Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday's Memories

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Did I ever tell you about the First Doily I Ever Made?

It all started when I was 19 years old. I was newly married to my highschool sweetheart and I had just moved to Germany with him. (3 days after our wedding) I didn't have a job and that was nice. I had been broke for over a year, living on my own. So, being married had a nice perk for me. I no longer had to work and we had more money. (not a lot looking back on it now...but it was more than I ever made)

So, I decided I wanted to crochet. Now, you must keep in mind that I crocheted very little before this time. Yes, I did learn to crochet when I was something like 8 years old. My mother taught me to finger crochet first and I made about a zillion necklaces for my dolls. When I was a teenager, I picked up a hook, some of my mothers yarn scraps and a booklet for a crocheted baby ball and I figured out how to make it myself. Gosh I wish I had a picture of that ball. I have no idea what it even looked like now. I am curious to know how the stitches looked. Were they even? Were my seams noticable? I will never know.

So, when I left home and got my own place, I inherited my grandmother's yarn and a pattern booklet for an afghan. I bought some yarn (on my extremely tight budget) and went to work on this afghan. I never finihsed it as it got huge. I carted it around with us after we were married for about three years and then it got de-cluttered. I now regret that move too. It was almost finished, I just had no interest in it anymore. I would have liked to finish it. I still have the pattern so I could always start another one. It was a neat pattern. Loved it.

Anyways, this is all a back story to my doily. I had to tell you this so you would understand my crochet experience prior to my first doily. That was it. Those things I mentioned were all I ever made before I was 19.

So, being a newlywed and wanting to do something to keep from being bored in a house with no furniture except a few peices on loan...I went to the craft store and picked out a doily book, a hook and some thread. I came home and in a few days, this is what I made.

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I am very proud of that doily. It will never be de-cluttered. I look back on it now and!!! I was a beginner and I made that? The really weird thing is, I found it easy. I guess you could say that crochet has just come naturally to me. I haven't really had anyone show me how to do different stitches or anything. I can just read a pattern and wha-la...I do it. I have never had a problem with tension or anything. I can always get a gauge. I guess I have never really been a beginner...I dont' know.

Anyways, this is the story of my first doily. I hope you enjoyed as I walked down memory lane a bit.

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Reverberate58 said...

I love your story! Your doily is very pretty! It is the pineapple which is one of my favorites. I have a pattern for one that goes on the table, like 36" across that I just haven't been brave enough to attempt. Looking at yours makes me want to try! I have two vacations coming up what a great project for me to do!

Wonderful Monday Memory! My MM is up!

The Shrone said...

Isn't fun to look back on the first items we crocheted and see what we've managed to do? What a great memory!

Norma said...

Wow. I'm impressed. I learned to crochet as a child, but never took it up (or knitting) as an adult. This is really lovely. I can see why you would want to keep it.

My MM is up.