Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Getting into Trouble.

Yes...I am about to get into big trouble. From whom??? I don't know...hubby maybe??? Although when I told him what I am about to tell you, he just rolled his eyes. (this is becoming quite a habit with him lately...wonder why...{shrug})

Recently I have been extremely interested in Irish Crochet. I don't know why. Maybe cause I have never done it before and that fact alone poses a bit of a challenge to me. Maybe because the little flower on the Bourbon Rose Jug Cover was very similar to Irish Crochet (so the designer claims)and now my interest is sparked. Whatever the reason, I have been searching for useful patterns that I can try this style with. Oh...how badly I want to try it. The more patterns I find, the more desperate I get to try it. It is so intricate and you just don't see craftsmanship like that anymore nowadays. It is very rare. People took such pride in thier work in the old days. Now everyone wants instant gratification...they want it done and they want it done now...I am not this kind of person. I love watching something beautiful unfold. I love tedious things. It stirs up something deep down in my soul. It is beautiful.

So, I have been searching for patterns using this technique. I shall say that they are not in abundance. It is hard to find a decent pattern that won't get me silly looks while wearing it in public. I have found numerous collars with Irish Crochet, and while I think they are stunning, I probably would never wear one. I have been extremely tempted by a pattern at www.crochetnbeads.com. It is the Rings and Roses Irish Crochet Purse. I do think I will buy this pattern very soon as it looks so elegant and so much my style. I simply adore it. (maybe for my mother for her birthday unless she happens to read this...but maybe even still after that if she tells me she likes it...you never know...I am nice that way...always aiming to please, that's me)

But this would not get me into trouble. No something bigger and better is neededto get me into trouble. Read on. I found something else today in my wanderings along the internet trails. Check out this Irish Crochet Dress. I saw this dress and my heart skipped a beat. Here is the ONE. This is it. The pattern I am to learn Irish Crochet with. (and I can see my mother rolling her eyes once more...I CAN do this dress. I know I can, Mom...It may be hard but I like a challenge) That comment to my dear mother is because she knows that I have the natural tendancy to choose patterns or projects that are way beyond the beginner's level. Oh...but I just can't say no to this dress.

Did you get the chance to check out the materials listed??? Go check it out again, here.

Yes...you did read that right. Size 50 thread. Ahhhhhh...the excitement of it all!!! The sheer joy flowing through my veins as I imagine this dress. Which color??? Pink? purple? white? ecru? blue? I don't know...but I will get this thread from Handy Hands.

On a side note, I have decided what I will use my GC from Lori for. I will buy some thread for the two new dresses I have in my head that are waiting patiently to be designed. (I think they are rather tired of sitting in there with all the other stuff jumbling around them, getting them jarbled up and whatnot.)Ahhh...but I will not say more. They are surprises. Like that??? How everything of late is a surprise??? A tactic I have employed to keep all you readers interested...brilliant.

Okay, I am off to bed now. Short post because this was all I had to tell you today. I was so excited that I couldn't wait. And you all really, really, really wanted to know. [nod you head}


Reverberate58 said...

I have two pattern books I bought last year full of patterns for Irish Crochet. One is a learn how to book and has things like doilys, baby booties and hats, pillows and shawls. I have not done much with them but might have to try one of the doilies. I had forgot I had them until you wrote your post! Most call for 20 cotton weight. I do love how it looks but will have to get back to you on is I can do it or not!

Andy's Crafts said...

looks like you are going to have fun crocheting with thread #50. The dress is adorable.

You should check http://btpsmom.blogspot.com//
that's Cheryl she has some blogs under her profile that may interest you.