Friday, July 28, 2006

Not Much but its Something

Thats right. It doesn't look like much but at least I have something to show for FOUR days worth of work. Okay, technically four days is how long it takes me to crochet one of my baby dresses. (4-5 days depending on size and difficulty) So, what have I spent four days on???

A simple little boys hat. THAT'S IT!!! That is all. Four days worth of work. But let me explain something about this hat. It is done in thread and it is done completely in single crochets.

So, I will now show you the hat and then I will describe it a bit.

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It doesn't look like much, but that little bugger was a little devil to try to figure out. I learned many lessons in working this hat.

Lesson #1 ~ Just because I can design a dress with intricate stitches in thread...does NOT mean I can design EVERYTHING. Lesson learned.

Lesson #2 ~ Thread is alot smaller than yarn. This, of course, means that you must make note of the differences in sizes pertaining to increases and decreases. They are not the same. Maybe this lesson was learned...that is yet to be tested.

Lesson #3 ~ Rolling the brim of a hat when you have never done so before can be quite a chore. It is very VERY easy to get a ruffled brim instead of a rolled brim. This lesson was probably not learned...I don't think I accomplished this as well as I would have liked.

Lesson #4 ~ Ruffled brims are not appropriate for boy hats. (see lesson #3) I didn't really need to learn this lesson as it is one I have previously learned while in designing school 101. (ha...I wish I had designing school 101...I didn't even have home ec...I have NO clue what I am doing here, NONE.)

Regardless of the various lessons I may or may not have learned while designing this hat, I am very pleased with the final outcome. I sure hope my friend Debra likes it since this will be for her new little boy.

Okay, so everyone needs to wish me luck. I am venturing out of my house for the first time by myself since Chloe was born for a girls night out. I am a little nervous, not of leaving Chloe as she is in the very capable hands of her daddy, but for the fact that I am going to be around people who have hurt me in the past and I don't know how to deal with this. I feel that this is God's way of telling me to forgive them before I move. It would be horrible to leave here next month with bitterness in my heart. I mean, for all I know, these people have no clue they have hurt me. So, I am praying for God's fogiveness to fill my heart. This is my purpose in going. James thinks it will be good for me to get out the house anyways. I am quite the homebody and don't like to leave very much. I love my home...I am safe here. It is my refuge. But I will go...and I will TRY to have a good time.

This weekend is going to be VERY busy for me as well. I have some updates for my new website and some patterns to get ready to be released for sale next week. Oh...the joy of finishing a patter completely. I have a lot of loose ends to tie up this weekend regarding said patterns though.

If you haven't done so yet, go check out my website We have added a new feature so you can be notified by email when I have new patterns out and also to recieve a quarterly newsletter I will be putting out. Alot of fun things going on around here.

Have a wonderful evening everyone. Take a moment and look at the night sky and marvel at the bigness of it all. God cares about the number of hairs on your head, even in such a grand universe. Amazing thought, isn't it?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

WIP Wednesday and other things.

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Well, once again Wednesday rolls around. I did manage to get out my tablecloth today and I crocheted one whole whopping motif. thought I was going to say ROW...well, I didn't...I said Motif. I wish I could have spent more time on it but was errand day. What??? Isn't errand day on Thursday??? Why yes, it is. How observant you are. But I can explain.

Chloe had a dr appointment today. That went very well. Apparently her regular dr has cancer. This news saddened me deeply as I love her very much. She is a wonderful dr and has raised her children using the same methods I am raising mine. I do believe that she is a Christian as well although I have never gotten up the guts to ask her. So, she is out of the office for a few months dealing with this. I asked about her today and she is doing well. She should be back in a month or two.

So, Chloe got to see a different dr today. He was very nice as well and put my mind at ease about alot of concerns I have had recently regarding Chloe's weight. Basically, Chloe is tiny. Very very tiny...but she doesn't look tiny. That's the thing. She looks like a healthy baby...with a tiny amount of chubbiness to her...not a lot, granted...but some. Well, today I was expecting her to weigh at least 21-22 lbs. When she got on the scale, she weighed a whole 19 lbs. Man alive...that is tiny. Ah well...she is happy...I am happy...James is happy...we are okay. She is full of energy and joy so I am not worried.

So, this appointment was first thing in the morning and then we had to drive James to work. We had a viewing on the house today which meant after dropping James off at work, we had to find somewhere to bum around for about 1 1/2 hours. (this is starting to get on my nerves...I want this house to SELL!!!!)

Well, we decided (yes...Chloe did help) to visit Hobby Lobby, where I bought a few Susan Bates hooks to finish off my collection. I am only missing a "B" and a "N" hook now. I hope I can find those. I will have to look online. Anyone know where I can get one of those???

After that, we drove down the road to Barnes and Noble to get Chloe's book for this week. (will save me a trip tomorrow...and it killed about 20 minutes) So, here is Chloe's book for this weeks Book of the Week Club.

