Tuesday, September 26, 2006

8 Years Ago on this day...

...the most wonderful thing happened to me. My darling husband said, "I do" and I said it back. Yes...8 years ago today, we were married. My father married us in my parents backyard. I wish I had some pictures to show you, but alas...I am STILL in this hotel room. It was a wonderful day...one that flew by quickly, as did these last 8 years. I cannot believe that 8 years have passed already. My oh my, where does the time go?

Today we will be celebrating this wonderful marriage. I don't know as yet what we will be doing tonight. We might go shopping. (and what girl does not enjoy shopping, pray tell?) This girl sure does.

I have asked for a few things and so we will see which one my husband decides I can have. This list is short. I would like some Cashmere Mist perfume by Donna Karan. I would like a new blender...and a good one. I love smoothies and such...and I need a new blender. (because then I can use the old "cheap" one to make paper...FUN!!!) I would also like a deep fryer. Our last one went caput...so we threw it away before we moved. I love my deep fryer and need another one. So, of those three things, hubby says I may have two. I would settle for one but he said two. So we shall see which ones I get.

I have no clue what to get him. He wants a miter saw...whatever THAT is, right???? I have a feeling just from the name of it, that this is one expensive piece of hardware. I wanted to get him some new cologne, but he would rather a miter saw and plus...I just got him cologne for his birthday. (don't you just hate it when holidays are too close together...shucks)

I have an idea to go to Baskin Robbins (since they have one about a 2 minute walk from the hotel room) and getting an ice cream cake...or something of the sort. We could light some candles...cook some microwave rice with some yummy frozen taquitos (hey...those things are actually pretty good...can't say the same about the microwave rice though)...it would be romantic. We could tummy tickle Chloe and call it a night. Ahhh....what fun!!! Doesn't everybody want to stay in a hotel room for thier anniversary??? What luck!!! I'm already IN one!!!

Okay, a little subject change but I figured I better tell you all the wonderful news. My testing forum is back up and running. All that hacking stuff and pictures and all is gone from both my site and my forum. Thanks to my friend Debra and her husband. Yay!!! Thank you guys!!! I really appreciate it.

I am teaching Chloe how to knit. HUH??? (you ask??) Yup...you may THINK she is too young...but really she is not. The first basic principle of knitting (and even crochet for that matter) can be taught to even the youngest of children. That principle is to Frog!! Yup...Chloe has learned the art of frogging. I told you on Sunday that I started knitting a square for my sampler afghan. Well, Monday morning I looked over and saw my little angel studiously taking apart the square. Tough work, I know...but she did it.

Not tp be discouraged though, I picked it back up again and am now a couple rows past where I was Sunday night. (which is not very far at all really) But then last night, while lying in bed waiting for the sandman to arrive (sometimes that dude is pretty late) the desiging bug hit full force. So, while waiting for Mr. Sand...I started designing a little something something...but I am not going to tell you what it is. I will give you a clue though...it is gender neutral per the request of some of my dear testers. (and any of them reading this will now know what it is since for them...this was a BIG clue)

I am having a little trouble with it but that will all be told when I am done and can show you what it is I am creating. (Oh how I love this designing thing) Well, have a wonderful day everyone. I know I will...as soon as dear James gets home from work that is.

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Lady_MSnow said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow...I thought being married for 4 years was a long time already, but we where engaged for over 2! I don't recommend that to anyone. Anyway...can't wait to see that "gender neutral" item. ;)