Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Its been a LONG week!!!

I don't even know where to start. It has been almost two weeks since I have posted here. I am sure you have all figured I dropped off the end of the earth. I feel like I have too...but I climbed back on and hope to not fall off again. No promises though. I have learned this past week that NOTHING goes as planned. We have seen so many ups and downs. If I were to tell of all of them, I would be up all night typing and I don't really feel like doing that so I will touch on some major things.

Number 1 ~ We almost didn't close on our house. That was a fiasco in and of itself. We were supposed to close on it last Wednesday but the brilliant realtor who was the buying agent, couldn't get her act together in time and it was pushed to Thursday and then Friday. We got a call Friday afternoon with the news that their loan was not approved. Boy were were ALL hot to trot. (including our own reator) Come to find out...it was the other realtor who was buying the house and the reason for her not getting her loan was something on her credit report. Now let me explain something to you for those of you not familiar with the house buying routine. When something is on your credit report...it shows up much sooner during the home buying process than three days AFTER you are due to close on a house. This is something that comes up while doing a pre-qaul...and being that she was a realtor that was buying the house, she knows the procedures. Well, our realtor ended up paying HER bill for her so we could close on the house. She was going to walk away from this deal for a $500 bill that she was not willing to pay...can you believe it??? What an idiot. I can't believe that our realtor paid it for her.
But that is not all...oh no...that is NOT all. The buying realtor than made a stink about the fan in the bathroom not working. It is a $50 fan. She caused us an extra week of interest for not being ready to close on time which equals close to $350, plus the $500 bill our realtor paid for her and then she made a stink about $50. SHE WAS GOING TO WALK AWAY FROM THE DEAL!!!! All because of a $50 fan!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! I cannot believe it. Had I been in the room, I would have spoken my mind to her and walked away. She would not be in my house. She literally threw her pen onto the table and closed up her checkbook and was preparing to walk away.
Well, James and I were NOT there. We were already driving up north. So, our realtor and friend said they would pay for it out of our profit check. That appeased her and so we have a done deal. Our house is finally sold!!!
That is all I have to say about that. I could go on and on about the idotic things this lady has done but I don't feel like it. It is over. Its a done deal. We have our money and no house and that is what we wanted.

Number 2 ~ We decided to leave town late Sunday night instead of Monday morning. Two reasons for that...one...Chloe would sleep since it was at night. And two...it would give us a head start for day one which would make day one (which was then day two)a shorter drive.

Our friends Ashlie and Nathan came to visit us before we left Sunday night.

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Isn't Ashlie gorgeous??? She is beautiful both inside and out. I will miss her so much. She is a great friend who loves me for who I am. She doesn't judge me, but she does tell me things as they are. If it needs to be said, she has the courage to say it. I admire that so much about her.

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James is going to miss Nathan. Those two are like little kids when they get together. They both wear ear to ear grins the whole time they are together. It really is contagious. They have so much fun together. I think we will be having a little trip south in June of next year for a noodling trip. (that is catfish mating season...prime time for noodling.)

Speaking of "fish"...here is one of Nathan's catch from Sunday night.

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Ha ha...Chloe was actually playing with Nathan. So, Nathan picked her up. When I got ready to shoot a picture, he held her like a fish...what a man!!! Always thinking about fishing.

Can you believe this??? I packed up some yarn and threads and such for the trip. (this was a while ago, since it has been over a week since I left my house) Here is my pile of what I have with me.

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Now James has started complaining about how much that is. WHAT???? Okay, so he claims that it is only in jest...but I wonder. I tried explaining to him that this is NOT alot. It isn't even a quarter of what I own. And I seriously think I will use at least half of it. (okay...maybe a quarter of it...but I need it for inspiration, right??? RIGHT????)

So,our first night of driving we stayed in Jackson Mississippi. Our second night (last night) we stayed in Anniston Georgia. We found a lovely hotel there. How did we find it??? James, being the wonderful husband he is, bought us a GPS system for our car. One of the really cool features to this device is that it will pull up a list of hotels for the area you want. It also pulls up a telephone number so we can call ahead of time to make sure they allow cats and have intenet access and first floor rooms. This is so neat. I don't know how we would do this trip without it. It is great.

Anyways, I was planning on taking pictures of our hotel last night but I forgot. It was gorgeous. The name of it was The Victoria Inn. The buildings were gorgeous. It was like a huge Victorian mansion. Ohhh...I wish I had pictures. Anyway, we swam outside in the pool last night. We had fun.

