Thursday, July 06, 2006


I am sitting here, eating my tapioca pudding and sipping on my Cream Tea from Adagio, daydreaming the night away. I have spent a good part of today daydreaming. (when I wasn't chasing, playing with or feeding Chloe, that is) Hence the reason for the tapioca. Tapioca pudding is wonderful for those daydreamy days. Tapioca pudding is actually good for any day, really...but today I was daydreaming about tapioca pudding so I made myself some. Yum!!! And the most wonderful thing about tapioca pudding is that James can't stand it. Not in the this means I get the whole batch to myself. Now when the kids grow older (and we have I suppose I will have to share with them unless (fingers crossed) they inherit thier daddy's sweet tooth (which doesn't like sweets). that would be heaven. I could have as much sugar as I want and not have to worry about them stealing it.

I did daydream about more than tapioca...but what??? My belly is very happy at the moment from half a batch of the stuff which in turn has shut off the most important part of the brain. (the part that works...since, alas, the sugar has killed most of the brain cells I used to have)

Ah, yes, I have daydreamed about crochet. Lovely and wonderful dreams about frilly dresses and lacy shawls and trendy purses and sleek lingerie. I have no idea when I will find the time to design all the things in my head, since they all, for the most part, involve thread. (my favorite medium of crochet) Which reminds me...I still have yet to decide what to use my Gift certificate from Lori for Handy Hands Tatting. I will have to browse my catelog again tonight and see if anything speaks to me. (as thread often does...I love its voice soft and can hardly say no)

I also daydreamed about our upcoming move north. I have come to the conclusion after hours of daydreaming about this move, that I am not bothered by it one way or another. Each move we have made in the past, I have felt a ton of emotions over. Both happy and sad. This move, nothing. Emotions are non-existent. I have been hurt here by many people and so I am not that sad to leave. I am not thrilled at the idea of living in the hugest city in America (well...the city next to the hugest...being that they are connected and all...)But there are some exciting things to look forward to...which brings the emotions to level zero. They cancel each other out. So, this is just another move, neither hard nor easy. Neither sad, nor happy...just a move.

Yes, a part of me will miss it here...but only because this is where my first child was born. And no matter where we move to and end up settling down when we are gray, she will always have been born in Louisiana. This can never change. Our address will change many more times in the next few years but this one thing will never change.

One thing that I do have emotion about is the LUS's I hope to see up north. They have GOT to have them in a large city like that and I am so excited to try one. I want to pet $40 a skein yarn. I am worried that they won't let me pet it though. They probably have such types of yarn in a locked, plexiglass case with a little key dangling from a chain around the neck of the associate. There probably is also a sign stating not to touch the yarn, that the oils from your fingers will tarnish the color of the yarn, thus ruining the value of the yarn which probably rises about $10 a year. (could it be that this type of yarn gets better with age as does a good bottle of wine??? could never know...$40 is quite an investment though...)

So, another daydream of mine is that I all of a sudden get super fast at crocheting (as if I weren't fast enough am fairly fast, I think) Anyways...the daydream consisted of all my current projects getting done in the next week. (fat chance on that one...unless I hire the work to be done for $.05 an hour to Mexico...not gonna happen though) So, this is truly a dream. But a noble one, none-the-less.

In light of this daydream, let me list out the current projects I have whirling around in my head.

~Summer Meadows Sundress

~Espresso Doily by Patricia Kristofferson for my A of GG challenge

~Something special for my Secret Pal Reveal Package

~Doily for sister-in-law getting married next month

~7 hats to get caught up in the Hat-A-Week CAL

~Work on my Tablecloth (for my own CAL which I am way behind on)

~Two more scarves for my Funk Rock Scarf Collection

~Type up the next set of patterns for the next wave of testing (5 patterns in all)

~Knit a set of dishcloths for my dear Sister who just bought her first house

~Knit a set of dishcloths for my best friend in England who just bought a new house

This list is the most pressing of crochet (and knit) projects and does not include such things as WIM's and things on my to-design list. These will just come out of my head at random times whenever I feel like it.

Well, I have someone breathing down my neck (wanting to use the computer) and its not I had better get off for the night. Tomorrow I will show you picks of something gooey I made today and some of Chloe playing with it. No more hints though. You have to tune in tomorrow to find out what it is.

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Reverberate58 said...

And I thought I was the only one who had too much stuff floating in her head! There are just not enough hours in the day for what I want to do! I tend to stay real focused on something I am into (like the quilting right now) then go on to the next thing (like the beaded keychains I have to get done for Christmas). I don't design much but I do tend to take the harder path on things I like to do! I will check in later to see what you gooey thing is!