Friday, June 30, 2006

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

I saw on someones blog once a wishlist. They had listed out for family and friends the things they wished for so all anyone had to do was come check the blog for things this person really wanted. I thought this was a clever idea for family and friends and also my hubby who complains that he never knows what to get me. I had showed him some TOTC hooks the other day and he said "that would make a nice gift for you sometime". Light bulb moment...but I know that when the time comes for him to do his shopping, he will not remember that conversation. I am not being greedy or anything. I know that family calls James asking what to get me and he has no clue. This will make it easy on everybody.

So here is my wishlist.

~@ TOTC hooks in any size
~@ Clover Soft Touch hooks (I already have sizes 6, 4, G, H and I)
~@ Crystallite hooks (I have J already)
~@ Painted Doilies Book
~@ Pineapple Lady Doily Kit (or just the pattern if you can find it, since I have tons of thread)
~@ Ultimate Doilies pattern book
~@ Alpaca Cloud yarn in Horizen or Peppermint (6 skeins for this dress)
~@ Patons Grace in Rose (6 skeins for the daisy skirt)
~@ Gift Certificate to Handy Hands Tatting (Thank you Lori for introducing me to them...I don't think I will be able to get enough)
~@ size 80 or 100 thread
~@ vintage thread
~@ Adagio Tea (any tea from them but I would love to try some of this show tea)
~@ Care Bear Pattern Book
~@ Books for Chloe (she likes those books she can do things with like petting fur, lifting flaps or sliding things)
~@ And to Think that I Saw it On Mulberry Street
~@ Yarn Ball Winder
~@ Yarn Meter
~@ Vintage Style Travel Case for needles
~@ Clover Bamboo Knitting Needles (I have size 8 already)
~@ Pink Wind Doily Set found here
~@ Flylady Duster
~@ Magic Wings Doily Set
~@ The New Dare to Discipline by Dr. Dobson
~@ The Hope Chest: A Book for the Bride for me to read and put in Chloe's hope chest
~@ Hope Chest Legacy Books Any of these books.
~@ Hope Chest Legacy Or just about anything from this site.
~@ Crochet for Barbie

Wishes Granted (thank you)
~@ Spiderweb Skirt Pattern
~@Aesops Fables book for Chloe
~@ Vintage thread (big box full)
~@ More Vintage thread (3 balls)
~@ Even More Vintage thread (3 balls)
~@ Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies pattern book
~@ travel sewing scissors
~@ size 12 crochet hook
~@ Veggie Tales books for Chloe
~@ Anne of Green Gables on DVD (the series) ~ gifted by my SIL for Christmas 2006 (Thank you)


Reverberate58 said...

I have never thought of putting a wish list up! Great idea. Then keep it in my sidebar at the top so they won't have to search for the post each time. Hmmm...I might have to think on this!

I started a very small coaster size doily last night. It only has like 8 rounds in it and it uses 2 colors. So the inside is going to be blue hearts and the edging white. Just to get back in the groove! Then the big pineapple one for vacation. Now I have to decide do I do it in white or ecru!!

Anna said...

Now that is a problem...white is so fresh and clean. I love white. But ecru is so vintagy and old-fashioned-like (which I also adrore). I am afraid that I am not going to be much help in this regard.

I do happen to think that pineapples look gorgeous in ecru though...perhaps more so than white. Don't know if my opinion matters at all though. {smile}