So, today we drove to Savannah Georgia. A little out of the way...but I was dying to come here. I figure if we need to drive so far...we might as well stop along the way at places I want to see. Why waste the whole drive just driving, eh?

So, now I have pictures.

We ate at the Crab Shack for dinner tonight. This place was neat.

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If you can't see very well, that is a giant alligator outside of the restaurant. This place had real live alligators.

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Aren't they neat??? These are probably about a year old. (I learned that while living in Louisiana.)

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Poor Chloe was so tired when we got there that she didn't get to see the alligators on the way in. We showed them to her on the way out though.

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We ordered the Seafood Sampler for 2. It was sooooo yummy.

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One thing I am going to miss down here in the south are the annual mudbugs. (crawfish) These things are sooo good. I like James to open them for me though since they usually have eyes on them. These eyes are beady and stick out from the head...gross...sick...but the tails taste so good. What a great husband to open them for me and give me the meat.

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After dinner we went to the beach.

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I saw the biggest boat I have ever seen in my life. James thought is was nothing...but to me...it was HUGE!!

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You have to understand...this boat is far out on the ocean in this picture. It really is quite large.

A girl ran up to us as we approached the water's edge and informed us that jelly fish were stinging tonight. She then showed us her belly and her legs which were covered in hige welts. That was too bad. We were so ready to go swimming. It would have been my first time swimming in the Atlantic ocean. (Chloe's too) So, we just stood at the edge and got our feet wet.

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Chloe had so much fun. She smiled and grinned the entire time. I don't know whether she was happy to be at the beach...or just happy to be out of her car seat. Poor dear...strapped into a seat for hours on end. She can't even touch her knees while in the thing...I feel so sorry for her. Tomorrow will only be about 1 1/2 hours in the car though...so that will be much better.

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She sure enjoyed parading around the beach though. She had a blast. We also saw a lighthouse. We will be going back tomorrow morning to go up it. They were closed today.

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I have never been to a lighthouse before so I am pretty excited. This will be fun.

Do I have any crochet news??? Not much I am afraid. I crocheted a doily for my friend Debra before I left home. This was to say thank you for all the hard work she did for the makeover of my site. Go check it out. She did a fabulous job. I am very very VERY pleased with how the site looks now. It is completely me and reflects my style and personality. I think it is gorgeous. Anyways, here is the doily I made her.

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And a fun shot of it.

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This doily was unique in that the pineapples are crocheted in a ring. Then you crochet the center of the doily and attach it to the ring of pineapples on the last round...pretty cool effect. I sure hope she likes it. I did it in her favorite color purple. (my fave as well)

While sorting through my boxes from the attic before the packers came, I found a doily in my Christmas things. This doily will be added to my Anne of Green Gables 37 doily challange gallery. It was a doily crocheted by my Sister-in-law Susan for my wedding. Isn't it beautiful??

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I am so upset that it has some stains on it. I tried and tried to get them out. I managed to fade it a bit but it didn't come out. How disappointing. They are so noticeable too...but there isn't anything I can do. It is still a beautiful doily. I will add it to my gallery when I get settled in up north.

And the last thing I have to show you is a purse/tote bag I designed for my Fall Purse/tote swap. I had so much fun with this design. In fact, I am planning on making one for myself now. I love it so much.

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I really do love it...LOVE it. It was hard to part with it...but I knew I could easily make myself another one. So, I will. I am calling it Autumn Cables Carpet Bag. It is another one of my purses that features my crocheted lining. Takes a while for a tote this size but I love the effect it gives. (and I have been blessed with incredible amounts of patience when it comes to things like this)

Well, that is all I have for tonight. I need to get to bed so we can get started on our touristy sort of things early. We have a full day planned for tomorrow. All of which I hope to get pictures of to share with all of you.

A bit of bad news for everyone. It seems that I am unable to send emails while in transit. We can't figure out why they are not sending. So, if you have emailed me and are waiting for a response, please know that I have not dropped off the planet again. I am here...just unable to respond. Hopefully James can get this thing figured out before too long.

Have a great evening everyone!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons Why I Am Okay With Moving

1. No more humidity. (I don't mind heat...but I prefer more of the Arizona type climate)

2. Autumn is a nice time of year. I will get to experience it this year.

3. Aligators scare me.

4. I HATE bugs. (espcially those big GIGANTIC ones who think I have created a lovely home just for them)

5. Big cities can be fun...never lived in one before so that is yet to be decided but I have heard others make such claims and so I am counting on that.

