Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I've Neglected WIP Wednesday!!!

So, it has been over a month since I worked on my tablecloth for my WIP Wednesday. But I DID work on it Sunday of this week. Does that count??? Is it close enough to Wednesday to count??? Gosh,I sure hope so. I only did two motifs though. And although these were the bigger motifs (as opposed to the little "fill-in" ones) I do not feel that this warrants a picture. It is not my intention to bore you all with a photo of every single motif I finish for the next three years. (or however long it takes me to finish this darn might just be three years.)

I HAVE finished some other things I can show you though. First, I am very pleased to show you my very first doily design!!! I am darn proud of this one. I never thought I had it in me to design a doily. I fudged a bit and made it a sqaure...but I love sqaure doilies. I have never made one before but I figured it MUST be easier than a round one...right??? I don't know...never designed a round one either. to stop talking and show you the thing...

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So, size 10 thread didn't seem like enough of a challenge to me (am I kidding???) so I decided to use size 30 thread. (or could it be that the size 30 thread was left over from the other doily I had made and it is the only color that spoke to me when I was asking the very limited supply of thread that made it on past my husband's veto and into the car for the trip up here which one wanted to be crocheted and frogged and crocheted and frogged over and over again...hmmmmmmm...we will never know.)

So please don't mind that little thread in the picture. I forgot to weave in the ends before I snapped the picture. Now, try as I may...I cannot take another decent picture of the darned thing. Arrrggggggg. (okay...I watched Pirates of the Carribbean yesterday...please forgive the piracy terminology)Anyways, I am calling this doily Lady's Lace. It will be a free pattern on my site once it goes through testing. I am hoping this will make the October 1 release date...we shall see how fast my wonderful testers are.

The really bad new is that while working on Chloe's thanksgiving dress (which is coming along nicely, I might will want one when you see it...{hint hint}...AHEM!!) anyways...I ran out of yarn. Drats!! I know...I are "supposed" to buy enough yarn or thread to COMPLETE your project. I guess this is one of the downsides to being a designer. You just don't know how much you need for a project because you don't know exactly WHAT it is you are making yet. Or it could be one of the downsides of being a NEW veteran designer automatically know how much yarn they are going to need??? I don't know. Guess I will have to ask some. this happened over the weekend and left me wandering aimlessly around my hotel room, very bored and antsy. I had no idea what to do next. You see, I have a time line...and this time line is really cramping my creative spirit., out came my little box of the limited thread supply (see aboves explanation as to WHY this is limited) and this is what popped out. (well, it actually didn't quite "pop" took a little longer than planned...but here it is)

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What is it you ask??? Why this is my Vintage Dish Set. And what is that you still ask??? It is a dress dishsoap cover and a dish cloth/scrubbie thingie. I like it...whether anyone else does or not remains to be is a sight better than some of I have seen and I love the look. Very nice. I am thinking of coming up with another one in bright colors and vertical stripes. We will see how creative I can be.

Well, I recieved the lovliest little tea cozy in the mail yesterday. As soon as I pulled it from the puffy I thought 'hey...I recognize this...".

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It looked very familiar to me. But then I realized that the one I crocheted for my partner Twinnish over at the ville was PURPLE and this one is PINK. So, it is not the same cozy. But she did use the same scallop pattern from Cupcake that I used. I adore this tea cozy. It was very easy to make once you figured out the initial instructions. Thank you Twinnish. (if you are reading this.) I love it...and thank you for the delicious tea...yummm and the card. I appreciate everything.

One thing my dear husnband promised me when we moved up north was that he would take me places. We were not going to sit around our house and do nothing. As you may remember from some previous posts...he is upholding that deal he made quite nicely. This past week was no exception. He took me to see the Washington monument.

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Aside from the wet day that it was...we had a great time. My favorite thing that we saw was this church. It looks like an old English cathedral. It is in fact the place where Francis Scott Key died...and the church was built over that place. See...I told you living up north would be fascinating. At least to me it is...such history. You don't get this kind of history out in the boonies of the west.

And I leave you with a picture of me sitting at a fountain with my adorable daughter. It is rare that we have our picture taken together...I am usually the picture these moments are to be treasured.

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Have a wonderful evening everybody and thanks for stopping by.

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