Sunday, August 06, 2006

Crochet For Me Day!!

That's right. Its SUNDAY!!! My weekly crochet-for-me day. Lately (the past two weeks) I have done NO crocheting for me...NONE...on Sunday Crochet-for-me day. So, today I remedied that. And I betcha a million dollars you will NEVER guess what I crocheted today. (well, maybe not a million dollars...maybe one hundred...and you only get one guess.) Okay, I know most of you have cheated already...shame on you for scrolling down...shame, shame, you don't get the hundred. (that's okay, all the more money for me to buy yarn...ha ha)

Well, it started as a normal Sunday...and then somehow...these plastic grocery bags looked interesting.

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OH NO!!! What do plastic grocery sacks have to do with Sunday Crochet-For-Me day??? Let me tell you....ALOT!!!

I have been reading posts on the 'Ville about crocheting with plastic grocery sacks to make bags. "Ahhh...what a novel idea!" I thought to I looked up some instructions online (where else would you go???) and found some information on this peculiar sort of "yarn".

I folded the grocery sacks into strips...

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...and cut the handles and the bottom seams off. Then I cut those strips into little 1" strips. Once unfolded, those strips become little loops which I then looped together and made my long strand of "yarn".

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Then I wound it up into a ball.

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Do not underestimate the size of this ball of "yarn" is much larger then it appears in the photo. This thing was probably about the size of a basketball. Anyways, this whole procedure took approximately three hours. That is a lot of time to be "preping the yarn" for crocheting...but I am patient woman and so I completed the task.

I know that many of you are probably wondering how many grocery sacks it took to make such a large ball of "yarn". Well, lets just was a lot. Probably at least 30.

Now the debate, as I sat looking at my new "yarn" ball. Should I search the internet for a pattern using plastic bag "yarn"? Or should I design something. The designer in me won. Even though I have never EVER worked with this medium before...I felt that I was up to the challenge.

I grabbed my size "N" crochet hook and started a chain. This took some time. Quite a bit more than expected. Why I placed expectations on something I know nothing about is beyond me...but it was tough going. I trudged on....and on...and on...until I used up my whole ball of "yarn". I spent about two hours on this bag. (which is going to be a beach bag of sorts) Would you like to see my progress??? Please don't laugh at me, I have never done this before...EVER...

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That's IT!!! That is what I spent almost the whole day working on...and its not even 1/4 of the way done. One lesson I learned while undertaking this project is that you don't need to make a long, long starting chain...the bag was meant to be somewhat smaller (like a tote) but since I have no idea what the frogging process would entail, I declined that notion and quickly determined that the bag wanted to be a beach bag.

Well, I will be heading to the grocery store now...on a hunt for more bags. And I will be asking them to double bag my groceries. (for stability purposes, of course)

I also learned in the endeavor, that I much prefer the feel of thread running through my fingers. Plastic is not the easiest thing to work with. I think my next project using it will be with much thinner strips...maybe 1/2". It might be easier to use that way.

Regardless of these facts, I did enjoy myself somewhat and am pleased that I have given it a try. I am sad that I could not finish my project today but I will continue to work on it next weekend. (after my grocery store run...) I have some ideas floating around in my head for some other designs using grocery bags. How brave I must be to want to attempt this again. I will have to wait a while though as it kills my wrist and elblow considerably to work with this stuff. (again, something I think thinner strips might remedy.)

Well, I am off now to clean up the house before bed and finish reading a book. I am reading The Cat Who Went into the Closet by Lilian Braun. Very, very good series of books introduced to me by my mother. I am in love with these books. They are light reading and of a mystery type nature. I adore them. (and they have cats in them which makes it all that much more delightful.) I've got a big day tomorrow. My friend Ashley is coming over for breakfast and then we are going shopping for some winter clothes for Chloe. With the move up north happening in less than a month, I realized that it does start cooling off in September. So, I need to be prepared. That and she only have 5 pair of pajamas and that simply is not enough. Two of them claim to be 12 month pajamas but they don't even fit over her head and the arm holes are so tight around her upper arms it is amazing her arms are still attached in the morning. And Chloe is NOT a large child by any means. She weighs 19 16 1/2 months of age...she is off the charts completely. (at the bottom...not the top) Anyways, I think maybe these pajamas were tagged wrong or something.

Good night everyone.

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Reverberate58 said...

Well you certainly tried something I would have never thought of! But what a wonderful way to use up all those bags. I have hoards of them! We tend to use cloth bags when we shop but somehow still collect lots of plastic. I might have to give this a try!

I have been so intriqued by your PK doilies that I bought one of the doily books. So now I am awaiting it to be shipped so I can try to make one of my own. I am really getting into this.

Almost done with my current big one! Then I have a design for crochet heart edging I am going to put as a border on a quited table cloth I am making. So I get to work on two different mediums that I like at one time!