6. I like change.

7. 2 years is an awfully LONG time to stay in one place. (at least it has been for us...lol)

8. New adventures await us.

9. I love unpacking and setting up a new house. Its like Christmas.

10. We get to see the sights on the way up...how neat is that????

11. New food and new restaurants

12. LYS's (I don't have any here and I really REALLY want to go to some)

13. The history of the east coast intrigues me

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Shopping Headaches

Yes, I went shopping today. ALL DAY!!! I left first thing after breakfast...took James to work and then went shopping until 3:30 in the afternoon. Talk about a long day. So, now I have a headache. Massive one too. It has been worse...about two hours ago I thought it was going to be a migraine, but I got lucky. No migraine. It will probably get better when I sleep. (fingers crossed)

One neat thing that I am proud of is my newest teapot. I joined the Tea Cozy Swap over at the Ville and so I decided that I NEEDED a new teapot to put into my new cozy I am to recieve. Isn't it lovely???

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Actually, NO!! Its pretty boring and plain. But that, dear friends, is exactly what I was going for. I have a teapot...a very cute teapot (sorry, forgot to take a pic of it...maybe tomorrow) and you would not want to cover it with a cozy. You wouldn't be able to view its cuteness. (just wait til you see this thing...pretty durn cute)

So, I also decided to practice making a cozy until I hear back from my swap partner as to the exact dimensions of her teapot. (don't want to get this wrong and have a naked teapot running around cause his clothes didn't fit) Here is half of my new tea cozy. (made to fit my new PLAIN teapot.

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You can't see it very well in the picture because I just finished it like 10 minutes ago...and well...its nightime. And you all know what that means in my house. NO LIGHTING!!! Better pic tomorrow when I complete the whole cozy. If it doesn't work for my swap partner than I think I will mail it to my best friend in England who just bought a house. I was going to knit her some dishcloths as a housewarming gift but I just don't see that happening anytime soon.

Wanna see why???


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That is my horrible attemtp at knitting a square for my Sampler afghan. Square number 1 done...19 more to go. If you were to look closely (please DON'T look closely...I only said "IF" you WERE to) you would see that I somehow mixed up the rows and so half the sqaure is done on the wrong side. I must have missed a row somewhere. The funny thing is, I kind of like the "back" side better than the front. If only I had done both halves the same...arrgggggg.

Also, you will notice that it is NOT square, but kind of funkly shaped. I am kind of hoping that I can block it somehow and when I sew all the blocks together, it will magically right itself. (I can dream big sometimes, can't I???) But for my first sqaure...its not so bad. I am a beginner knitter after all. (I did find baby sweaters alot easier to knit than a simply square, but then I am wierd that way. Easy things are hard for me and hard things come naturally. Go figure!!!)

More about my shopping trip. I got Chloe her book for her Book of the Week club. (Well, I got her two books...cause I just love books.)

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I love Dr. Suess' book "Fox in Socks" and so I thought this "Oh Say Can You Say" would be fun. I have yet to read it though...Chloe won't sit still that long. I can't figure out for the life of me why she thinks "wiggly sat on a figgly piggly for a giggly good time" boring...she's weird. (okay, note here...that is NOT in the book. Remember that I said I have yet to READ it.)

I also got some supplies for our upcoming drive. (which is going to be quite an experience...I don't know whether to be excited about five 8-hour days in a car with a 17 month old baby and a over 10 year old cat or to be petrified solid. That remains to be seen.)

One thing I decided might be a good idea is a little bed of some sort for Pattycakes to ride in. She would yowl the entire time if I put her in the cat kennel. (she hates that thing...and for good reason. Long plane rides and such...I wouldn't like it either)

Now, as some background information, I feel it important to share with you a little story back in our early marriage. We were into spoiling the cat very much. She didn't really care. She doesn't eat cat treats or play with cat toys. (unless it is catnip...then she goes a little bonkers for a few minutes) We found a wonderful little cat bed that claimed to attract cat hair as the cat slept. This would then, of course, leave less hair flurries floating around the house. (and our first house was linoleum the whole way through which meant we have a lot of cat hair flurries.)

