Sunday, September 24, 2006

Is the Third One the Charm???

We visited our third church today. I must say that this one was much MUCH better than the last two, although it did have some downsides no one said hello to us except two old men. And they didn't even really say hello to us...they said hello to Chloe. They even asked Chloe what her name which Chloe replied {stick my fingers in my mouth and drool down my arm onto mommy's shirt} I answered in her place. They did thank us for visiting but never once asked our names. Oh well, maybe next week. I think we will be trying this church again. The message was convicted me in many different areas and has given me alot to think about this week.

So, is this one our charm??? On the third try??? Maybe we need to try it THREE times??? Is that it? I don't know...but we WILL try again. We liked it enough to do that. Its not like there is a shortage of churches or anything. I mean, we pull up churches around our neighbourhood on our GPS system and we get about 30 withen just about a 10 mile radius of our house. So, we will be busy for a while if we plan to visit them all. (which we don't.)

So, I have actually been busy this last end of the week...crocheting and knitting. Yes, knitting. I did say that I wanted to knit my sister some dishcloths, didn't I? Well, I did. I knit her one yesterday for her housewarming. (since she bought a house this past summer...better late than never, eh?)

Here is the one I got done. It is a little lopsided and whatnot but hey...I am a beginner knitter...cut me some slack here.

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I also completed a doily that I have been meaning to do for months now. My sister-in-law got married last month and I never sent her anything. Shame on me...I know!! So, I got out my favorite designers book...and proceeded to crochet her a doily. Can you guess who designed this doily??? I will give you one chance.

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And a fun picture, because as you all know...I just love them.

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I really hope she likes this...because it will be VERY hard for me to part with it. I love it...NO!!! I ADORE it!! I think I will have to make this same exact one for myself...and soon...because I NEED it!!

I crocheted a little something for my secret pal. It needs some work though and I hope to get it into the mail either tomorrow or Tuesday. I really hope so. That is my goal at least. It is not blocked (which it desperately needs) and I have yet to weave in the ends. (shame shame shame)

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Silly me went and revealed myself shortly after I moved...all that moving and stuff had my mind all confused so now she knows who I am. But I am okay with that since we have become friends. I really enjoy her and it was hard for me not to tell her who I was.

It has been some time since I have posted Chloe's book of the week books. I actually went four weeks without even buying a book. So that means I got to buy four books all at one time...and these are the books I bought her.

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And then here is her book for last week.

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So, now I am all caught up and can buy her a new book this week. I wonder what it will be.

Well, instead of designing something new now...I got out my knitting needles yet again and am now in the process of knitting another sqaure for my sampler afghan. I think I can get this sqaure done tomorrow though because it is extremely easy.

Have a great evening every one.

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FruitfulSpirit said...

Wow I wish I was as productive as you in finding a church. We are really struggling with looking!

Your doilys are nice. I have been working on some of PK's designs and really enjoying the struggle of getting her stitches right. I have placed them on my Inspired Fruits blog. Check them out if you have time.

So you gave yourself away! Sometimes it is just too hard to keep a secret!