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I haven't read it yet...but she will enjoy it when she is older. It looks very interesting, in my opinion.

So, guess what!!! I got a package on Monday from Handy Hands Tatting. Whooo hoooo...this made my day. I wasn't expecting it to come so soon. I ordered some lovely size 80 Majestic thread (and I can't remember what I thought I would make from it is sitting here waiting for some inspiration) I also got some size 30 thread for Chloe's Winter Wonderland dress. And some pink size 30 thread. Don't remember what that was for but since I adore pink...I am positive I can find MANY uses for it.

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Am I crazy??? My mother sure thinks I am. As if I needed one more craft to clutter up my craft closet...or as if I needed one more thing to do...

I do though. I have been dying to learn how to tat for a long time. So, in addition to all my wonderful threads I ordered from handy hands, I figured I might as well order "tatting" supplies from the "tatting" supplier. So, I got this book for tatted Christmas ornaments cause they looked easy enough and also a size 5 tatting needle.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting now I am really anxious to start tatting. Ahhh...but alas...there are other things I must do before I can start a new hobby.

I finished another doily on Monday. This one is for my Doily Swap and so I am not going to post a picture of it until she recieves it. I am NOT!!! So, don't ask. I want it to be a surprise to her when she gets it. I don't know if she reads this blog or not but I am not going to take that chance. I know you are all just drooling with anticipation and anxiousness to see this thing but really...if I can wait to show you, then you can wait to see it.

My husband is sooooooo good to me. Guess what he bought me from the money he made selling his truck. A LAPTOP!!! I get my own laptop computer. This is soo cool. Now I can sit in the living room and be on the internet (we have a wireless router) and watch Chloe at the same time. Up til now, I could only get on the computer when Chloe was napping, since it is in the back bedroom/office. Ahhh...not any more. I can take this thing into bed with me if I so desire. This will be great. I can set it on my handy dandy coffee table (that James bought me for my birthday)and I can type up patterns while I crochet and design them. (ya I would do that) But you never know...this could save me a step or two in the process. It could wind up saving me a lot of time.

Also, I needed something to take with us when we move up north next month. ( is 5 weeks and 2 days until we drive away)This is perfect. I can have access to my website and I can send patterns to people who buy them and I can keep up with my testing forum. How cool is that??? Ohhh...its very cool.

Speaking of which...James had to go to the UPS place to pick up the laptop tonight (since I wasn't home when they tried to deliver it) and he just walked in the door with it. So, I am going to go look this thing over and pet it a bit. Yay!!! I am so excited. Maybe my next post will be from my new puter. :)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday Memories

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Have I ever told you about The Time I got Churched?

It was my wedding day. September 26 1998. My Aunt and Uncle brought my grandmother with them to attend the ceremony. It was becoming more and more difficult to take my grandmother any where due to her worsening condition of alzheimer's disease. She had a strong will and wanted you to take her to a certain place only she didn't rememeber the words to describe that place.

As her memory got worse, her use of nouns lessoned and lessoned until she only used the same three nouns for everything. Church, animal and car. Even these three were eventually downsized to just So, everything under the sun (and including the sun) became a church. She used the words that meant the most to her. Church survived the longest because that was the dearest thing to her heart. She loved Jesus with every fiber of her being and it was evident so strongly in her life...even with this dreadful disease.

So, she often told you to take her to church...only she didn't mean church. She may have meant the grocery store or the park. Outings were getting very very difficult and taxing for my aunt and uncle. Most of the time, it was just easier to stay home.

Well, when they decided to come to my wedding anyways (which was about a 4-5 hour drive) I was so happy. My grandmother didn't know who I was. She didn't even know who my mother was. (her own daughter) And while that was hard and sad to deal with, my grandmother was in such an unusal good mood, we forgot about the sadness of her disease.

It was clear that she understood she was at a wedding. She smiled the entire time.

Here are some pictures I have of her at the ceremony. This is one of my grandmother and my aunt with me.

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My mother is in the middle of her two sisters (my aunts)with my grandmother.

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Here is my grandmother with one of my brothers.

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She was so much like a child that day. Just happy to be around everyone even though she didn't know who any of us were.

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After James and I had opened our cards and had some cake, we went around and showed everyone our rings and greeted all the guests. I remember walking up to my grandmother and she was so excited to see me.

She grabbed both James and my ring hands and held them together in both of hers. She started swaying them back and forth and in a sing-song voice said, "You got churched. You got churched." Then she stopped and looked at us very serious. She looked into my eyes and said, "I remember when I got churched to my church. My church is in church now with Jesus but he is waiting for me to come be with him in church." These were the last words my grandmother every spoke to me and they will fovever be etched in my memory. The next time I saw my grandmother four years later, she could no longer speak. She could not feed herself or move herself.