Well, Pattycakes didn't take to her new bed and so James decided that maybe she would like it better if he placed it on top of her and trapped her in it. (sometimes he is just genius...this was NOT one of those times.) Needless to say, she never touched the thing again.

So, it was with great trepidation that I bought a cat bed for Pattycakes today. Memories of past horrors flooded my brain and I thought "What am I about to do to my poor cat???"

I sat in my recliner and placed Pattycakes on my lap. I then placed the cat bed right next to her while she laid on my chest...her bottom touching the edge of the cat bed. She didn't go anywhere so that was a good sign. I sat there for about 15 minutes just loving on her. (and stroking her hair into the cat bed with the intention of creating a "cat smell" that she would recognize as her own and then LIKE the bed.)

I then, gradually, moved the bed further and further up her body until she was half way in it. She was still content so I did the deed. I got up and placed her IN the cat bed and I walked away. Here she stayed for about an hour.

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Ahh...job well done. She likes it!!! I hope it works for the trip. Now I just have to teach James how to gently introduce cat beds to cats, since his torture method clearly did NOT work.

And now I leave you with the sweetest pictures you will ever see in your entire life.

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Chloe and her Daddy!!

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Good night and sweet sweet dreams.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Mondays Memories

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Have I ever told you about My Family's Trunk?

A few years ago, my father gave me a trunk that has been in his family for years. He told me that this trunk carried the luggage of my great-great-grandfather Anton Martineus Strand from Norway to America.

Now, this trunk has seen better days in its life. It is quite beaten and bruised. See?

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That is all the original fittings on it. Those black bits you see is the original leather that used to encase the wood. Most of it is now gone and by touching it, you would never know it was leather. It is so fragile.

Here is the inside of the trunk.

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As you can see...it is pretty beat up. All that paper is dirty, torn and falling off from the inside of the trunk. And to make things worse, it has been sitting outside in our carport for 2 years because James wouldn't let me bring it in the house until I got it cleaned up.

Well, yesterday, I got the ultimatum from James. He said that if its not fixed up and ready to go by Monday (when the movers come to pack up our things) then it is going to the dump. Nothing like a little fear to motivate someone to do something they have been procrastinating on for years.

So, I bought the fabric yesterday to line it and am now in the process of tenderly removing all the paper from the inside of the trunk. Doing so has proved to me that this trunk will see more use. It is still a nice trunk. Just needs some love.

I am planning on storing my crochted items like tablecloths, doilies and linens and such in this trunk. I want to start a hope chest for Chloe and crochet her a doily for every year of her life so that when she gets married, she will have plenty of doilies. Because anyone who knows anything KNOWS that you simply cannot keep house unless you have 37 doilies. Anne of Green Gables said so!! And if she said it...then its a fact!!!

So, check back later this week to see the after pictures of my family heirloom.

Beware!!!! of the multitudes!!!

This is your fair warning. This post will be filled to the max with photos. I have found that with my new (well...sort of new...been doing it for a year) love of blogging, I now take useless photos of useless things to share with strangers. What fun!!! And its not like anyone cares really, but its still fun.

This weekend has been extremely busy and tiresome and I am ready for it to be over...which it is...so THANK GOODNESS!!! Hubby is on this new kick of "getting things done" which in turn means I am to be getting things done right along with him. And crocheting DOES NOT COUNT...nor does any craft for that matter. No, this means climbing in attics, dragging boxes around, sorting through stuff and ending up with piles and piles of garbage. This is what I did this weekend.

It all started Saturday morning when James decided that we needed to get everything down from the attic. Well, amongst the things he brought down was my barrel of wool yarn I recieved a few years ago from a friend of my mother's. She donated it to me since I love all things yarn. Well, it has sat in this barrel for over three years simply because I did not know what to do with it. Why??? Well, its wool...and on top of that...its scraps. There were five half finished afghans in this barrel. Now a normal person would have suggested to finish these afghans and give them away. But I am NOT normal. (I think anyone who has read this blog for long enough could tell you that fact) Plus, there was no more wool of those color too finish these afghans.

Well, after three years of toting this yarn all over creation, I finally came up with a solution. FROG!!!!! Yes, I spent the better half of this weekend frogging these afghans.

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It took me most of the day on Saturday and half of the day on Sunday to frog and wind these afghans into usable balls. My inspiration for doing this came from crochetville. You see, in joining this forum almost a year ago, my knowledge has increased ten-fold and now I have all sorts of ideas of what to do with things. Oh...I love crochetville. If you are not a memeber and you crochet (or want to crochet) then you are truly missing out. This is the BEST place for all things crochet.

