumped her over again and started hitting her back...she choked again. By this time, I almost was panicking...the last cpr class I took was in highschool like 12 years ago. I had no clue what to do. Do I do the heimlech??? I don't know... So, I dump her back over and by this time...I was really scared. Pure fear running through my blood. This pushed me to do something drastic...cause I was not about to lose Chloe...I shoved my finger in her throat and grabbed that piece of plastic and got it out. Whew!!!!

I held on to my little girl and cried for about ten minutes. She was crying too. We just sat there, hugging and crying. I was soaked because I had pulled her out of the tub, wet.

Needless to say, those squirt guns are now in the trash...never again. I am going to be a little more strict with what I allow her to have. The little piece of plastic in her mouth??? Was the little piece that closes up the hole when you fill it with water. Chloe had managed to get it out of the squirt gun and into her mouth. I was very shaken up last night but I am much better. After talking it over with James, I calmed down and was able to get to sleep (at 1:00 am)

I felt like such a horrible mother. I know I am not a horrible mother but all that kept going through my head was "How could I let something like that happen?" I mean, I could have lost her. How could I be so stupid???

All is well now though. Chloe is fine, I am fine and we are all fine. I am signing up for a cpr class this week. I need to know what to do in a situation like this. Why is it that we require our babysitters and childcare providers to know all about this kind of stuff but we ourselves don't make sure we know it? I have learned my lesson.

This has taken a lot out of me to write so I am going to close for now. I will post again later about something a little more fun and happy!!! (and you all are secretly saying "yay!!!" under your breaths.)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Anne of Green Gables 37 Doily Challenge

A quote from Anne of Green Gables will be the start of my post tonight.

DIANA: Myra Gillis had 37 doilies when she got married and I'm determined to have at least as many as she had.

ANNE: I suppose it would be impossible to keep house with only 36 doilies.

As most of you know...I have this thing for thread. I love it. Any and all thread. It is my most favorite medium to work with while crocheting. Oh, the beautiful stitches and the delicate intricasies you can create with thread that you cannot create with yarn.

Recently, I have been introduced to my newest favorite designer, Patricia Kristofferson. She designs doilies and I have three of her pattern books so far. (two are thanks to my wonderful SP Lori)I have made one doily of hers so far and am working on my second. My Monday Memory this week was the very first doily I ever made. This got me to thinking about doilies. Now, as alot of you probably don't most favorite book to read (outside the Bible, of course) would have to be the Anne of Green Gables Series.

So, while thinking of doilies and such, and thinking of Anne...I came up with a delightful idea. Now Anne said it would be impossible to keep house with only 36 doilies...(so she was jesting when she said it...but she DID say it)...and so I have decided that I will have 37 doilies in my house. At least!! (If I don't want to stop at 37 then I will continue on...I may decided that I need to one up Mrya Gillis)

This is my have 37 doilies in my house. Now, the neat part of this challenge that kind of lets me off the hook a tad is that I don't have to make every doily...I will accept doilies from others as well. I also don't have to start at 0. All the doilies already in my house count towards my 37. So, as I continue, I will add photos to this post of all my doilies for my challenge. I will post the link to this post in my sidebar so you all can find it easier and see how I am doing on my challenge.

Let the fun begin!!!!

Doily #1 ~ The first doily I ever crocheted.

Doily #2 ~ A doily I made while living in England.

Doily #3 ~ This is actually one of my place settings for a set I am working on...but for my 37 doily challenge, I am counting it...(not blocked yet)

Doily #4 ~ This is a Romanian Macrame doily I made when I was a teenager in Romania (no, its not knots...we don't know why they call it macrame)

Doily #5 ~ Another Romanian Macrame Doily I made as a teenager in Romania

Doily #6 ~ Rosa from Patricia Kristofferson's Doilies with a Twist.

Doily #7 ~ First doily from my Secret Pal Lori (a Patricia Kristofferson doily)

Doily #8 ~ Another Doily from my Secret Pal Lori (another Patricia Kristofferson doily)

Doily #9 ~ Yet another Doily from my Secret Pal Lori (and again, a PK doily)

Doily #10 ~ A doily my grandmother Anna made. I found it in her sewing box at my mother's house.

