Thursday, June 01, 2006

Big Trouble Today

I got in big, big trouble today. My SP Miss Sterious read my blog entry from last night. I was bad and bought that doiky pattern book by Patricia Kristofferson and she asked me (and I quote) "How am I supposed to spoil you with secret pal goodness?" I am terribly sorry Miss Sterious. I will accept any punishment you wish to bestow upon me for such a dastardly act on my part.

But you must understand the situation first. This pattern book was literally yelling at me. Not whispering my name softly as most pattern books do. The kind that you can ignore if you have enough will power. No, this thing was yelling. And the other customers were starting to look funny at me. I picked the book up about three or four different times (big no-no...don't do that with a yelling pattern book...they only yell louder) Well, I knew I would get in trouble from Miss Sterious if I bought this book but I was in a horribly bad (well, not bad...more like sad and lonely) mood. I needed something to cheer me up and ever since I received my gorgeous doily that Miss Sterious made for me, I have had this deep urge to crochet a doily. And it couldn't be any had to be a Patricia Kristofferson doily. There is something about her doilies that are different than the kind my grandmother made. And not that those weren't gorgeous. I dream to make such beautiful things that my grandmother made, but these are so intricate with subtle layers, the likes of which I have never seen before. I just had to make one.

And now I will say this and then I am done in my defense of my purchase. I don't care how many doilies I have. I don't care if they are all the same pattern in different colors. They will be loved and cherished for my entire life. So, Miss Sterious...crochet away on more doilies if that is your wish. As Diana Barry says, you cannot keep house with 36 doilies...I need more...and more...and more...

So, anyways, I have been in a sort of a wierd mood today. I finally figured out what it was too. (well, I didn't figure it of my testers figured it out for me) Its the fact that I am home here by myself while hubby is miles and miles away taking care of his dying father and there is nothing I can do. I feel like I am supposed to be supporting my husband and taking care of him in this his time of need and I can't. I can't do anything but pray. And praying I am doing. I can't imagine what my husband is going through. I don't want to imagine and yet I must in order to bear some of his pain and support and care for him in a loving manner.

So, what did this wierd mood do to my crocheting today? Well, lucky for me, it didn't take away my desire to crochet. It just took away my desire to crochet many things. The only thing I felt like doing was crocheting on my Patricia Kristofferson doily. And I have to tell you, even though I was chastised for this severly (okay, not severly...I don't want people to think that my lovely MIss Sterious is a mean old crab) but I was chasitised in a loving manner for this, but despite that, I am loving every minute of crocheting this beauty. It is so gorgeous. The most gorgeous doily I have ever crocheted. I think I will make every doily in this book...someday.

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So, I have been doing some housekeeping around my blog lately and on my pattern testing forum. Do you notice any new links and buttons??? This is so much fun. James says that I have my own little world on this computer and I do. I love it. I have made some wonderful friends now. I never thought I would ever say that. But I have.

Big news for you. BIG BIG news for you. You all have heard of the DIY network, right? Its on satellite television and is for stuff like craft shows and home improvement shows and stuff. More practical things than HGtv has...things people would actually do themselves. There is a new show coming out on there called Uncommen Threads and they are asking for groups of people who do needlecrafts (of which crochet is one) to come on their show and do a demonstration. I have given it some thought and looked into the information posted at the ville on this and have decided that it is worth a shot.

So, crochetville is gathering up a team (group) of designers to represent the ville and they are going to apply to be on the show. So, what I am doing now is applying to be on the crochetville team. I have to submit some photos of my designs to them and if they like them and think I am qualified, I get to be on the team. DIY will pay our airfare out to LA and our hotel stay while we are there...if we get accepted. Boy am I excited about this. It will be a good way to get my name out there in the design world. I hope my website is ready for the public by the time I have to submit my application so they can see my designs and stuff there. exciting is this??? I am shaking so bad and my heart has been pounding all night.

I called my mother to ask her what she thought about all this earlier today and she was pretty excited for me. (she is a completely honest and blunt person so if she didn't like the idea, she would have said so in so many words.) The one thing she reminded me of was the fact that I am shy. Well, I told her that I have been told that I am good at hiding my shyness. People have often commented on that. How confident I look when on the inside I am trembling from fear. My only problem would be the fact that my hands shake when I am excited or nervous and when you are demonstrating a crochet st and the camera is focused in on your hands, that would be a little obvious...but I am sure they deal with that all the time...and I have some time to practice.

And another thing...I have read that a lot of movie stars are shy and that is why they act...they can hide behind the personality they are maybe I should take on an identity for the show....hmmm maybe that wouldn't work in this instance. Darn!

Well, it is getting late again and I need to get some crocheting done. Okay, so I don't need to get crocheting done but this doily is calling to me and it is across the I worry that it will wake up Chloe if it gets much louder.

Oh, before I go...update on James father...I haven't talked to James all day...except this morning. He told me that he is in a coma and probably won't wake up from it. His body temperature is dropping and as of last night, it was 94 degrees. His breathing was getting shallower today. I tried calling about an hour ago and he didn't pick up his phone which could be a bad sign. So, I will try again before I go to sleep. I will keep you all posted.

I am off to check my testing forum and see what has been happening over there tonight and then I am going to work on this doily. (and maybe I will send it to you Miss Sterious when this swap is over since this is the only one in the book you haven't done yet...)

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