Anyways, I frogged these baby afghans (three to be exact...and two granny square afghans) and here is the pile they left.

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What a mess!! I even watched on of my favorite movies (Riddick) Saturday night so I would be motivated to continue this awful task of frogging and ball winding. I can say that I have a new found respect for those old timers without center-pull skeins. they did this EVERY time they wished to crochet since all skeins needed to be wound. I thought I was a patient and tedious-loving person until this task.

But I finished!!!! I did it and I am pleased.

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That is a lot of balls of yarn and that is a LOT of WINDING!!!! (and frogging) James kept giving me dirty looks the whole time I was frogging these afghans. He said that it was someones hard work and love that I was heartlessly tearing out. I gently reminded him that if it were someones "love" they would have finished them and not given me half finished afghans with no more wool to complete them. He relented to a dirty look every couple of hours instead of every five minutes.

While sorting out the boxes in the attic, I found something I wish I had found before Chloe was born. I guess this is the consequences of having TOO MUCH JUNK!!!

Check out this bonnet.

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It is in desperate need of a washing and this picture does not do it justice. It is a darling little bonnet. I think it was made with Jamie Baby yarn which is one of my least favorite yarns since it is so scratchy. I would never make anything for my own baby in this but it is cute, none-the-less.

And some baby booties. These are blue and white varigated (not a fan of varigated yarns) but they are cute anyways. I don't think I would put them on a boy though. The pattern is too lacy for a boy in my opinion.

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Here is some of the other yarn I uncovered in my sort out yesterday.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If you can see that creamy colored yarn in a bag on the floor...that is going to be a shawl. It is a mohair-type acrylic yarn I got at a thrift store in England and never knew what to make with it. There is plenty of it. Well, now I need to find a pattern. I don't know whether I should crochet one or knit it. I am loving this knitting thing but I don't think I have the expertise yet to knit a shawl. I started knitting on my sampler afghan last night, my first square, and there is a mistake that I now have to figure out where it came from. Thank goodness it is only on the row before so I only have to frog one row. But still...I have never frogged knitting before unless I just tear the whole thing out and start over. I don't want to do that this time since I have put about 2 hours into this already. (knitting is soooo much slower than crochet for me...but then, hey!! I am a beginner...I need some slack cut for me here.)

Why on earth did I start knitting this afghan??? Why do I bring these things upon myself???? Well, I will tell you why. I decided on Friday that I wanted to design a doily. Alot of people have mentioned to me that I should do this...and it seemed like a good idea. I even have an idea in my head for something pretty simply that I know I can do. Well, as if that weren't enough for me...I decided that it would be a marvelous idea to design it using size 80 thread. Yes....size 80!! That is not a typo. I have never used thread that small, nor have I ever designed a doily. But for some unknown reason, I though this would be a peice of cake. Wanna see how far I got before I gave up???

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Okay, before you all croak...that IS 4 rounds of my doily. Problem is, I can't really see what I am doing so I don't know if it looks good. I gave up and decided that when I feel like designing a doily again, I will be starting with size 10 thread. But my brilliant ideas didn't end there. (as you read earlier) And that is when I pulled out the Knitted afghan sampler pattern and stared that saga. Boy, do I get smarter or what??? I thought it was smarter, but I could be wrong. I think I am getting just plain silly.

So, it started with a size 80 thread doily, then a knitted sqauare for an afghan and when neither one of those worked, that is when I pulled out those afghans to frog. And, as you can see, the third choice (crazy as it was) is the one that worked and I got it done.

Amongst all that wool was the tool that made the three baby afghans. I have no clue what it is. (well, I have a little clue but I don't want to show everyone how stupid I really am...wait...I already did that...size 80 thread) I think it might be a hairpin lace tool. Do you know what this is??? And if so, where can I get instructions how to use it??? I think it made some beautiful afghans...just too wooly and scratchy for a baby.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And after tiring of the winding (which I DID finish first) I went shopping to see if I could find any good deals on afghans so I could do some more frogging. (see??? What did I tell you??? Silly!!) So, Sunday afternoon was spent at the Goodwill. Let me tell you that the thrift stores in my area are horrible. Simply horrible!!!! They had a hideous little grannyh square afghan (one giant granny square) that was probably two feet by two feet in a puke green color combined with Halloween orange. Can you guess how much they wanted for it??? $3.99. (no typo there either) I about walked out the store at that very moment. I could not believe it. It was made with gross RH super saver yarn (I can recognize that stuff anywhere) and this thing was the ugliest thing you have ever seen. The yarn wasn't even that salvagable. Do you know how much RH supersaver yarn you can get for 4 bucks??? About 5 times the amount used in this hideous thing. I do wish I had my camera with me to take a picture of it so you all could get the idea of this thing. My goodness.

