Friday, July 07, 2006

Wonderfullyishesness Type of Day

It is a wonderfullyishesness type of day. Very few days can be categorized into this particular category. These are the days that are ten times better than a wonderful day. Something happens on such a day that makes it stand out above the normal "wonderful" type of day. This something must have a special meaning to the person who has such a day.

I had three wonderful things happen to me today. All three of them were very, very wonderful but the third one has that extra special meaning which knocks the day up from the level of wonderful to wonderfullyishesness.

But first...before I get into all the wonderfullyishesness of today, I promised a gooey sort of promise and I must keep my promises.

Yesterday I made a lovely goo for Chloe. I looked up online for a recipe for homemade playdough. Well, to my amazement, there are many recipes for this type of thing. I choose one and it was quick and easy (although it uses a ton of salt). Being the picture sort of person that I am, I snapped some pictures of Chloe playing with this stuff.

Here she is...not sure of this stuff. Actually, she was pretty tired during this weeks playdough session...maybe next week she will take to it better. Regardless, she did start to touch the stuff after I played with it for about 10 minutes. Here she is, touching the playdough.

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And now she investigates the stuff. Tentatively. What is this stuff???

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And now the biggest test of all. How much smell does it have??? (she gets this from her mother who has to smell everything...she's a weirdo, her mother...)

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Ahhh!!! Next...the taste test...very important test in the life of a toddler. Everything has a taste...and it must be determined whether this thing has a taste that needs tasted again and again or never again.

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I think she decided that it was a never again type of taste. (but the memory of a toddler is miniscule, so I happen to think this taste test will be repeated next week)But the experience must have been good cause we ended with a smile.

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Here is the playdough recipe we used. I used the second one down called Natures Playdough. It was very, very salty. (he he...I taste tested it too...I told you I was wierd) Here is another site with playdough recipes. I am thinking I will use some of these at later time seeing as how they have a bunch that say "edible". That might be a good thing for two taste testing sort of people.

So, now we move on to the wonderfullyishesness of today. The exterminator was due to come out today at 9:00 am and sure enough 8:45 there was a knock at the door. I had to leave the house for 4 hours. They said three but last time I returned after three and the house still stunk and the floor was still just to be safe, I waited for 4 hours today. What do you do for four hours with a toddler??? I changed days this week. Today was Thursday and yesterday was Friday. The significance of this?? Thursday is errand day. So, I did my errands today.

My errands found me at Micheal's first thing in the morning (9:15 to be precise)browsing the crochet and knitting patterns. I went thier for the specific purpose of finding some size 3 thread in a color I needed. (the pattern stated you needed a certain amount but I am going to be waaayyyy short on it...I hate these leaflet pull-off patterns...they are so poorly written and the materials are never enough...but enough of that...)They did not have what I needed. So, instead of leaving (as most "normal" people would do) I decided that the pattern books needed browsing, so I stayed a while. Who cares!!! I had 3 hours and 45 minutes left to kill anyways.

I started leafing through some Patricia Kristofferson books. (can you say addicted??? Its all Lori's fault, she's the one that sent me an insanely gorgeous pattern and got me hooked)Well, as I was looking in her "Best of Patricia Kristofferson" book, I noticed a write-up about her on the front two pages. Curious about my newest favorite designer, I read it. Come to find out, she is a Christian!!! I was pleasantly surprised. I have been stuggling lately with whether or not God would have me in this design business and while so far, everything has been pointing towards yes, I still question some things. In reading this about her, it gave me inspiration and hope. I need to trust God's plan and direction for my life. I don't know where I will be in ten, five or even three years (part of being a military wife) but I do know that God has a plan for my life and if I allow Him to have control and work in me, then I will be happy no matter where He places me. Even if I am NOT a big time designer like Patricia Kristofferson.

Well, I was pretty happy at this revelation. (and wouldn't you know it but I was able to pass up buying that book...even though I badly wanted to...) I walked away and as I was leaving the yarn department...something caught my eye. A clearance rack. Most everything on this rack had a sign for $2. I saw one whole bin on this rack full of...guess what??? Paton's Grace. What??????? Yes...Paton's Grace. I knew it was there on accident, but just in case I picked on up and looked at the price on it. $2 I am saddened by this loss...but I am moving soon so I probably won't even miss it. And being that I walked out the store with 15 skeins of the stuff, I probably won't need any for a very long time.

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(should have bought the $12.95 was cheaper)

So, then it was off to Target. Chloe is 15.5 months old and who knows how much she weighs. (I got to get her into the dr soon for her checkup...missed the last one due to insurance issues) Anyways, I know it is probably long past due for a new car seat for the crumb-bum so I went to Target to get one.

Now I will never understand why they have to make things so complicated when it comes to kids stuff. Toys take you 2 hours to open and unwind all the wires holding each and every piece to the cardboard box...which was taped shut three different times in every possible place you could get in...with a second sort of half box inside with more tape holding it to the first box. one will shoplift the Little People out of the yellow school bus. (drat those toddler theives)

Well, when I got my new carseat home, this is the tangled mess that came out of the box.

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Okay, probably not the mess you were expecting but I was expecting a car seat...not a model airplane...

And the manuel??? Thicker than an encyclopedia brittanica.

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73 pages to be exact.

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Oh my goodness...what could possibly fill a 73 page manuel for a car seat??? Oh...let me tell you what. Place your left hand on the harness while pushing the lever in the front of the seatflap with your right thumb, holding the seatflap cushion back with your right index finger, let go of the harness with your left hand, grab hold of the strap and pull, using your left knee as leverage against the back of the seat...blah...blah...blah...