I know that those last words spoken to me were about my grandfather. My grandmother was remembering when she got married to my grandfather and was telling me that he was in heaven with Jesus waiting for her. I will never forget her last words to me. My grandmother passed away December 12, 2003 to be with her dear husband and her Savior in heaven. She was an amazing woman of God who passed on a wonderful legacy behind her. I am honored to have such a wonderful heritage.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I did it!! I did it!!!

Can you see me dancing around the room tonight??? That is what I am doing. I finished my Summer Meadows dress and needless to say...I am very proud of this darling. It is the cutest dress I have done yet...sooooo cute. It is less formal than the other dresses but it is by far the funnest one.

I will not keep you waiting for long for the picture (although I suppose most of you have already scrolled down and saw all the pictures already...shame on you!!!)

So, without further ado...I announce...Summer Meadows Sundress.

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And another shot cause my baby is soooo durned cute...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now what makes this dress soooo cute is the scalloped bottom...I figured out how to do this (and I'm not gotta buy the pattern...he he he) and this is what makes me soooo happy. This is the first time that I had something in my head and was able to get something very very similar when I crocheted it. Either I am getting better or this was just to easy to come up with. I did pray each time I started to work on this dress so maybe that was the key. Anyways, I am very pleased with it. Look...see??

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All those little flowers are done in size 30 thread...yes...size 30 thread. This was some of that vintage thread a lovely fairy godmother from the ville sent me. I just knew what it was going to be as soon as I opened the box. I hope she is happy with what I used it for.

The good news is...I didn't use very much at all so I have plenty more for something else. Oh...what will I come up with next??? I don't know...I don't know. Another thing I am proud of is my butterfly. I came up with my very own butterfly.

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I sure hope I remember how to do this sucker...{turns head in shame} didn't write it down. It involved a LOT of frogging and so I didn't want to write it down and erase it and write it down and erase it...especially since it was so quick to frog. I would have spent hours writing stuff down for nothing. I will work on another butterfly tomorrow and write that one down. I think I can remember what I did.

So, I gotta start preparing for autumn and winter so many ideas in my head, I don't know where to begin. For now I will show you that blue doily I made yesterday. I got her blocked today and I must say...what a transformation. She is alot more gorgeous when she is blocked. I love her. She is from the Coffee and Cream book by Patricia Kristofferson and is called Cafe Au Late. Ahhh...yum!!

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And I got a fun shot of her too...I just love these kind of photos of doilies. They are

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now the idea for taking those "fun" pictures is really a great idea. You serves a purpose. I can't get the details of the doilies to come up any other way. If I turn the camera at a weird angle and then get right up onto the can see all the intricate details. The view from up top the see jack squat...nada...zilch...nothing. Way better from the fun angle, I must say.

Well, guess what!!! I am actually happy to be moving today. Extrememly happy. I bid this land fare-thee-well. Do you see those photos of darling Chloe up above??? Notice how they are outside??? That happens to be my backyard. My very own backyard. I set Chloe down next to the garden so as the flowers in the garden would grab her attention so I could snap a few photos without her running away...(which typically happens more little poser). Well, I went to stand about three feet away from her and snapped three pictures. All of a sudden, my legs started burning like crazy. I mean...CRAZY!!!!!! I looked down and my legs are literally covered in fire ants. This happened in all of about 10 seconds as that is about how quickly I can snap three pictures. I immdiately brushed off as many as I could in a couple of swips...snatched up Chloe as fast as I could for fear that she was in them too...gave her the quickest once over you ever did see and rushed her to the patio. All the while, these ants are still biting me. Don't worry...protective mommy here...I held Chloe out in front of me by her armpits as far away from me as I could possibly hold her. Then I ran away from her across the yard and started swiping ants off me as fast as I could.

Once I was clean of them...we went into the house. Chloe was crying at this point from her less-than-gentle handing she had received from a scared and extremely biten mother. I looked down at my legs and lo and behold, little pea sized welts covered them. And these peas burned like the dickens. I went to grab my phone off the counter to call James and it wasn't on the counter. I frantically searched for half an hour for the phone and never did find it. I am okay now...but my legs are still burning. The peas are pretty red right now and they look pretty weird. I would take picture but I think it would gross everyone I will save you from that horror show. I did some research online and unless I throw up or faint or something, I don't think I can die. Very rarely someone can die from fire ant bites but I think I would have been dead by now.

So, you all HAVE to buy that pattern when it comes on sale now...because of the torture I had to endure just to show you all a picture.

And anyone who knows me well, probably knows this too...I will most likely not visit my backyard again the rest of the time we are in this house. Things like this kind of taint me and I am never the same again. I will NEVER go barefoot out there and I will NEVER set Chloe down out there. Can you imagine??? If she had been just 1 foot closer to me??? Fire ants CAN kill babies. That is what I read online. I am so thankful it was me and not her...I wouldn't know what to do if it had been her.

