Monday, September 18, 2006

Mondays Memories

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A Little Walk Down Memory Lane

I want to take you on a little walk today. I have not shared any memories with you all in a long time, so I will share a few things I remember from my childhood.

I remember when my father complained when gas prices hit $.90 a gallon. That seemed like such a large amount of money to me. (Now we pay almost $ where did the time go?)

I remember playing Sardines with my sister and our neighbours. (two my age and one my sisters age) Sardines is the opposite of hide and go seek. One person hides and then everyone else seeks. When someone finds the person hiding...they hide as well. The last one to find the person hiding is then the next hider. Fun game.

I remember another fun game. Lawn Darts!!! If you have never played this game then you are too young. This game was the best and now you will not find it anywhere but the St. Vincents thrift store. Its too bad really...cause this game was a blast. You place hoops on the grass and then stand at a distance with these two foot long darts and throw them at the hoops. This game was also fun to play war with...but that could be the reason they have been outlawed. {shrug}

I remember hanging out with my youngest older brother. He made up this cool language and had his very own country. He even designed his own flag. I adored him so I tried to copy him. My father built me a tree house and I sat up there for hours trying to sew my own flag and write my own language. This proved to be harder than it seems. You have to create sounds and then create letters for these sounds. I had fun, none-the-less. Maybe this is why I am now so good at learning languages and sounds...or I could be a right brainer. (that would be the side of the brain that sucks at math.)

I remember HATING to play Barbies with my sister. She could sit there for hours and have them kiss and dress and undress them and take them to the mall and such. I hated this with every fiber of my body. So, the way she got me to sit down and play with her was to allow me to sew them clothes. So, that is what I did. My mother would give me her sewing scraps and I would cut and sew to my little hearts content.

I remember debugging potatoes. My parents had a large garden where they grew every kind of vegetable known to mankind. (not really but I like to exagerate) Every summer it was my sister and my job to search for potato bugs and kill them. GROSS!!! (and everyone wonders where my phobia of BUGS came from. MOM...I blame you!!...just kidding) Anyways...that was really a horrible job. I will NOT be growing potatoes in my garden. If I ever do, the bugs can have them. I will not be picking them off.

I remember sitting in my grandmother's house and reading all her old writings. They had such beautiful handwriting in the old days. I used to sit for hours in her house and try to copy that gorgeous handwriting. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with this thing called hand-eye coordination. While this has no effect on my crocheting causes everything else I try to do with my hands to be horrible. ( name it...its horrible) Give me a needle or hook of some kind and my eyes can see that and my fingers fly. Don't ask me why...I didn't create me!! {he he}

Well, that is enough memories for today. Tune in next time for more...(if I can remember) Have a really fun evening everybody. If anyone is reading this from the Monday Memories Blogroll, can you tell me where I can find the new website? Thanks.


Reverberate58 said...

Anne I could swear I copied you on the new website. I am sorry if I missed you but so much was going on and you were moving so I guess things go missed! Glad to see you are back up and posting again. I will try to get by more often! I love Chloe in the last post with her mommy look alike bag. It is too cute.

Your Monday Memories is really neat. All the different things you remembered. I never liked barbies either but did love to sew for them! I have never heard of Sardines. Sounds like a really cool game! Thanks for the share and for stopping by Monday Memories once you found it. Hope you have a wonderful week!

busyHSmom said...

I remember lawn darts!!!! ;-D