Anyways, that was not the only thing that was way overpriced in this store. I ventured into the back to look at the crafting supplies. They had bags of threads. About 6 balls per bag. Most of these balls were just remnants. Think PK doily, then think leftover ball of thread from PK doily and that is what they were selling. (now I mean that you can see the cardboard tube these threads are wrapped on...that is what remnant means...not half used...mostly used.) Okay, now that you have an idea of what I am talking about, let me get you a price for these bags of threads. $3.00. That's right!!! $3.00 I can get a whole lot more thread for new at Hobby Lobby for that price. (especially when it goes on sale for $.99 a ball) What are these people thinking??? And the sad thing is that some poor soul will come in there with no money and buy this stuff because they think they are getting a deal and don't feel comfortable going in somewhere as "expensive" as Hobby Lobby.

I grabbed the best bag of the bunch though because I just CANNOT pass up thread...even if it is overpriced. The one I chose though, has most of the threads left on most of the balls...so I am thinking that maybe I got a good deal.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

But the deal that I am really proud of is my new doily. It was $.49 which is not that big of a deal but I loved it and had to have it. Since I went shopping, I needed to buy something to make my time worth it.

Here it is before blocking.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And then here it is after I blocked it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Stark contrast, isn't there. I am now in love with blocking. I don't think I will ever crochet another doily and not block it. It makes such a huge difference in the appearance of the doily. And here is my "fun shot" that I love taking of doilies.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I got another doily yesterday but this one is in some dire need of TLC.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I haven't blocked it yet as I am waiting for a board big enough. I tried washing it and it has a stain that won't come out so I may do some research on this type of thing. I loved the uniqueness of this doily.

Since my Goodwill shopping trip didn't turn up much, I decided to venture next door to Joann's to see what they had to offer. I found a crochet magazine that I simply HAD to have.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Why??? See that jacket on the cover?? That is to die for...I adore it. (the zippered front scares me a bit though.) But the REAL reason I splurged on myself and bought this magazine was this.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now they say that a picture is worth a thousand words...but in this case...my picture is horrible and so its not even worth one word. I will tell you, this skirt and tank top is stunning and I MUST have it. I must!!!! It is getting shot up to the top of my WIM list.

Joann's had a sale yesterday on boxes and containers. So, I got me one.

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This will be for all my little threads I will be buying in the future. (and all the ones I already have) I need more storage for when I get up north into a rinky dink house and so this was perfect. I love it.

These things were not my main reason for stopping by Joann's. No, I did have a purpose, and while I veered from that purpose for a time, I remembered and quickly got myself back on track. I needed fabric. And not just any fabric. Lining for an old trunk of mine. So, I found the perfect fabric.

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Now the trunk that this fabric is going to line is a story in and of itself. I will be posting on that later today for my Monday Memory. Check back in later to see it. Right now, I have a toddler in need of some attention. She is currently climbing in and out of my curio cabinent. What fun!!!

On top of all this I did over the course of the weekend, I needed something else. The satisfaction of a completed project. So,last night I browsed Crochet Pattern Central for some doily patterns. I found one that I liked and I crocehted it last night before bed. Here it is.

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And, of course, my fun shot.

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This pattern is called Pink Blush Doily and was made with size 10 thread. She will be added to my Anne of Green Gables Challange along with the other two doilies I bought that the thrift store.

Friday, August 11, 2006

A Party, A Present, A Package and a Cookie

Let's start at the top...A Party. It was my best friends birthday Wednesday and so Tuesday night we all went to Cracker Barrel to celebrate. She loves to eat. Her family loves to eat. We all love to eat and so it was a perfect party.

Here I am with my best friend Ashlie and her sister Laura. Don't we make a lovely group??? They are so glamorous and girly. I can only aspire to be like them. LOL...just kidding, I am very happy with myself. I do not have half the "sparkle" they have but just to honor Ashlie that day, I painted my toenails bright pink. They are cute and the perfect color for summer.

