Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Alls in a Days Work

I just felt like saying that...can't think of anything witty today. Has been an emtional roller coaster of a day...and I have just about had it.I am beat and ready to crawl into bed. I don't really feel much like chatting tonight but I did have some things I wanted to share with everyone, since I am learning that I do actually have readers of this blog thing...how cool is that??? I installed a counter there at the bottom of this screen. Scroll down for yourself and take a peak. I was just getting curious as to how many people actually read this thing. This counter is cool cause it tells me how many "new" visitors I have and how many "returning" visitors I have. Well, right now, you all might be first time visitors cause it only counts from when I installed it. But hey, check it out...I put the thing in on Sunday afternoon/evening and I already have almost 60 hits!!! Isn't that cool??? And I checked the option to NOT count the times I open the page myself...so all those numbers are you, my dear readers and faithful friends. How I love you all!!! You get the unique opportunity to watch a hopeful designer rise up. (I hope to rise up that is) My dream is to be a big designer. I am not looking to make millions or anything but it would be cool if I were a household name in the crochet world like Lily Chin, Patricia Kristofferson or Terry Kimbough. Oh, what big dreams I have.

I got a call from James and he told me how his father was doing. It seems that he has been coming in and out of consicousness the past couple of days. They have said that although he has rallied, he will not be leaveing the hospital this time. There are too many toxins in his body and his liver is shutting off. Well, James had a talk with him yesterday. His brother was there too. They were talking about the Lord and about asking forgiveness and his father said he reached out his hand to Jesus. How neat is that??? I am so completely beside myself right now. You must understand that James father is NOT an emotional man and up to this point has been so hardhearted against the things of the Lord. I was in shock as James was telling me this. Literally. I felt like I was in a dream and this was not James talking to me. But it gets better. They asked thier father if he asked Jesus for forgiveness and he said he had!!!! How neat is that!!! I cried and cried. This is just the neatest thing. He has been so peaceful last night and today. He even asked his daugters forgiveness. Maybe through all this, she will see God's awesome power and come to know him too. Wouldn't that be wonderful??? Anyways, the chaplain came in today and was talking to my FIL and he even told the chaplain he had asked God's forgiveness. I truly believe that we will see James father in heaven. I really do. This is a wonderful day and I know the angels are singing in heaven today.

I won't even tell you about the horrible news I have today cause I don't want to ruin this wonderful news. Let's just say that my husband made a mistake and now I have to go clear it up tomorrow and I don't want to. I don't like driving places I am not familiar with and I hate driving period. I am not too happy with it and spent the middle of the day almost in tears because of it. But that is all I am going to say in this matter.

Well, in the crochet world, I designed some bloomers today to go with my Angel Traditions dress. I actually started on them yesterday and finished them today. I will be taking a pic of them tomorrow...so you have to wait to see them. (well, and I have two more rows on one leg left to do to but that is not happening tonight.) What I CAN show you though is a bookmark I received in the mail today. I am so tickled pink at receiving it. Yay!! Thank you Heidi for it. I will definately use this one. Its the perfect size and I love the beads. So, thank you!!!

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I better get my packages in the mail for that swap. I only made one bookmark for each person but I was planning on making two for each. I will see if I am up to it tomorrow and if not then I will get them in the mail. I have so much to do. Here is a list of the things I am planning on getting done soon.

  • Angel Kisses Bloomers
  • Snips and Snails ballcap
  • Sugar and Spice jumper (and maybe overalls)
  • Sweet Sherbet Lace Sweater and hat (in thread)
  • Sweet Indulgence Shrug/Sweater (to match the hat I already designed)
  • Angel Rhapsody Dress and Bloomers (to match the bonnet I just did)
  • Angel Blessing Dress

Okay, My testers are getting tired of thread now...so I may need to come up with some things in yarn to give them a break...here are somethings I have in mind for that.

  • Adult Skirt in Paton's Grace (cause I love that yarn and am dying for a crocheted skirt)
  • Grocery Sack Holder Dress
  • Divne Clouds Shawl (again in Paton's Grace)
  • Aghan and Pillow in my new stitch I developed (using my Caron Bliss yarn in plum that I am dying to use)

And the thing I should mention to you now is that this is not even half of the design ideas I have going through my head. Not even close. I have so many things that it would take me 10 years to design them all. I just keep plugging away though...one design at a time. I have been told that I am fairly quick at crocheting. Maybe this is why I can get so many designs done. I don't know.

Man, I hope they choose me for that show...its all I can think about...day in and day out... I think that I am getting ready to just want to know, even if it is no, so I can move on and think about something else. I know that if the ville accepts me, they will get on the show. I mean, come on...a crochet forum online with over 6,000 members??? That is truly unique...they have to let them on the show.

Well, I am tired and tomorrow is a pattern typing day...which means I need my sleep cause the next pattern to be typed is my Easter's Song dress. I am not looking forward to this one cause I didn't size it as I went (wasn't that smart back then) and I don't think I even wrote down half the pattern as I was making it...so I have my work cut out for me. Once I do it though, I will be so proud of myself. I know I will.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

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