Saturday, July 15, 2006

ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!

My gosh!!! I can hardly belive the day has arrived. The website is here!!! Its here...its here...its here...I am doing a jig in my office/craft room. This is a momentuous day in history.

Go see is a real live website.

The graphics were made by is a wonderfullyishesness type of day and I only just woke up. Go buy a pattern. Yay!!!!! Now I celebrate. But to do what??? I don't know...maybe take the fam to the honey farm I have been dying to go to since we moved here. I love thier honey as its the only kind I buy since moving down here but I have yet to see the farm, that is like 10 minutes down the road from me...silly me.

Anyways, who cares about honey farms when I have my very own website!!!!!

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Reverberate58 said...

Your new site is beautiful! I love it! I gave it a real good look over. You are very good at your craft! I might have to order the dishcloth pattern as it is something I can make for the kids as Christmas bonus gifts! Always need that! Very nice work!