Monday, September 25, 2006

Mondays Memories

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Another Little Walk Down Memory Lane

Today I will share a few more memories I have from my childhood years. I enjoyed my memories from last week so much that I think I will do this again.

I remember when I was a teenager we lived in this huge house built in 1914. To me this was ancient. I loved this big old house though and I hope my parents don't sell it even though they are planning on it in a few years. I really do love this house. One of the downsides to this house as a teenager was that it was heated by a wood stove down in the basement. This means we had to get firewood. So every winter, my father would bring firewood by the truckloads and we would carry it back and forth to a little window in our basement. This was originally a coal room where they stored the coal...but we used it as a firewood room. The little window opened up and it was the perfect size to throw wood into. My mother, sister and I would carry the wood and throw it in the window to my father who stood inside and caught the wood and stacked it up. Pretty old-fashioned, eh?

I remember walking to school for most of my childhood. We always lived withen walking distance. While living in Pheonix, Arizona, this wasn't so bad. But when we moved up north to the house I mentioned earlier...this was not so fun. It was only about a mile down the road (on the same road we lived on) but boy when it snowed...those snow drifts for pretty high. The snow plows would come along and push the snow onto the side of the road where we would walk...and this wasn't your nice soft fluffy snow. Oh no...this was hard and compressed and it really was like walking over lava rocks...mountaind and mountains of lava rocks. We survived though and I think are the stronger for having done so. (although that could be debatable)

I remember my first dog. His name was Murphey and no one liked him but we all loved him. (make sense???) I adored him but then again...I was NOT the one to feed him...NOR was I the one to have to chase him when he ran away...NOR was I the one to pay the fines when the pound found him before my parents did. He loved to chase cars too. Silly dog...didn't he know this was dangerous??? I remember one time we were riding in the back of my father's truck and he (the dog...not my father) decided he would chase a car that went by in the opposite direction of the way we were heading. He managed to jump out of the bed of the truck but alas...that was all he managed to do. He was pretty banged up after that episode...but this dog was brilliant...he didn't stop chasing cars. This dog was also strong. He could jump anything. In Phoenix we had 8 foot high fences and this dog could jump them. We would come home from church and there was Murphey sitting in the front yard, panting from his run to wherever it was he went when he had freedom and you could see the smile on his face and the twinkle in his eyes. What a dog. He loved freedom.

I remember going to my family's cabin in Oregon. This was where my grandmother grew up. This always fascinated me. There was a little one room cabin I was never allowed to go into because it was falling down and very dangerous. I have heard now that it has fallen down completely which makes me sad. I loved to imagine what it would have been like to actually live this way. In the main cabin there was a main floor that had the living room and the kitchen. The the upstairs was one big room with many beds in it. It reminds me so much of The Little House on the Prairie. It was fun to go up there for a visit for a week or two but I can't imagine living like that. They had running water...the cabin was placed by a little creek and pipes went down the hill from the creek and into the house and this was the running water.

I will share more memories about my family cabin on another Monday. Hope you all come back to read more. I sure enjoy walking down memory lane...


Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Very sweet childhood memories. I could see it all before my eyes.

Especially the happy free dog :-)

Though I think I skip the snowy road..... *brrrr*

Norma said...

Very interesting--especially about the home heated with wood. Great memories.

My MM is up.

Reverberate58 said...

Anna a wonderful story! I just bet the house you folks live in is wonderful! If you have pictures post some next time! I would love to see them!

My hubby's mother lives in the house her mother lived in. It has been in the family for over 100 years. I love to visit there and walk through the rooms filled with all the family antigues. And the old doilys, oh my, just beautiful. Ma's mother made most of them and they are beautiful!

Thanks for the share. Hope you have a wonderful week! My MM is up!