Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I will not MISS!!!!

These bugs. I will not miss all these bugs when we move. I am dreading the move...but looking forward to it as well. (is that possible to not want to do something, yet want to do it at the same time???)

So, why the bug intro??? Two reasons...bug bites and fleas. First for the bug bites. I have bug bites all over my body and in places that are most uncomfortable. The most uncomfortable place are the ones under my armpits. (ewww...gross??? yes, I know...gross) Now those of you who don't know me well (or have not been reading this blog long enough to know my flea story) should be told this key bit of information. I HATE bugs. I DETEST them actually. They are a nuisance and the most disgusting things...and what's worse is that they are small so they can get into any house...clean or not. Now I do tend to keep my house cleaner than most. James often complains that I don't let him "live" here...cause unless he is using the remotes, they must be put away in their special drawer. But the cleanliness of my house is beside the point, really. The bugs are my point. (so I better stay on track here and leave the housecleaning topic alone)

Another really miserable place for a bug bite is the ridge of the bellybutton. Horrible place for a bug to eat your skin...because that is precisely where the belt lies when fastened around the waist. Another place is un-mentionable but let me tell you...its a dreadful place for a bug to be...absolutely dreadful.

I am really tired of these bugs. But moreso than that, these fleas are horrendous. Just awful. As many of you know...we had the exterminator out last Monday and had $150 worth of poisen poured (or sprayed is probably more like it) all over our house and yard. They guareenteed the service or they would come back and do it again. He told us to wait like 10 days and we shouldn't see anymore fleas. Well, it has been 9 days and I still have fleas jumping on me. I was so grossed out last night when a flea jumped on Chloe's cheek...right under her eye...and when I tried to wipe it off...the little sucker jumped onto her eyelash...GROSS!!!! And all three of our legs have little red bites all over them. I can stand it on me and James...I don't really mind...but when I see all these little red bites all over my precious makes me so I am a horrible mother for letting those vermin attack my child.

Okay, so I am tired of talking about bugs. Yesterday the most horrible thing that could happen to a mother, happened. It was horrible. I couldn't even post about it til now cause I needed to calm down about the whole thing.

First, a picture of my adorable little girl.

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This is her new set-up while watching Baby Einstein. James jimmyrigged this for her. She loves it and will now pull these two pillows off the couch when its time to watch a movie. She is so smart.

I love this little girl. I love her more than anything. I can't explain the love that I have for her. So, now you will understand a bit about why I was so upset last night.

We were taking a bath like we always do every night. (well, not me...Chloe was taking a bath while I was sitting on the floor next to the tub crocheting...that's how we do it) Anyways, I had read somewhere that at this age, babies like to learn to use a water gun to spray things so a few weeks ago, I purchased a pack of them. I put them in the tub with Chloe and didn't think anything of them. She never really took much of an interest in them til last night anyways.

Well, I was busy crocheting, and I heard her give a start and then she started choking. I grabbed her up out of the tub and faced her towards me and I could see a little yellow piece of plastic stuck in her throat. Fear struck me like I have never know before. Sheer fear. I stuck my finger in there and only managed to push it in further. She couldn't choke any more which was a bad sign so I dumped her over again and started hitting her back...she choked again. By this time, I almost was panicking...the last cpr class I took was in highschool like 12 years ago. I had no clue what to do. Do I do the heimlech??? I don't know... So, I dump her back over and by this time...I was really scared. Pure fear running through my blood. This pushed me to do something drastic...cause I was not about to lose Chloe...I shoved my finger in her throat and grabbed that piece of plastic and got it out. Whew!!!!

I held on to my little girl and cried for about ten minutes. She was crying too. We just sat there, hugging and crying. I was soaked because I had pulled her out of the tub, wet.

Needless to say, those squirt guns are now in the trash...never again. I am going to be a little more strict with what I allow her to have. The little piece of plastic in her mouth??? Was the little piece that closes up the hole when you fill it with water. Chloe had managed to get it out of the squirt gun and into her mouth. I was very shaken up last night but I am much better. After talking it over with James, I calmed down and was able to get to sleep (at 1:00 am)

I felt like such a horrible mother. I know I am not a horrible mother but all that kept going through my head was "How could I let something like that happen?" I mean, I could have lost her. How could I be so stupid???

All is well now though. Chloe is fine, I am fine and we are all fine. I am signing up for a cpr class this week. I need to know what to do in a situation like this. Why is it that we require our babysitters and childcare providers to know all about this kind of stuff but we ourselves don't make sure we know it? I have learned my lesson.

This has taken a lot out of me to write so I am going to close for now. I will post again later about something a little more fun and happy!!! (and you all are secretly saying "yay!!!" under your breaths.)

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Tanya said...

I don't usually leave comments on other people's blogs, but I felt compelled to after hearing your story. I think all moms have gone through an episode that scares the heck out of them, and makes them question themselves. I had one at a wading pool with my 2 1/2 year old daughter face down in it and me less than 2 yards away. I won't bore you with the details, but she is fine. But it still makes me sick to my stomach when I think about it! The fact that you love your daughter so much that it's even hard to put it into words, and the fact that this event affected you so much means that you would move the world to do anything for her and that alone makes you a great mom! Take heart!