Doily #11 ~ Another one of my Grandmother Anna's doilies. (better pic coming tomorrow)

And that is all I have for now. I am working on Doily #13 so that will be coming soon. I am almost halfway there and I only started this challenge today!!! Yippeee...let's see how long this takes me (with everything else I have going on)

Another rule I thought I should mention. This does not include doilies that I make and which leave my, it only includes doilies intended to stay in my house (and improve my housekeeping skills...since that is what doilies do)

Doily #12 ~ A special doily made for me by my secret pal Lori. This makes four doilies she has contributed to my 37 doily challenge. This doily is special because it bears my name. I is also my favorite color and crocheted using size 30 vintage thread. I love this doily and will cherish it forever. Thank you Lori.

Doily #13 (July 9, 2006) ~ A PK doily called Espresso. I used my lovely size 6 Clover Soft Touch hook sent to me from Lori for this doily. This is one of my most favorite doilies I have made so far. Its gorgeous.

Doily #14 (July 17, 2006) ~ A PK doily called Doys from my wonderful friend Lori. It is made with size 40 thread in purple. (my fave color in case you didn't know this already.)

Doily #15 (August 14, 2006) ~ A Doily I bought at a thrift store in Louisiana.

Doily #16 (August 14, 2006) ~ Pink Blush Doily found on Crochet Pattern Central. I used size 10 thread and size 6 steel hook for this doily.

Doily #17 (September 12, 2006) ~ Brocade doily from Crochet Pattern Central. I used size 30 DMC Cebelia thread and a size 10 hook. (not blocked yet)

Doily #18 (September 12, 2006) ~ A PK doily from my Autumn Secret Pal. This doily is from PK's book 99 Little Doilies.

Doily #19 (September 2006) ~ Another PK doily from my Autumn Secret Pal. This is also from PK's book 99 Little Doilies.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Doily #20 (September 2006) ~ My first doily design ever. It will be for free on my site so check back there when it is available. I am proud to have designed a doily on my own. While it is not the level of a PK doily...I am still very proud.

Doily #21 (September 26, 2006) ~ A doily from my swap partner Tween at the Ville for the Doily swap. This was her very first attempt ever at a doily and I am honored to recieve such a gift.

Doily #22 (September 26, 2006) ~ Another doily from Tween.

Doily #23 (September 26, 2006) ~ And a third doily from Tween. This was her favorite of the three and I can see why. It is very unique.

Doily #24 (October 2006) ~ A little doily sent to me by a dear tester on my testing forum Threadie. This was a prize for a little game we played.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Doily #25 (November 2006) ~ A doily rescued from the fate of torn flannel shirts and holey socks at the thrift store.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Doily #26 (November 2006) ~ Another doily rescued from the same thrift store as the last one.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Doily #27 (December 2006) ~ A doily I made for myself. I forget the name of it. I will have to check on that and get back to you. Made with size 10 Aunt Lydia's thread.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Doily #28 (July 2007) ~ A doily sent by a fairy godmother for the Holidays in July swap at the ville.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Monday, June 26, 2006

Not Bored!!!

Well, I have been busy again. Okay, when am I not busy??? Never. I don't think I have ever been bored. Oh, sure, I may not "feel" like doing anything...but I am never bored. I always have something to do. And if I don't, I create something for me to do.

That being said, I have not been bored the past couple of days. A few big things have happened. We got a call Saturday about our house. They came and looked at it. The house has been on the market for 1 week and 2 days and we had ONE viewing. ONE!!! That's it!! I am not happy. Not happy at all. Then I find out that our realtors who are supposed to be selling our house (ie...showing it to people and marketing it and such) are on a three week vacation starting the week the house went on the market. AAARRRGGGG!! Makes me mad. How on earth are they supposed to sell it while they are on vacation??? They should have assigned us a different realtor is what I think! Plain and simple. When we bought this house, we put a contract on it on day 7 of it being on the market. We are on day 9 and have only had one viewing. We have heard nothing about the viewing though so I am assuming they aren't buying it. Drats.

Another big thing happened for me on Saturday!!! I received in the mail from my Secret Pal Lori, a gift certificate to Oh my goodness. You have got to check that site out. They have the best thread in the world there. I am drooling. I am at a complete loss for what to use my certificate for. I have been wanting to learn to tat so I am seriously debating getting the supplies neccessary to do that. Or else, I may just get a sampling of different threads to play around with. Make some doilies or whatever. Or, I could get some thread to make Chloe a gorgeous dress. There are just too many choices in life. I have no clue what to do. HELP ME SOMEBODY!!!! PLEASE!!! HELP!!!!

