Friday, June 30, 2006

Guess What Else!!!

Not only have I inserted a new email address for comments to now be published on my blog...but I have found a page where tons and tons of comments were listed from all of lovely it was for me to go through reading all the nice things you have been trying to tell me all along. (and I thought no one silly of me)

So, now I know where I can go if your comments aren't getting through. And I have published all your comments too. (there were some dating back to NOVEMBER!!!!!) Well, now they are all there...and maybe soon I will try to respond to some of them. Oh, I am in heaven now thinking about you all. I am so lucky to have people reading my mindless chatter.

Have a wonderful day everyone. My evening just got lovelified!!! (my own word *smile*)

1 comment:

Reverberate58 said...

Oh I forgot to mention in my last comment. Your sidebar link to Monday Memories is not linking out. There is an unneeded / in the end of the address. Just go into your template and delete it and the link will then work. I look forward to your Monday Memory! I loved this weeks about your first doily!