Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy Birthday!!!

Whenever my husband tells anyone the day of his birth, they always mention what a horrible and tragic day to be born if somehow, my husband, in choosing this day, has committed a terrible blunder. James casually replies, "It was a great day when I was born."

This always takes people aback a bit. Sometimes people even comment how hard it must be on him. But you see...the truth of the matter is, good things and bad things happen every day...all over the world. We cannot stop living when something terrible happens.

I will never forget September 11, five years ago. It was a bright and early morning in Phoenix, AZ and I was in my house by myself. I had just woken up and was getting ready to let my dog out to use the doggie bathroom (the big grass outside) when I noticed that she had used the linolium one in my hallway. (not the most pleasant thing to wake up to.) It was earlier than usual for me to be getting out of bed, but then it was my husbands birthday and I was expecting a call from him. You see...he was not in Arizona...he was in Texas going to school...and I had no way of calling him to wish him a happy birthday so patiently I waited for his call.

The phone rang as soon as I stooped over to clean up the dogs birthday present on my hallway floor. I thought it might be James...but it was only my girlfriend. She immediately told me to turn on the television and that we had been bombed. BOMBED!!! America??? No way. I simply thought she was kidding and so proceeded to tell her about Simba's accident on the floor. (Simba was the dog) Then I noticed the panic in her voice as she repeated what she had said and told me a second time to turn on my television.

I will never forget the very first image I was the Today show in New York reporting that something had hit the World Trade Center. They did not know at that time what it was...but as they had the cameras on the that very moment...the second attack occured and it was at that moment that time stood still for me. I watched in horrer as the second plane hit the second tower.

I do not know anyone who was in those towers. I have stories like so many others do of knowing someone who was there the day prior but I felt no loss that day as so many other have.

While I do grieve about this loss of American life and the travesty that happened on American soil, I must say that this day (September 11) is a happy day for me. You see...while something horrific happened five years ago, something wonderful and amazing happened 27 years ago. A miracle! The most amazing kind of miracle to ever happen on this planet to Jesus raising from the dead, that is.

It was the day that God breathed life into a little baby boy and He smiled because He knew the plans He had for that baby boy. Those plans were for him to be my husband.

So, for is a day of rejoicing and thanking my Lord for the miracle of life. Today, we celebrated 27 years of life...and Chloe joined in. (in her own little Chloe way, of course...the center of attention.)

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After an early dinner at Copeland's, where James enjoyed a VERY expensive ribeye steak, we came back to our hotel room for him to open his gifts.

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"What on earth is this???" is what Chloe is thinking...

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...and "ooooo and look at that purple was made just for me!!!"

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My father and mother got James a book on the area we live in so we explore to our hearts content. Thanks Mom and Dad. This will be wonderful. We love traveling. (but you knew that...hence the gift.)

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And I got James some gorgeously smelling cologne. (Drakkar for those of you who are curious) He had this one kind (thank goodness he ran out) that smelled horrible...simply I figured he might need a woman's opinion on how he smelled. I mean, after all, it is ME he is supposed to be attracting...NOT the mosquitoes. (or was he trying to repell them??? I am not WAS pretty awful smelling.)

So, we had a great day today. We also had our home inspection on our new house today so check back tomorrow and I will show you what our new house looks like. I also may (MAY is the key word) have a doily to show off as well. We shall see what the 'morrow brings.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna-

Just a funny story on the "horrible day for a birthday". Somehow, my mom thought 9/11 was her uncle's birthday. She wrote it in the calendar months ago so she wouldn't forget. Today she called him and her aunt was talking like this was an ordinary day. Mom couldn't understand why and asked if they were celebrating her uncle's birthday.

Nope, his birthday wasn't on 9/11. It was in April. It was their grandson's birthday today. She doesn't know how she got mixed up, but she's horrible with dates. Like James, he gets a lot of comments on the date of his birth too, and he also points out it was a great day for him, despite the bad things associated with that date.

Her aunt was going to share the story of Mom's confusion with her husband though because he'd think it was funny.

Anyway, I'm glad James had a good day. Good luck with settling down once you get a new place.


The Shrone said...

I seem to know a lot of September 11th birthdays now! My sister's is on the 12th--almost, but not quite.

Happy B-day to James! Virgos rule!

I have a special house-warming gift for you, too, so once you get settled I'll snail mail it to you. Don't expect anything "first place" so I hope you won't mind an "honorable mention" quality suprise ;-)

Lady_MSnow said...

Anna make sure you tell James Happy Birthday for me! I am glad that you are checking out your new "home" and getting to now it. I know anytime I move somewhere new the hardest thing is trying to navigate the side streets and finding the stores! Can't wait to see what you are making Chloe too!

busyHSmom said...

My mom's birthday is also September 11th.

And your new digs look great! I am sooo glad that you found a place that was nice AND affordable!!!