Needless to say...we are not going anywhere in the car until Daddy has a look see at the extremely loose seat.

I got some wonderfully fun news today. (not wonderfullyishesness yet...but almost) I have been accepted into Shronedom. I am now a BONA FIDE SHRONE!!!! See...I even have a button to prove it.

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I will be placing this on my sidebar somewhere. Yay!!! I guess this means that I am offically to become a cat lady when I get old. (not that I mind since I perceive myself as a Tiger...a white one to be precise)I, honestly, can stare into a picture of a Tiger's face and get choked up with emotion. I cannot explain this phenomenom...Cats move me in a way that no other animal can. I understand cats better than I understand most humans. hmmm...curious...

So what is my news today that beats everything I just mentioned??? Oh, this is truly special news. I talked to my brother on the phone today. Why would this be special? It is very rare to talk to this particular brother on the phone. I talk to him about once every 5 years. Why you ask??? We have a wonderful relationship...well, my brother is a missionary in Papua New Guinea. The last time I saw him was four years ago when he stopped off in England with his family to visit with James and I for three days. It was a marvelous time. Well, he is now back in the states for a year long furlough. Today was his first day at my parent's house. I called my dad (cause I needed advice about a movie) and my brother was there. So, I got to talk to him. This was so neat to hear his voice. He didn't even recognize mine. (I have picked up the southern swangy tang...not on purpose, mind you...)It was so neat to talk to him. So very neat. This made my day so wonderfullyishesly warm and fuzzy. I am in wonderfullyishesness heaven.

Now, some of you may recall that my dear husband went on a fishing trip recently. I have some things to show you from his trip.

First, I would like to say that I think my husband is slightly crazy. You will see why in a moment. This does not in any way stop me from loving him. I do fear for him from time to time. More on that in a minute as well.

Here is a fish he caught while up there.

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I won't begin to pretend to know what these fish are. I would only make those of you who do, laugh at me and that would be embarrassing.

Here is another shot of a fish. I think he let this one go...darn him...why will he NOT KEEP HIS FISH...he has this thing for throwing them back. He did come home with a nice catch though...made me proud.

Oh ya..the pic...

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he he...I love that pic of him...he looks so buff there...that's my man!!! Here is a fish they kept. This one they did not catch with a fishing pole. (or a rod and reel as they call it...humpf...fishermen and their "technical" terms)He had an air pocket in his gill and so he was floating along the top of the water cause he couldn't get down. They kept this one. Poor little guy...anyway, I guess this is a good fish to eat. We will see.

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Now I will tell you about the crazy man I married. I had no idea of his craziness when we married for it only started coming out recently. (we have been married for 8 years this was bound to happen sooner or later when you get married at 19...people change)

My husband has decided to leave traditional fishing methods behind. He now uses his hands as bait. You read that right. In case you think you didn't, I will re-write it. My husband uses his hands as bait. He catches catfish with his hands and then YANKS them out of thier little hole (home). The poor things. They are sitting in thier homes...waiting for a hunk to come along and make some babies when they see a tasty morsel hanging out in front of thier face. They jump and bite down on it with all thier might but they are grabbed by thier gills and literally yanked from thier homes. Little do they know that the tasty morsel was not a morsel at all but the hand of a crazy fisherman.

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Bless his heart (lol...a southern that one) he thinks he's a coyboy. You know that country song??? Should have been a coyboy??? Yes...this is James life song. He was born on the streets of New York (well, actually, he was more likely born in a hospital) and he grew up listening to this awful stuff they call rap or hip-hop or something...that horrible stuff that makes you hip-hop as fast as you can out of the room. Now, he listens to bluegrass, plays a guitar (instead of the nintendo) and noodles (the term for catching catfish with your hands) for catfish. I try to tell him that he wants to be a "country man" not a cowboy. I explain that a cowboy wears these funny looking boots and a funky hat (nothing remotely close to a yankees baseball cap) and ropes steers on the range. I may have him convinced finally. (thank goodness...I did NOT marry a cowboy...)So, he now thinks its the simple life for us. (yet he won't let me plant a veggie garden...go figure...I will get one up north though...You just wait and see)

Okay, I think hubby has gone off to bed without me. I will have a wonderful surprise to show you all tomorrow. I am actually using a pattern. This surprise will be using some blue size 30 thread and my lovely Clover Soft Touch hook given to me by my SP Lori. (love this hook, Lori. Thanks so much...its a dream to work with) This is all the hints I will tell you...except that what I am making will go to my secret pal next week in my reveal package. I am almost done...if I can get a hold of the size 3 thread I am missing.

We will be blackberry picking in the morning...what fun!! Let's see how Chloe does on her first fruit picking excursion. I hope you all have a wonderfullyishesness day just as I did. I am off to dream some wonderfullyishesness dreams. Night all!!


The Shrone said...

I need six balls of Paton's Grace and I am hoping at my local Michael's today it will be in the clearance bin like you found! Eee! Hopefully all stores are clearing it out. (Crossing my fingers)

My luck, they will have it but in colors I don't like. :-(

OK, I need to think positively. They will have the colors. They will have the colors.

I'm excited to see what you are making, too! I can hardly wait!

Anna said...

Well, I tried my other Micheals today...lucky me found the size 3 thread in the color I needed but no Paton's Grace. They don't carry as much as the other store does anyway. (maybe they clearanced it out a long time ago...who knows)

Good luck!!