Okay...well enough of that. I am going to bed. Have a great evening everyone!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

I got Slapped in the Face

And by a doily, no less. Can you believe it??? I consider myself an advanced crocheter. I may be wrong but I really believe that I am. (hey...I design dresses in thread...I don't know about you...but that is pretty advanced in my book)So, lately I have been feeling like there is nothing out there anymore that challenges me in crochet. (hence my recent wanderings to seek out Irish crochet...)

So, how does one get slapped in the face by a doily??? Well, as most of you probably know (and if you don't don't have to read very far to find out) I have a big crush on anything designed by Patricia Kristofferson. I have completed four of her doilies to date (well, five including the slapper) and they are all ranked advanced...and I found them pretty easy. There are some techniques that I have never tried before and they were fun and different...but not hard.

Well, the other night, I got an email asking if I could send a poor soul a rescue "reveal" package and so I immediately knew I wanted to crochet a doily. The color just jumped out of the drawer into my hands and then I started thumbing through my pattern books. A number of doilies looked interesting...but one stood out more than the rest and said, "I would look lovely in that navy blue thread you got there..." and so it was decided. I gave the picture a once over and decided that it looked like a simple pattern that I could whip up in a couple of hours. many times has my mother told me to "never judge a book by its cover"??? How many times???? I guess the same applies for pictures of doilies.

This doily has some very tricky parts to it. Very tricky indeed. It took me a whole day to complete this doily. (a long time for something "simple".) Now alot of you are probably choking right now when I say a day to complete a doily...but that is how long the average doily takes me...some take me less time than that. It just depends.

This doily really hurt my pride. But not to fear. I have salved and bandaged the bruises to my ego and am ready to move forward. Many are waiting to see my newest design...but I still have some work to do on that one. I am hoping to have it ready for some pictures tomorrow. I love the idea of this one too...soooo cute. My testers are very anxious to see this one...they "claim" I am "dragging this out" on and on and on...just to keep them in anticipation. I am gotta believe me...things just came up out of the bleu. But by the end of this weekend I hope to be back to the caught up stage. (whatever that is...and like I have ever been there or ever will be...dream on Anna.)

So, I have a picture of the face-slapping doily. Not a very good picture...that will come tomorrow when I have it blocked and there is some light in the sky by which to see. (this house is sooooooo dark)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I am sad for the fact that this blue does not allow you to see the intricacy of the details very well. I am hoping that the lighting and the blocking will resolve this issue tomorrow. I really hope so cause there are some lovely details to this doily.

{abrupt subject change ahead}

I got a wonderful little package today in the mail from a fairy godmother over at the ville. How sweet these people are. It had congratulations and things of that nature written all over it so I happen to think this was in regards to my website opening up. Go check it out...

Here is the package with some yummy smelling candles (one can NEVER have enough candles) and two sets of pop-up books for Chloe. Oh how we love books in this can never have too many books either. And some wonderful little beads.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And an upclose of the beads so you can see the colors...they are gorgeous.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I also got around to placing an order through Handy Hands Tatting. I got myself loads of threads in all different sizes. Lately I have been intrigued by tatting I got a tatting needled a book of ornaments for I will be attempting that in the near future. (Can you say...3 minutes after I open the package from Handy Hands and have petted each ball of thread???)

Well, it is getting late and dear hubby is calling me for bed. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead of them.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Breathe Anna...Breathe

I need to remind myself of that sometimes. Just when I thought I had everything under control and I was catching up...some more things get dumped into my plate. Of course, I can't complain since I am the one doing the dumping. I call it upon myself really.

Lots to talk about tonight...Let's see...what's first? Maybe I will start with something easy. Chloe's book of the week club. Here is her latest book. I got this one yesterday when we had to leave the house for another showing. This realtor wanted a two hour window and I said, "No Way". I made her narrow it down to an hour...I am getting tired of carting around a teething, cranky 16 month old right smack dab in the middle of her nap times all over town for long periods of time. Well, we went and got this book.

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Chloe LOVES it. Funny thing is...she expects me to continue reading once she gets down and walks away. If I don't??? She comes and crawls back into my lap until she is satisfied that I will continue. This happens over and over until I get the point and I read for about 10-15 minutes to myself. Short books tend to get very boring at about the 5 minute mark. But I continue on for the sheer pleasure of my toddler.

This book struck my eye because it is the Cajun version of the Gingerbread Man. How clever is that??? I got it so it would be sort of a souvenier once we move (in 1 1/2 months...where does the time go?) and a way to remember the backwardsness that is Louisiana. Next week I have my eye on the Cajun version of Cinderella. That would be cute.

