Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ta-Da!!! I did it!!!

Can you tell that I am proud of myself at all? What gave you the clue? I have done the undoable. I think I have just broken the world record in crochet speed!!! I designed a thread purse in three days!!! THREE DAYS!!!! And this isn't as easy as my Vintage Style Shell Clutch was. Oh NO!! This one has so much more detail. And I absolutely love it. I LOVE it!!! I will wear it proudly. I look at it and can't believe I designed it. Oh how much I love thread!!! I can do amazing things with thread. I have a terrible time getting yarn to look nice. I am not a good yarn designer. Oh, but give me thread and it sings.

So, you wanna see this picture??? I will be surprised if anyone even read that first paragraph. And if you have, I congratulate you. And if you read it without scrolling down to see the picture then I congratulate you even more. You are my dearest fans!!!

Well, here is the picture of my purse. I am calling her Lavendar's Blue Dilly Dilly.

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Now I have been asked what a "dilly dilly" is. If you don't know then I must say you have lead a very depraved childhood. For this is a nursery rhyme that I have had stuck in my head since I was a child. I wouldn't neccessarily call if my favorite nursery rhyme...but lavander is my favorite color (or at least a shade of my favorite color since I tend to love a deeper purple more.)

Well, now, back to the purse. Here is a close-up of the inside of the purse. I love to crochet linings to my purses since I don't care much for sewing and actually am clueless as to the "how-to's" to sewing one in a crochet purse. Now, you might tell me that crocheting one takes three times as long as sewing one in of fabric. Well, let me tell you that in my own weird way, this is me being lazy. I know it takes longer but, I just don't want to learn. K? And I love the crocheted lining look anyways. Its cheaper too!! So, there.

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I do adore this purse. I love it so much. I really hope other people like it near as much as I do. If I saw this purse for sale somewheres, I would be half tempted to buy it. Now that is saying something. It wasn't til recently (upon finding the ville) that I started actually "buying" patterns. Before that I would just use the multitudes of free ones out there. BUt my tastes are changing and I am opting for th bought ones more now.

Well, that was a tangent if I ever wrote one. Okay, back to the purse. It was crocheted using size 10 thread and only took one ball of each color. (white and lavendar for those who may be color blind...never know)I didn't use the whole ball of white thread, which really is a pity cause it is J&P Coats and this stuff is terrible. I had bought it last year to test a dress for and ended up not using it. Well, no wonder. It is the most awful stuff in the world. It has NO twist at all and splits like crazy. But at least I used up some of it. (seeing as how I have four balls of this stuff...ugggg)

More big news today. I finished my Candy Lace Shawl. Yipppeeee!!! Its about time!! I ran out of yarn (who does that???) and since none of my stores had any of the right color in, I had to have a friend buy me some and ship it to me. Well, its done and I am quite pleased with it. Its the perfect size for wrapping around me while I sit on the couch and crochet or read or whatever else I do while sitting on my couch. (which isn't much)

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And I took another picture just in case you don't like the first one.

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Okay, so they are almost identical. So what??? Maybe you can see the stitches better in one than the other...I don't know. So, what do you think??? Is it horrible that I have this shawl in testing already and I didn't even have it finished??? I was able to complete it according to my instructions though and it turned out exactly like what I had planned in my head so that is perfect.

Guess what??? I ordered a book in the mail from (love that site) and it came yesterday. Now I am a little disappointed cause I bought this book cause someone wanted to start a CAL for it, but no one has posted in there when I asked if I could join. I am afraid that they are not doing the CAL anymore. Here is the book I bought.

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How much fun will this be??? I can hardly wait to make them. I loved Strawberry Shortcake when I was a girl. My mother never let me watch it though. I don't know why. Maybe she knew something I didn't or else it wasn't on tv on Saturday mornings. We were allowed to watch one cartoon on Saturday mornings and I always choose Garfield and Friends. My sister always choose Pee-wee's playhouse. I hated that show. Hated it!!

Anyways, I guess its a good thing no one is doing this CAL cause I am behind on my projects. I only have 13 or 14 hats of 24 done for my HAT-a-week CAL and I never did my motif for last week on my Tablecloth-along. I have some projects to do for my partner in the accessory swap. I have some ideas and this is going to be fun. I hope to spend this week getting caught up on stuff like that. I also need to work on two bloomers, a sunhat and a ballcap for the outfits I already have in testing. I need to type up four more patterns and get those ready for testing as well. Gosh, I am going to be one busy girl this week. And to top it all off...we are putting our house up on the market on Saturday. So, that means major cleaning this week and then I have to keep it "show room ready" at all times after that. I shouldn't have too much trouble in this regard cause everyone who walks in my house says I am too much of a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning. I don't like my floors to be dirty or to have clutter on everything. I am just a clean person, what can I say?

Check this out!!!

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Okay, she was happy when I caught her with my size 6 steel hook and the lining to my purse that was in progress. (being unraveled, mind you) So, I thought hey, photo op!! I set dear little one on the couch and handed her my size "Q" hook (yes, I own a hook that large...haven't used it yet...but I own one) and the lining that was already finished. (note...this would me that a word??? works for me) Needless to say (since you can see in the picture) she was not happy about this change in plans. She threw the lining away from her (didn't get very far cause you can still see it at her feet) and she then proceeded to frown at the camera. Now you need to note that usually the camera envokes nothing but smiles from this child. She adores the camera and is one of those kids who will pose for it. Even at like 2 or 3 months old she would pose and smile for it.

I have another picture for you all. This one is more for my mother though who adored my super curly hair when I was a little girl.

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My baby got my hair!!! Maybe not the color but she got the curls. This is the only thing she got from me too. She is the spitten image of her daddy. At least she got my curly hair. I had prayed for this. (and that I would like her...but that was the pregancy hormones saying that prayer...who wouldn't love thier own baby...especially a baby as perfect as Chloe) I adore her curly hair. Only problem is, it makes it look like I never comb it. It always sticks straight up or out or everywhere. What do I do??? Nothing. Everyone says its cute so I leave it.

Now the last picture I have to show you today is some postcards from my dear Miss Sterious. She is so sweet and kind. I sure am loving this whole swap thing. Gives me confidence to try it again in the future.

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Well, it is getting late and I need to get to bed. It is very hot in the house for it being 11:27 at night. I have it on 76 degrees but the ac is not kicking in. I think it is broken cause I have been sweating all day. AAAGGGG!!! I hate it when things like this happen when James is gone. And right before we go to sell the house in the middle of summertime too. What luck!!

Well,have a great day everyone!!!

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