Friday, July 21, 2006

I got Slapped in the Face

And by a doily, no less. Can you believe it??? I consider myself an advanced crocheter. I may be wrong but I really believe that I am. (hey...I design dresses in thread...I don't know about you...but that is pretty advanced in my book)So, lately I have been feeling like there is nothing out there anymore that challenges me in crochet. (hence my recent wanderings to seek out Irish crochet...)

So, how does one get slapped in the face by a doily??? Well, as most of you probably know (and if you don't don't have to read very far to find out) I have a big crush on anything designed by Patricia Kristofferson. I have completed four of her doilies to date (well, five including the slapper) and they are all ranked advanced...and I found them pretty easy. There are some techniques that I have never tried before and they were fun and different...but not hard.

Well, the other night, I got an email asking if I could send a poor soul a rescue "reveal" package and so I immediately knew I wanted to crochet a doily. The color just jumped out of the drawer into my hands and then I started thumbing through my pattern books. A number of doilies looked interesting...but one stood out more than the rest and said, "I would look lovely in that navy blue thread you got there..." and so it was decided. I gave the picture a once over and decided that it looked like a simple pattern that I could whip up in a couple of hours. many times has my mother told me to "never judge a book by its cover"??? How many times???? I guess the same applies for pictures of doilies.

This doily has some very tricky parts to it. Very tricky indeed. It took me a whole day to complete this doily. (a long time for something "simple".) Now alot of you are probably choking right now when I say a day to complete a doily...but that is how long the average doily takes me...some take me less time than that. It just depends.

This doily really hurt my pride. But not to fear. I have salved and bandaged the bruises to my ego and am ready to move forward. Many are waiting to see my newest design...but I still have some work to do on that one. I am hoping to have it ready for some pictures tomorrow. I love the idea of this one too...soooo cute. My testers are very anxious to see this one...they "claim" I am "dragging this out" on and on and on...just to keep them in anticipation. I am gotta believe me...things just came up out of the bleu. But by the end of this weekend I hope to be back to the caught up stage. (whatever that is...and like I have ever been there or ever will be...dream on Anna.)

So, I have a picture of the face-slapping doily. Not a very good picture...that will come tomorrow when I have it blocked and there is some light in the sky by which to see. (this house is sooooooo dark)

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I am sad for the fact that this blue does not allow you to see the intricacy of the details very well. I am hoping that the lighting and the blocking will resolve this issue tomorrow. I really hope so cause there are some lovely details to this doily.

{abrupt subject change ahead}

I got a wonderful little package today in the mail from a fairy godmother over at the ville. How sweet these people are. It had congratulations and things of that nature written all over it so I happen to think this was in regards to my website opening up. Go check it out...

Here is the package with some yummy smelling candles (one can NEVER have enough candles) and two sets of pop-up books for Chloe. Oh how we love books in this can never have too many books either. And some wonderful little beads.

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And an upclose of the beads so you can see the colors...they are gorgeous.

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I also got around to placing an order through Handy Hands Tatting. I got myself loads of threads in all different sizes. Lately I have been intrigued by tatting I got a tatting needled a book of ornaments for I will be attempting that in the near future. (Can you say...3 minutes after I open the package from Handy Hands and have petted each ball of thread???)

Well, it is getting late and dear hubby is calling me for bed. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead of them.

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The Shrone said...

What is the doily's name that gave you fits? There are a couple of them she's designed that should be given the label "For the insane only"! LOL