Saturday, July 22, 2006

I did it!! I did it!!!

Can you see me dancing around the room tonight??? That is what I am doing. I finished my Summer Meadows dress and needless to say...I am very proud of this darling. It is the cutest dress I have done yet...sooooo cute. It is less formal than the other dresses but it is by far the funnest one.

I will not keep you waiting for long for the picture (although I suppose most of you have already scrolled down and saw all the pictures already...shame on you!!!)

So, without further ado...I announce...Summer Meadows Sundress.

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And another shot cause my baby is soooo durned cute...

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Now what makes this dress soooo cute is the scalloped bottom...I figured out how to do this (and I'm not gotta buy the pattern...he he he) and this is what makes me soooo happy. This is the first time that I had something in my head and was able to get something very very similar when I crocheted it. Either I am getting better or this was just to easy to come up with. I did pray each time I started to work on this dress so maybe that was the key. Anyways, I am very pleased with it. Look...see??

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All those little flowers are done in size 30 thread...yes...size 30 thread. This was some of that vintage thread a lovely fairy godmother from the ville sent me. I just knew what it was going to be as soon as I opened the box. I hope she is happy with what I used it for.

The good news is...I didn't use very much at all so I have plenty more for something else. Oh...what will I come up with next??? I don't know...I don't know. Another thing I am proud of is my butterfly. I came up with my very own butterfly.

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I sure hope I remember how to do this sucker...{turns head in shame} didn't write it down. It involved a LOT of frogging and so I didn't want to write it down and erase it and write it down and erase it...especially since it was so quick to frog. I would have spent hours writing stuff down for nothing. I will work on another butterfly tomorrow and write that one down. I think I can remember what I did.

So, I gotta start preparing for autumn and winter so many ideas in my head, I don't know where to begin. For now I will show you that blue doily I made yesterday. I got her blocked today and I must say...what a transformation. She is alot more gorgeous when she is blocked. I love her. She is from the Coffee and Cream book by Patricia Kristofferson and is called Cafe Au Late. Ahhh...yum!!

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And I got a fun shot of her too...I just love these kind of photos of doilies. They are

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Now the idea for taking those "fun" pictures is really a great idea. You serves a purpose. I can't get the details of the doilies to come up any other way. If I turn the camera at a weird angle and then get right up onto the can see all the intricate details. The view from up top the see jack squat...nada...zilch...nothing. Way better from the fun angle, I must say.

Well, guess what!!! I am actually happy to be moving today. Extrememly happy. I bid this land fare-thee-well. Do you see those photos of darling Chloe up above??? Notice how they are outside??? That happens to be my backyard. My very own backyard. I set Chloe down next to the garden so as the flowers in the garden would grab her attention so I could snap a few photos without her running away...(which typically happens more little poser). Well, I went to stand about three feet away from her and snapped three pictures. All of a sudden, my legs started burning like crazy. I mean...CRAZY!!!!!! I looked down and my legs are literally covered in fire ants. This happened in all of about 10 seconds as that is about how quickly I can snap three pictures. I immdiately brushed off as many as I could in a couple of swips...snatched up Chloe as fast as I could for fear that she was in them too...gave her the quickest once over you ever did see and rushed her to the patio. All the while, these ants are still biting me. Don't worry...protective mommy here...I held Chloe out in front of me by her armpits as far away from me as I could possibly hold her. Then I ran away from her across the yard and started swiping ants off me as fast as I could.

Once I was clean of them...we went into the house. Chloe was crying at this point from her less-than-gentle handing she had received from a scared and extremely biten mother. I looked down at my legs and lo and behold, little pea sized welts covered them. And these peas burned like the dickens. I went to grab my phone off the counter to call James and it wasn't on the counter. I frantically searched for half an hour for the phone and never did find it. I am okay now...but my legs are still burning. The peas are pretty red right now and they look pretty weird. I would take picture but I think it would gross everyone I will save you from that horror show. I did some research online and unless I throw up or faint or something, I don't think I can die. Very rarely someone can die from fire ant bites but I think I would have been dead by now.

So, you all HAVE to buy that pattern when it comes on sale now...because of the torture I had to endure just to show you all a picture.

And anyone who knows me well, probably knows this too...I will most likely not visit my backyard again the rest of the time we are in this house. Things like this kind of taint me and I am never the same again. I will NEVER go barefoot out there and I will NEVER set Chloe down out there. Can you imagine??? If she had been just 1 foot closer to me??? Fire ants CAN kill babies. That is what I read online. I am so thankful it was me and not her...I wouldn't know what to do if it had been her.

Okay...well enough of that. I am going to bed. Have a great evening everyone!!


Kathie said...

The dress looks lovely. I used to crochet, knit and sew when my daughters were young and made lots of clothes (lovingly) for them. I don't do any of that now and do periodically miss the clack of the knitting needles or the beauty of crocheted work. I run a business and have a ministry through my business and my time is spent very much in that area. And my girls have grown, the youngest is currently planning her wedding.

Perhaps one day when I'm not working the hours I am I can return to my love of knitting and crocheting in particular - perhaps for my grandchildren when that time comes. Bless you.

Viamarie said...

You have super beautiful stuff. Hope to see more of it.

Wow,your daughter has such a beautiful face!

Btw, this is my first time to visit and I enjoyed doing so.

Cheers to new week!

Mama Duck said...

Awwww, it looks so cute, almost makes me wish for a little girl ;).

Norma said...

This is beautiful. Congratulations.

Leigh said...

That is a beautiful dress -- I adore the flowers and butterfly details! (Lovely model, too. :)