So, yesterday I started crocheting some snowflakes. You think its hot enough around here??? I thought maybe the snowflakes would cool me off a bit. Not is pretty cold in this house without snowflakes...hubby keeps this thing like an icebox. I had decided that since numerous people on the ville were asking for snowflakes for the Holidays in July, that I would whip some up. Well, hubby and I ended up playing Yatzee last night together (and he actually got a yatzee!!!) so I only got about 3 done. I picked it back up today and got another 7 done. Here they are unblocked.

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Unblock????? Doesn't she block ANYTHING??? Why yes, I do. In fact, today was football day. No...not football, football...but blocking football. I tackled all the doilies in my house that have never been blocked...both recent and ancient. (say...8 years ago??? I'm bad...yes, I know I'm bad.)

So, how does one go about blocking a doily??? (or snowflake???) Well, you need a board that you can riddle with pins...such as this one...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Notice I have covered it with wax paper. This is an important step if you do not wish to soak your corkboard (or whatever board you are using) with water and starch (if you prefer to starch.)

Next, you pin everything in place, stretching it to the size and shape you want. Here is the doily I made for Debra along with my 10 snowflakes.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And here is my doily Rosa from PK's Doilies with a Twist book. She got pinned to the carseat box because the cork board wasn't big enough for her.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The really cool thing about this heat is that I set one of these babies out in the sun and presto...30 minutes tops and they are dry and ready to come in...That is how I got so many doilies blocked today. Man...if I had known it was this easy, I would have done it years ago.

Now I will show you just how gorgeous a blocked doily is. Doily #1 is Rosa. Just look at her details. Isn't she stunning??? I knew there was a reason I wanted to make her. (if you don't remember...she is the one that screamed at me in the store to buy the silly book and get in big trouble with then "unknown" secret pal.)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And a fun photo of her...I had fun playing with the camera angles on these doilies...made for some interesting views.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I actually did it so you could see the stitch details. This is the reason I fell in love with PK (Patricia Kristofferson) doilies. Her stitch details are like nothing I have ever seen before. Simply gorgeous.

And here is Charming...another PK doily from her Simply Delightful book. This is the doily for Debra. I took her picture on my sweater since I couldn't get the color right on my wood table. It was coming out all funky you can see the pretty warm rose color.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And the fun view on this doily. Can you tell I was having a blast with the camera??? (am I getting good or what??? don't have to respond to that...)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And my gorgeous doily Espresso from PK's book Coffee and Cream. I love this different.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And my fun shot.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And here is the very first doily I ever crocheted...doesn't it look much MUCH better blocked??? I think so. I never knew just how beautiful this doily was.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And the fun shot.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And a doily I made in England.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This fun shot has got to be my favorite. Well...its a tie between this one and Rosa. I think I am getting better at this camera angle thing.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And here are the snowflakes...all ready to be packaged up and shipped off on Monday.
Package One will contain these two snowflakes.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Package Two

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Package Three

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Package Four

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And Package Five

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So, that is is for doilies and blocking and such. All these blocked doily pics will be added to my Anne of Green Gables Challenge Gallery. That will most likely take place tomorrow as it is getting late here and I need to get to bed.

Wanna see a bug??? This is currenlty residing on my living room window. Thank goodness its the outside and not the inside. I have a thing with bugs...and I think I would have to burn the house down if I ever saw such a thing inside...gross.

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So, Chloe has been very tempermental today. I think I felt a new tooth breaking the skin. Yay!! Its about time...only problem is...I see a few more white spots on her gums so we are far from over on this teething business. Far from over. It doesn't help that I have had a headache for a few days now. Today I was just tired and headachy all day. Ugggg......

Anyways, to help her get through the evening...we got out the bubbles. Well, actually, she got them out and brought them to me saying "uhhh...uhhh...uhhh..." and holding them straight out in front of her until I grabbed them. I took that to mean she wanted to play with them. And she was semi-interested in them. She preferred to sit in my lap and watch the cat though.

Pattycakes sure loved them. I have never seen this cat get so interested in something before. She is the most mellow thing ever...but as soon as I got these bubbles out, she started mewing and then hopped down and played with them. I think she actually played with them more than Chloe did.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It was quite humerous to watch as she would jump in the air and then clap her paws onto the bubble. Then she would sit down with a quizzcal look on her face as if to say, "now that's funny...I THOUGHT I had it..."

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Other times, she would just sit and watch them pop on the floor. This is one funny cat.

Chloe did try to catch a few.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well, I had better get going to bed. I am tired and need some sleep. I sure do hope I feel better tomorrow. It was errand day today and I skipped it cause I didn't feel well. Now we need milk so I HAVE to go tomorrow. drats...

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things That Leave Me Speechless

1. Rainbows

2. Gazing into a Tiger's Eyes (even in pictures)

3. Multi-colored sunsets, streaking through the sky

4. Freshly fallen snow covering everything with long icicles hanging down

5. When the dishes are done and I KNOW I did not do them (and Chloe either...I don't think she can reach)

6. Little unexpected surpises

7. Holding a newborn baby

8. A beautiful garden full of flowers

9. I love you's with long hugs

10. "Do you want to go to Hobby Lobby?"