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We very rarely have our picture taken as a whole family. I think the last time this happened was at Chloe's first birthday party. (ummm...5 months ago???) Time before that would have been Christmas. We really need to get more photos of us together. Anyways, since we were all in the picture taking mood that night...here is a my little family.

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I am sorry for the major red eye factor but I have a new photo editer and I am trying to learn this thing. Its alot simplier than my last one. Its supposed to be more "user-friendly" but I am not liking it. I can't figure out how to do anything with it. I am used to my old one and I miss it.

Anyways, here is a picture of James with his best friend Nathan. They are two of the greatest guys you will ever meet. (and the goofiest too.)

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And for the record...he is taken girls. No requests!!!! And that's FINAL!!! He started dating my best friend Ashlie. Isn't that wonderful??? I sure hope they get married soon. I always knew they were perfect for each other. They are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet. They never judge anyone. That is a quality I love about them. And they are both loyal.

So, here they are together. My first picture of them together as a couple. Ahhhhhhh...

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Now on to the Present, since it was Ashlie's birthday party and all. Well, the really sad thing is, I didn't have it done by Tuesday. In fact, I didn't even have the yarn for it or anything on Tuesday. What an awful friend!!!!!

I finally finished the thing today. I copied my Greek Colomns purse only I did it in yarn. Now, as I mentioned earlier, Ashlie is a "sparkly" type person. You must add sparkles and shine to anything you give her. (unless is comes with it already) So, I present to you...Greece Gone Glam!!! My newest purse design.

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Think it fits the bill??? I have yet to give it to her so I have no idea if she likes it or not. I really REALLY hope she does. I bought her some pink nail polish and some pink lip gloss and some dangly (and sparkly) earrings to put in the purse just in case the purse is a flop.

A package!!! Yes, I got a package in the mail today. I ordered some MORE thread from Handy Hands Tatting. I am in love...simply in love. Lori, you have created a snob of me!!! I adore being a thread snob though. So what did I get this time??? I mean, sheesh...I haven't even used what I got last time with my GC from Lori.

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That pink is going to be something special for a special someone. That is all I am going to say...no hints and no previews. You will have to wait and see. I will say that it is size 80 Manuela thread. I have yet to try a thread this size but I have the perfect plan for it. (again, I repeat...no hints)

Now that orange one...is not really what I thought I was getting. I wanted a darker, more fall like color. It said burnt orange. In this photo it turned out more halloweeny orange. Now this might not matter to most until I reveal what my plans are for this thread and then you will have a heart attack. I was planning a dress for Chloe. And not a halloweeny dress...we don't celebrate halloween. It was going to be her Thanksgiving dress. I still will use it and hope that my plans will take away from the oranginess that is this thread. Think I can pull it off??? We will see. Maybe I should have stuck with brown. It seemed so boring at the time...but now it is seeming more what I need. Hmmm...what to do...what to do... Designers quandry.

And now the COOKIE!!!!! What news I have for you today!!! Big news. This should hit all the papers across the country by midnight!!! Chloe had her first cookie today!!! Her very first one!!! And since that is such a momentous occasion in the life of a toddler, I photographed it for the record. I DO feed my child sugar. (just not very often...you can tell since she is almost 17 months old and this is her first cookie.)


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...and After.

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Think she likes it???

Well, I need to get dinner going. I have no idea what to make. I was supposed to put a chicken in the routisseri but I forgot...got carried away on the computer again. (could this be the neglect my hubby is talking about??? Very well could be) So, I may just make some pasta. I am going to try a new kind of pasta. (well, new to me that is) It is Orzo pasta and looks like little grains of rice. I am just using the recipe off the package this round. Sounds interesting enough. We shall see what James rates it. He is a steak man. Give him a 12 oz ribeye and some Kraft mac and cheese and he is happy as a clam. Me, on the other hand??? I do not get any cooking satisfaction sprinkling a little Tony's and garlic on a piece of steak and throwing it on the gril. No...cooking for me, must take longer than half an hour to constitute cooking. (and even then, sometimes it isn't cooking) So, we will see what James says!!! Should be interesting.

And tomorrow I will have a picture of Chloe's book for this week. I really like this book and you will soon see why. A wonderful book by a wonderful author. (ahhh...how I love surprises...can you tell???)