Okay, got that out...I feel better now. Thank you so much Lori for being such a sweet and kind person. I really feel cared about. Isn't that strange that I can feel cared about from an online friend whom I have never met??? Crochetville is the best place. I love it. I have learned so much there and made some cherished friends.

Another one of my newfound "online" friends was my most recent swap partner, Jimmie Lu. I received a package from her today for our Accessory Swap. Jimmie Lu is another one of those sweet people's who loves to spoil swap partners. Check out all that she sent me!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Broken up into smaller bites so its easier to explain everything. This next photo is a picture of the scarves she made me. The blue one is soooo soft and furry. I love it. The multi-colored one is soft too. I have no clue what kind of yarn it is and it appears to be a mix of two kinds maybe. They are so soft. I love them.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Next is a photo of a felted purse she made me. WHOO HOO. My first felted purse. I have been wanting to try this felting thing. Isn't it cool???

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And here is the back of the purse. To be honest, I don't know which is the front and which is the back...but I am assuming the front is the one with the heart on it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Next she sent me all sorts of goodies that had nothing to do with the swap. Little coin purses, some wool yarn and some lovely tea. I have already drank one of them. The Tazo tea. That was yummy and I will be looking to pick some of that up in the store next time I am out. I hear that green tea is quite healthy for you and anything that tastes yummy and is healthy for you at the same time is good in my book. (kind of like chocolate...very healthy for you...keeps you from going insane...can't get any healthier than also keeps you going to the gym! Now you can't tell me THAT's not healthy!!!)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And here we have some earrings and a bracelet she crocheted. Isn't it cute. I love those little leaves dangling from the bracelet. Very cute. I am wondering where she got those rings that she has crocheted around. I am needing some of those for a design that is in my head for a belt. (nothing else said about that though...if I can locate those rings, it will be a surprise, k?)

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Now this didn't really keep me busy that much. Maybe the 10 minutes or so it took me to open the package and show Chloe each item that was inside while she ate. (a little dinner theatre...she enjoys those. Makes her giggle)

What I did do this weekend though was make three more hats for my Hat-A-Week along. I am so far behind on this thing, its not funny. I feel like I make three or four hats a week and still am like 10 weeks behind. I think its a conspiracy. They add three weeks to my one...that's what it is...the world is off by three weeks.

To be honest though, I am only 6 weeks behind now...and I think I can get at least two more hats done this week. (fingers crossed) Maybe three if I design Chloe's Freedom Belle outfit.

Here is hat number 18. This hat was made from this Hippie Hat pattern.

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I didn't like this hat so well. It fits me around the forehead but the top of the hat is wayyyy too huge. Maybe this is the style a "hippie" hat is supposed to be. I don't know. I tried it on and James took one look at it and said "that cute...but YOUR not wearing it." He said it would look good on a Jamaican. The he commented, under his breath as he was leaving the room, "and you're not Jamaican." (He is very observant...I have complimented him on that from time to time)

The next hat I made was this Shell Edging Hat from Tepperwear's site. I love all her patterns.

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This hat, though, turned out too small. I can barely get it to fit. I can get it on though. Next time I will use a bigger hook and see if it fits better cause I love the pattern.

And hat # 20 is from Dot's site and is her E L Brimmed Hat. Love this hat. It is my favorite adult hat I have made so far in this hat-along.

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When I get some free time, I will have to add these three hats to my little galleries, I made on my sidebar. Have you seen that? Its pretty cool. Has all the hats I have made for this Hat-along in one place. I like it.

My Secret Pal is going to kill me for this next photo. I am apologizing in advance for breaking my promise. I shouldn't even be showing this and I could have totally pulled this off...but I am so excited about it. I have started another Patricia Kristofferson doily. Okay...okay...okay... before you all start yelling at me, let me explain something. Technically, I did say that I wouldn't do anymore doilies from the Doilies with a Twist book. I had no idea at that time that Lori would be sending me two more of these pattern books. Have you seen these patterns??? I mean, come on!!! How can I say no??? They are screaming at me to make them. Here is the one that yelled the loudest. And the color choice was no contest. It jumped into my hands as soon as I opened the thread drawer.

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I am so in love with her doilies. I think I will make every single one from all three books of hers that I have. Am I biting off more than I can chew??? We will see...I am pretty hungry.

Well, darling crumb-bum must go to bed. So, I will run along now and see to it that she does. Have a wonderful day everyone.