11. "You could use some more yarn"

12. Watching my baby sleep

13. The Glory of God

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Getting into Trouble.

Yes...I am about to get into big trouble. From whom??? I don't know...hubby maybe??? Although when I told him what I am about to tell you, he just rolled his eyes. (this is becoming quite a habit with him lately...wonder why...{shrug})

Recently I have been extremely interested in Irish Crochet. I don't know why. Maybe cause I have never done it before and that fact alone poses a bit of a challenge to me. Maybe because the little flower on the Bourbon Rose Jug Cover was very similar to Irish Crochet (so the designer claims)and now my interest is sparked. Whatever the reason, I have been searching for useful patterns that I can try this style with. badly I want to try it. The more patterns I find, the more desperate I get to try it. It is so intricate and you just don't see craftsmanship like that anymore nowadays. It is very rare. People took such pride in thier work in the old days. Now everyone wants instant gratification...they want it done and they want it done now...I am not this kind of person. I love watching something beautiful unfold. I love tedious things. It stirs up something deep down in my soul. It is beautiful.

So, I have been searching for patterns using this technique. I shall say that they are not in abundance. It is hard to find a decent pattern that won't get me silly looks while wearing it in public. I have found numerous collars with Irish Crochet, and while I think they are stunning, I probably would never wear one. I have been extremely tempted by a pattern at It is the Rings and Roses Irish Crochet Purse. I do think I will buy this pattern very soon as it looks so elegant and so much my style. I simply adore it. (maybe for my mother for her birthday unless she happens to read this...but maybe even still after that if she tells me she likes never know...I am nice that way...always aiming to please, that's me)

But this would not get me into trouble. No something bigger and better is neededto get me into trouble. Read on. I found something else today in my wanderings along the internet trails. Check out this Irish Crochet Dress. I saw this dress and my heart skipped a beat. Here is the ONE. This is it. The pattern I am to learn Irish Crochet with. (and I can see my mother rolling her eyes once more...I CAN do this dress. I know I can, Mom...It may be hard but I like a challenge) That comment to my dear mother is because she knows that I have the natural tendancy to choose patterns or projects that are way beyond the beginner's level. Oh...but I just can't say no to this dress.

Did you get the chance to check out the materials listed??? Go check it out again, here. did read that right. Size 50 thread. Ahhhhhh...the excitement of it all!!! The sheer joy flowing through my veins as I imagine this dress. Which color??? Pink? purple? white? ecru? blue? I don't know...but I will get this thread from Handy Hands.

On a side note, I have decided what I will use my GC from Lori for. I will buy some thread for the two new dresses I have in my head that are waiting patiently to be designed. (I think they are rather tired of sitting in there with all the other stuff jumbling around them, getting them jarbled up and whatnot.)Ahhh...but I will not say more. They are surprises. Like that??? How everything of late is a surprise??? A tactic I have employed to keep all you readers interested...brilliant.

Okay, I am off to bed now. Short post because this was all I had to tell you today. I was so excited that I couldn't wait. And you all really, really, really wanted to know. [nod you head}

In Other Words

“When life whacks you so hard your head flies off, sew it back on and keep going.”
~ Mary Pierce ~

Upon my first reading of this quote, two words jumped off the page at me, "Whack" and "Head". I was instantly shot back to Sunday evening at the dinner table. I had just finished my own dinner and was patiently awaiting the others to finish theirs so I could proceed with the kitchen clean-up.

As any mother reading this knows (or any father, for that matter) there is NO limit to the antics we will employ as parents to hear the deep and resounding belly laugh of a baby.

So, with that being said, I proceeded with such antics to hear my own babies belly laugh. I grinned a silly grin to her and I got a smile in return. I talked silly talk to her and I in turn got a giggle. What on earth could I do to get that belly laugh? I know!!!! I am so brilliant. I will just duck down and blow raspberry kisses on her feet. She adores this game. "Mommy's gonna get those feeties...I'm gonna get them" and the giggles already start.

For me, its not just enough to HEAR the belly laugh...oh no...I must SEE the belly laugh. But this must be done quickly because unless the raspberry kisses are coming steadily, the belly laugh soon disappears and the shoveling of food into the mouth begins anew.

So, as quickly as possible, up I come from under the table...(darn table)...and WHACK...and... HEAD...and you get the picture. It didn't get quite the response I would have hoped for. Chloe proceeded to the shoveling of food since the raspberries were not forthcoming and my darling husband took over in the belly laugh department.

I left the room.

