Thursday, June 08, 2006

My "Anne" Moment

It was more than a moment. More like a week really. My emotions have had about all they can handle the past couple of days. With my FIL on his death bed for the second or third time and hubby gone, yet again!!! I am becoming quite a basketcase. It doesn't help with all this anxiety over this tv show too...whether I will be accepted or not. I am trying not to look at it as a personal thing if I don't get chosen. That is so hard to do though. I would question myself even I have what it takes to design??? That is the question that weighs heavily on my mind. My wonderful, dear testers think I do. I am just waiting for my website now. If I can sell these patterns, then I guess I have what it takes. So, why am I hingeing it all on my acceptance? I don't know. I have been praying about it and I finally handed it over to the Lord yesterday. It's about time I did that, really. I just said that if this whole design thing is what He wants me to do, then He will have to let me know somehow. And if He doesn't want me to do it, He is going to have to give me a pretty good-sized sign (cause I can't read the small ones). My emotions are so wrapped up in this right now that I wouldn't know if He was telling me to fight hard for what I want and work at overcoming these obstacles or if it was actually something He didn't want me to do.

I have dreamed for years of a way to sit at home and make money doing what I love. The closest I ever came to that was being a nanny. I got to sit in someone else's home...but it still wasn't the same. I couldn't do my crafts all day...I still had to drag myself out of my home every day...and to top it all off, I had TWO houses to look after and TWO dinners to cook. I did enjoy my nanny experience though. Don't get me wrong. That was when I decided that kids weren't really that terrible. I fell in love with them. (and I do miss them from time to time)

Anyway, I spent a good amount of time yesterday in the "pit of despair". Miss Sterious will know exactly what I was talking about. But, lo and behold!!!! Miss Sterious sure knows me well. She has some sort of ESP or something for she mailed me a package and can you guess when it arrived??? YESTERDAY!! Imagine my surprise. I really needed it yesterday too. I am so thankful to my wonderful Miss Sterious. She has spoiled me rotten. Am I rotten??? I don't think so...but she is sure trying to make me rotten...fancy thread...intricate doilies...what I am supposed to do??? Be rotten I guess. It goes against my nature so instead of being rotten, I will say "thank you" to my wonderfully "secret" pal.

So, here is what I looked like when I received my package. Please note here that I am taking this picture myself for although Chloe is a smart little cookie, she has not mastered the whole picture taking thing yet. (she still thinks it belongs in her mouth)

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And here is my package. (note that I turned it upside down so you can't see the address...clever little one I am, aren't I? I thought so...hehe)

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Okay, so prepared to be blown away by all that this seeminly small package contained. (note its not the size of the package, but what is inside that matters)

First I pulled out this. Notice the gorgeous purple tissue paper it is wrapped in. My SP knows how much I adore purple. She is sooooooo sweet.

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My first thought (really and honestly, it was) "toilet papar???" Okay, but upon opening it, I found the most gorgeous thread.

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Now I will have you know that this is the leftover thread from the doily she sent in my last package. I adore this thread and am trying to think of a fitting thing to make with it. A doily perhaps? Or a sunhat for Chloe? There is a gorgeous new pattern at called Dreamscapes Sunhat (I believe that's the name) and I am being really tempted to buy it. (yes, I am a threadie...I know it...I admit it) This would look so darling on Chloe in this pink thread. I can just see it. So, it has not told me what it wants to be. Now this thread is German, so maybe it is telling me in German and I am not understanding it. I did speak with it this morning and told it to learn English. I will be putting it in the drawer with all my other size 10 thread in hopes that it will pick it up. Maybe in a week I can come back and see if it has learned enough to tell me what it wants to be.

So, the next thing I pulled out of my package was this.

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As I was pulling it out, the most wonderful aroma filled my nose. Oh, it was heavenly. Since when does thread have scents? This is something new. This thread is called Optima and is from Slovakia. (this is the point when I KNOW I am getting spoiled rotten) Miss Sterious is going to turn me into a thread snob whether she wants to or not. (I don't mind, Miss Sterious, I really don't mind. I WANT to be a thread snob) The twist on this stuff is amazing. I can't wait to try it. Have no idea what this thread wants to be yet either as I don't Slavakonian (or whatever it is they speak over there...sorry) Wait!! I know!!! Slavic! How amazing is that??? I remembered. (see??? You don't lose ALL your braincells when you have a baby...just most of them) I really can't get over the twist on this stuff. I keep holding it in my hand...petting it. I have never felt such wonderful thread in my life. Thank you so much for this Miss Sterious. And now, I must know!!!! Please!! Where can I obtain more of this wonderful thread. I have to have more. I must have more. Please, I am begging you.

I must tell you that at this point in time, that smell is getting to got to me enough that I actually held the thread up to my nose. Okay, I KNEW it wasn't going to be the thread but you know...I have never had such nice thread so I had to check.

So, where was this sweet aroma coming from? This. I reached in my package and pulled out this.

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It is two bars of vegetable oil soap with Shea butter. One is called Linden and the slightly pinkish one is called Violet Moss. Oh...these are so wonderfully frangranced. And I truly think they are names Anne would have approved of. (Miss Sterious will understand what I mean by that) I can't wait to take a luxerious bubble bath and evelope myself in the aroma of this soap. Yummy.

Next I pulled out this little brown bag.

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It is Cream Earl Grey tea. Now I drink alot of tea but I have never tried Earl Grey. I am not that familiar with it and so I just never tried it. Well, since yesterday I have drank two cups of this stuff and let me tell you!!! It is wonderful. I can see why it is your favorite Miss Sterious. It is so light and tasty. Oh, it is truly a wonderful tea and I can honestly tell you that this tea will always be stocked in my cabinent from now on. That is, if I can find some. I am sure my little tea shop at the boardwalk will have it...they have so many different kinds.

But wait!!! I am not done yet. Don't go anywhere. I told you I was getting spoiled. I reached into my package and pulled out yet another purple package. Gosh, its scary how well my SP knows me. She managed to fill my pit of despair with purple tissue paper. Perfect for the kind of mood I was in yesterday. If ever you need to feel better, wrap yourself in purple. It will help. It is such a happy color without being too bright like yellow or orange. It is truly the color of joy. (and royalty, I might add...since I am a princess and all)

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And what is in this delightfully purple package? This...

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I am literally in awe. This is my second doily and I have no idea when Miss Sterious has the time to complete such works of art. (I hope you are not losing sleep burning the midnight oil, Miss Sterious...I am not worth that.)

I think I should let you know, red is the color that I feel looks best on me too. It is not my mostest favoritest color (cause that would be purple) but it is a color that I truly love. I really do. I love red and it does express me. If I were to choose a color that spoke of my personality, I would choose red. How did you know this about me? I am curious. You seem to know me so well.

I have something to show you Miss Sterious. My living room.

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The color you choose for me is the same exact color of my wall in my living room. And if you didn't think that was enough...check out my couch cushions.

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So, now your doily has a place of honor in my home.

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And I must tell you, I don't put things on my coffee table. I am not that sort of person, so for me to put something here, it is truly something I love and adore. I am so please with this doily. I absolutely adore it.

But that is not all that was in my package. See here? Yet another purple package. (I was literally blown away by all the purple and it was exactly what I needed yesterday)

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And this is what was in this package.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting got it. ANOTHER doily. Where oh where does she get the time to do this??? How happy you have made me SP. I am so pleased. I love everything you have given me and I want everyone to know...Miss Sterious has given so much time and thought into creating packages for me that truly express who I am on the inside. She has gone above and beyond anything I could ever have imagined a person would for someone they don't even know. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for taking the time to get to know me (the "real" me) and for making me feel so special and cared for. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

So, that was all that was in my package.( about alot...she could have quit at the soap and I would have been in heaven!!!) Now to show you something. I am way excited about this. This next picture is my latest design and it is something I have been putting off and putting off. I have been told by my mother months ago that I really should design some bloomers to go with my dresses. (espcially since they are in thread so they tend to be a little...ummmm...lacy?) I finally thought of how I wanted to do this after my wonderfully faithful testers kept telling me I should design some.

Without further ado, I present to you my Angel Traditions Bloomers.

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I do have to say that each time I look at these bloomers I am in awe that I actually designed them. I personally think they are the cutest and most adorable things I have laid my eyes on. (and I did it...I DID IT!!!!!)

Doing these was such a learning experience for me. I have learned that I CAN do things that I think are going to be hard. And that they are sometimes not as hard as I imagine them to be. I thought these would be difficult to make but they were actually easy. I did them in two days. Wow!! I am so happy right now.

I think I am just going to change the trim on them and maybe add some fpdc's and bdcp's in places and then I will have some for the Angel Kisses Dress. Now for my newest dress (Angel Rhapsody) I will be adding layers upon layers of ruffles. Oh, to have a ruffly behind. That would be so adorable.

But alas, my testers are getting ready to throw thier hooks at me. I feel as though they may be getting ready for a hook war with all this thread I am using. Oh, but how I love thread. I can do so much more with it then I can with yarn. I feel as though it is much easier for me to design in thread. I sit with a skein of yarn and what comes out looks like poop...but give me thread and it turns into gorgeous lace.

But to ablige my dear testers, I am currently working on a little surprise for them. I am not going to disclose what it is yet...I am not going to give any hints except this. It is done in worsted weight yarn and an I hook. (yes...for all you who are wondering...I DO own a hook that large...I even have an N hook, so there!!) And this is an easy pattern too. I hope to have it done today. I better get off this puter though or else it won't be done til next year.

One more thing before I close. I mentioned in the title of this post of my "Anne" moment. I better explain a bit about what that means. I am, in many ways, much like Anne of Green Gables. I have a vivd imagination. (at least I think I all can judge for yourselves) I make so many mistakes. And they are completely idiotic. I embarrass myself so many times. I also have extreme emotions. (my mother can attest to this) I feel with my heart and I wear that heart on my sleeve. I throw myself wholeheartedly into things. I fall headfirst for not taking the time to understand where I am going. I have loads of passion when it is something I want to do. When I love, I love with all my heart. When I hate, I hate with every fiber of my being. I am like Anne also in that I don't make the same mistake twice. (at least most of the time) I wish that I did not have this trait for it gets me into trouble just as it did for Anne. So, this is why I was in the pit of despair yesterday. I had an "Anne" moment. But all is well today. I spent some time away from the puter last night, crocheted on something mindless and went to bed at a decent hour. I feel much better today. I will spend some time loving on my little girl and crocheting up my wondeful surprise.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

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