You see...I am known around here for my clumsiness. My darling husband does not understand how a person could be so clumsy. I do not understand either, for that matter. How many times can one person stub their toe on the foot of the bed before they learn where the foot of the bed is??? For this person??? Many, many times. I do not know the number yet as I have apparantly not learned.

My head most likely has a permanent dent in it from all the head whackings I have recieved in my lifetime. But no matter how many times I whack my head...and no matter how many times I am humiliated and wish myself through the bottom of the floor (because such clumsiness does, indeed, take place in public settings too)I have to pick myself back up, pop some tyelenol for the headache and keep on trudging along in this life.

No matter how many times I stumble in my Walk with the Lord and whack my head against the rocks, Jesus is there, reaching out his hand to lift me back up, soothe my headache and get me going back on the journey.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday Memories

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Have I ever told you about my Grandmother's Afghan?

My Grandmother was Mary Lavelle. She was a wonderful woman of God and an extraordinary person. I loved her very dearly. My grandmother was the very first person in my family whom I met. (outside of my sister...who is my birth sister)

You see, I was adopted. My family was on vacation when the call came that there were two little girls (my sister and I) in need of a home. My grandparents were the ones who came a got us so my parents could rush home from thier vacation. I have no memories of this time as I was only 2 years old and my sister was 9 months.

But I do remember sitting and listening to my grandparents telling me all the stories about that week we stayed with them. Wonderful stories. Funny stories. Stories full of love. My sister and I were loved very deeply. We are so fortunate and blessed.

Here is a picture of my grandparents.

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I am sorry that it doesn't look the best. It is a very old photograph and has seen better years. Oh, but how beautiful they look. And they were so in love. (I will tell you a love story next week for Monday Memories...tune in then)I remember so much about my grandparents and I miss them terribly. But I know I will see them again soon when I get to heaven.

Now I never learned to crochet from anyone and I wish I could say that someone taught me. My mother did teach me how to ch and single crochet (and now I teach her beyond, eh?). I wish I had memories of sitting at my grandmother's knee and learning from her, but I don't.

I do remember times I was at her house and she was crocheting though. One of my memories is of an afghan I remember in the latter days of her life that was always sitting in her living room on her sofa or hanging on her rocking chair that my grandfather made. (which I will inherit later if my mother remembers...hope she remembers)

My grandfather died when I was about 10 years old (I don't rememeber exactly when) and a few years later my grandmother came down with alzheimers disease. It was so sad to see such a strong minded woman get weaker and weaker and fade away. My grandmother passed away two years ago last December. When I moved from up there, my mother gave me this afghan that my grandmother had crocheted.

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It is not the prettiest afghan she ever crocheted because her arthritis got worse and worse each year that I knew her and her stitches weren't as nice. But I cherish this afghan crocheted by my loving grandmother. It does not "match" my decor but very often you will see me sitting underneath it in the evenings while I crochet. (that happens even in summer when your DH insists that that ac be turned to icebox levels)

And I hope that although this afghan is not "prize worthy" my children will cherish is as well and will honor my grandmother by keeping it in thier homes.

Thank you for reading my memory today. This was a tough memory for me to write and I have shed a tear or two but I enjoyed sharing this with you and I hope you have enjoyed a little glimpse into the "real" me.

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Blessed Beyond Measure

I truly am blessed. I cannot get over just how much the people around me spoil me and treat me so well. I got three packages in the mail just today and another one on Saturday. A total of four packages in three days. How wonderful. My mail-lady must think its my birthday all year long.

First I will show you what I received on Saturday for the Holidays in July at the ville. I got 3 balls of vintage thread. I cannot get over the generosity of people. Why on earth would they give me...a perfect stranger...such a treasure? I don't know but I am truly grateful.

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I already have plans for two of the balls of thread. The nice blue one will be a little thread hat my friend Debra ordered. Its gonna be darling for her little boy. And then the white one is going to be something for Chloe. Not quite sure what yet...but Chloe laid claim to the ball as soon as the box was opened and she wouldn't let go of it for 15 minutes as she toted it around the house and even placed it in her stroller for a ride a time or two.

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It has even been taste tested. (very important for a toddler)

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And then today's first package was from my secret pal Lori. How cool is she??? Simply the coolest person I have ever met. She made a doily for her fair entry but something went funky with it and so guess what is now gracing my night table in my bedroom? You got it...a new doily from Lori. This is such a unique doily. I really must search for the pattern book she says it came from. (yup...another PK doily) I am really in love with PK doilies. (wait...have I mentioned that before? Sure...but it is worth saying again.)

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And not only did she send me this gorgeous doily (that you can't really tell it puckers...I think I can play around with the blocking a bit)but she included the leftover thread she made it with. Now THAT is cool!!! Super de Duper cool. I can tell you that this doily will be added to my 37 doily challenge. Click on the link in my sidebar to see them all.

Okay, for package #3!!!!!! I got a bookmark from my bookmark swap at the ville. Yay!! I had almost forgotten about this swap since I finished and mailed my bookmarks some time ago. I still have one more bookmark after this to recieve. But here is the bookmark from Juli. Isn't it pretty?? I love red...such a vibrant color...full of passion. And I love the points on the fan of this bookmark. Very cool.

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Doesn't this look like an oriental fan??? I just love it.

Package #4 just blew the top off me today. Can you guess what was in it??? MORE VINTAGE THREAD!!!!! Holy Moly...I am literally blown away right now. (I think I am in the south seas somewhere...ya right...I wish) But check this thread out.

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I STILL don't know how to take a decent picture with this camera. (I really should read the owners manuel) Anyways, this thread is a really pretty color of a grayish blue. One of my favorite colors of blue too. I love it.

Now just so you can see the size of it, here is the smallest ball of thread. I am guess this to be either size 30 or 50...possible 40...I can't really tell and I can't see it anywhere on the ball.

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I am thinking this will be a doily of some sort. Don't know which one yet, but I am leaning towards that Bourbon Rose Jug Cover I made my secret pal. I love that pattern and this thread might be perfect. Thank you RAOKer's and Holiday in July cheer-givers from crochetville. If you read this blog, please know that I am so grateful for your thoughtfulnesses. You all are too kind. I will put all these goodies to good use. Believe me. I will.

So, here is something I don't think I ever mentioned before. I joined a couple of yahoo groups a few months ago (2-3...not sure exactly). Well, one of those groups, Crocheting With Thread, started a CAL (crochet-a-long) a couple of weeks ago. Now what makes this CAL different from others I have participated in is that I don't know what I am crocheting. Funny??? Yes. I love it though. Its kind of unique. Intriging. Keeps me interested. (well, its something small anyways and its not like you have to work hard to keep me interested in

So, here is Part 1 of the CAL.

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So, my guesses at this point were ~ bookmark, and bookmark, and maybe a belt. Hmmm...part of the supply list was velcro, snap buckle and a ring. So, I must keep that in mind while I am trying to figure out what this thing is. I think bookmark is out.

Well, last night I finished Part 2.

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Man alive...the guessing is getting harder the more I do...not easier. Book mark is definately out because we decreased at one end for "flap". There are also two places somewhere in there you can see where we worked in the Back Loops Only making little ridges. These are not spaced even along the strip though. I am very very curious and will be working on Part 3 sometime in the next day or two. My guesses now??? Some sort of a cell phone case or something. But whyfore the ring??? I do't know. I will keep you updated. Does anyone care to give a guess as to what this will be??? Just leave a comment.

We had a photo shoot today. I was able to get some decent pictures of Chloe in the Freedom Belle set. Wanna see??? Sure you do.

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Drats...I think something was on my lens because every single picture I took today of Chloe has this little fuzzy, faded thing going on...part of it looks like that fading they do on the glamour shots. (maybe I am doing better than I

And the hat up-close.

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Okay, pay no mind to the little green ball in her hands. I have found that she poses much better nowadays with something that acts as a form of distraction she can hold in her hands. Works like a charm. I am not looking forward to the day when these little tricks no longer work. Ah works now so I will be grateful.

So, what do you think??? Too corny in the red, white and blue theme??? It was a whole heck of a lot better than doing a striped skirt or something.

I have spent some time in prayer lately about my desiging capabilities. I so badly want to design beautiful things. I am loving it. It brings me such joy to crochet something and know that I not only made it...I designed it. But alas, everything has its down sides. I can see all the flaws in my designs and I get told of them too...and this is hard to take. I try to take everything said with a grain of salt but after a while, it gets to me.

So, this morning I handed it over the Lord. This business is His and I will do and act as He directs me. I am thankful for my abilities to design and to complain how I am not as good as this person or that person would be slapping my God in the face. I cannot do this. He has blessed me beyond anything imaginable.

Yesterday, I was reminded of how many martrys there are all over the world in prison for thier faith. What have they done to deserve this that is different from me? Nothing except that they were not born in a free country. They do not have the privilege to worship God how they like. And then, here I sit with all my food, air conditioning, television, radio, microwave, shopping and yarn/thread and I complain that someone else has more talent than me. What??? I have got it all wrong. Its all backwards. I should be thankful for each and every stitch that I have the freedom to make. Each and every piece of yarn or thread that sits in my spare room closet. Knowing that there are many all over the world who sit on a cold, cement floor with no bed and only a hole in the corner to squat over when they need to use the lu. They see no daylight, hear no voices, feel no soft fabrics or smell fresh air. I have much to be thankful for.

So, I have a new mission now. That God be glorified in each stitch I make and that somehow, He will advance His Kingdom by using my talent and abilities. Ahhh...that felt good to say.

Well, its time for me to stop sitting here in front of my computer (which I am very grateful for) and get busy crocheting.