Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Ways To Make a New House a Home

You all are lucky today. Not only do you get to hear about 13 ways to make a new house a home, but you get double for your money today. (not that you have paid to read my musings or anything) In addition to 13 ways to make a new house a home, I am also going to share with you 13 ways NOT to make a new house a home. (all of these are tried and true methods by yours truly.)

Ways to Make a New House a Home.

1. Clean, clean and clean. Get that filth off the walls...all those drips of spilled soda that was left by the previous owners/tenants...all the grim in the vegetable tray of the fridge...all the lint from endless loads of laundry in the dryer that has never been cleaned...get it ALL out!!!!

2. Paint. Nothing says YOU better than the colors you like best all over your walls...and it says goodbye to the previous owners/tenants funky color choices. By the way...thanks Michele for the A and B options left in the comments on the color choices left from the previous tenants. While it appears that they opted for A in alot of the things they did around here...I think I am going to have to select option B for the painting job though...I can see some other colors through the white they had on top. (it seems they failed to prime the darker colors before adding thier one coat of white...see option A in the comment section below post "Introducing the Great Magician Anna")

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These are the color chips I chose to paint the house.

3. Get into your routine as quickly as possible. If your routine is actually a lack of routine (which can sometimes be a routine) then do THAT as quickly as possible. I don't know how you "non-routine" types do it but I have seen it in action and must say that you are are very good. If I didn't have a routine to tell me "hey Anna...time to scrub the toilet bowl" I am afraid that it would never get done. (so Monday mornings somewhere between 8:00 am and 8:30 am you will see me, pink rubber gloves on, lysol in one hand and a toilet scrubbie in the other)

4. Bake or cook. Nothing says HOME like a fresh loaf of bread or a yummy dinner in the oven.

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5. Receive a package in the mail. Unless you mail yourself a package (which kind of defeats the purpose of this exercise) you will have to plan this one out carefully to be sure it arrives in time.

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Just look at all the goodies I received yesterday!! Where did this package come from??? It is my reveal package from my secret pal for the Autumn Secret Pal Swap. The first thing I would like to point out to you is this...

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A blue ribbon??? Why would someone send me thier blue ribbon??? This is the question I asked as I pulled it out of the package. It was the first thing I grabbed...and then I pulled out two slips of paper that accompanied it. One was stating that something had been entered into the Virginia State fair and won First Place. Who on earth would send me their blue ribbon??? Are they bragging to me??? Well, in addition to that was a check for $5. They sent me their prize money too???? How curious!!! Then I noticed the name on the check. Anna Ness...and underneath of that was c/o Katherine "yada yada" you know who this is??? The lady I made a doily for!!! She was my partner for the doily swap!!! Remember this doily???

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And the fun shot (cause you all know me...LOL)

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Well, by this point, my brain was tumbersalting around inside my head. How on earth??? What is going on here??? I was confused and suprised and just plain "WOW"ed. First of doily...MY first place in a fair. To think that I had doubts as to whether I ever should enter anything into the fair. I used to as a girl and I always got first place (and sometimes second) but come on...I was just a kid...don't ALL kids get first place??? Now that I am an adult, I was sure the competition would be something I wouldn't want to mess around I never entered anything. FIRST PLACE!!! (can you see my confidence level rising??? If you can't...just get a little closer to the computer screen. There...did you see it??? Went up one whole notch since beginning this paragraph)

So, it seems that my secret pal is good at keeping a secret. Wow!!! I never would have guessed it was her. This was neat.

Here are some other things she sent me in this package (I hear that this was the third package though and I still have yet to see the second...oh will get here shortly, I presume.)

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You may recognize the fabric used in this hook case that you are looking at. It matches the tote bags Kate made for me in my firt package. (remember the cute tote bag with the little matching one for Chloe?) How cool is that??? Now I have a hook case to match. (and Kate...I would never believe that you are not a professional seamstress...I don't think I will be sending YOU anything I have sewn...LOL)

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And yet another doily for my Anne of Green Gables challenge. Yay!!! I can also tell that this is a PK doily. Am I right??? Isn't it cute?? And as if all this weren't enough...Kate sent me a PK pattern book I drool all over evertime I enter a craft store. You have no idea how many times I have picked up this book only to tell myself that I have plenty of doily patterns at home I haven't tried yet. (aren't the stores nice??? They have never made me purchase any of the books that are sopping wet from all the drool) Do you realize how many doilies are in this one book??? I am going to be busy for a long LONG time.

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Now, you will never believe what I am about to tell you...but I swear this is the honest to goodness truth. Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting in my chair crocheting and dreaming. (something I do while crocheting) I thought it would be nice to crochet up a bunch of snowflakes this next year and have a dainty tree next year covered only in snowflakes and little white lights. Wouldn't that be stunning??? I have had this dream before...only yesterday I started making plans to make it come true. I even had a book in my head that I knew I would buy the next time I went to a craft store.

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This book...Yes!! This book. Only I didn't buy it at a craft, it came in my reveal package. Isn't that weird??? Very very weird. How on earth did Kate know I would be thinking about THAT pattern book only hours before her package was to arrive? Very curious...she is tricky, she is.

Back to the 13 list...

6. You could always receive another package in the mail...

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Package #2 is a bookmark. I was in a bookmark swap a few months ago and I never recieved one of the bookmarks from one of the swap partners. Well, donnalynn2 was so kind as to send me a "rescue" bookmark. She is so sweet!!! In addition to the lovely bookmark (which I love that turquoise color, by the way)she included some beads. I love beads. I will find a good use for these beads. In has been in my little head for a while now to design something with wire and beads...we will just have to see where that idea takes us.

7. Pray over each room of the house. Yes...we do this. We walk through the house and pray that this will be a home that reflects Jesus. We pray that when another Christian walks into our home, they will feel at peace here. We pray that when a "stranger" walks into our home, they would see Jesus here and want to know Him.

8. Whip out a WIP. Ahhh...yesterday was WIP Wednesday. I was a very good girl and worked on my tablecloth. I got anothe 1% done. Man alive...this thing is going to take FOREVER to complete. I think I am a fairly quick crocheter...and I only got 1% if a tablecloth done. Either this tablecloth is HUGE or I am not as quick as I thought I was. (I am leaning towards the first option there.)

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9. Visit the closest craft store to your new house. I did this. Boy it felt good. Last night was my first visit to AC Moore. I have heard so much about this craft store and am very pleased that I had my first visit. And it went very well I might add. I made it to the candle department and the yarn department. Of course, I didn't make it PAST the yarn department...that is where I stayed until the phone rang calling me out to the car where poor hubby claims to have been waiting for 20 minutes. I swear I was not in there for 20 minutes. (I couldn't have been...could I have???)

10. Light some candles. (even the very ones you purchased the night before at AC Moore)

11. Enlist the help of a Fugly Yarn Basket. (they can be very helpful at times.)

12. Find a church to attend in the neighbourhood. We are still working on this one...but something in my heart tells me to go back to church #3. It just seems right for us. Ladies Bible Study, Awanas for the kids...convicting sermons...

13. Sip a cup of tea. (or coffee...whichever you prefer.)

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This is the tea cozy I recieved for my tea cosy swap about a month ago. Now it resides on my new tea pot. They are a perfect match, don't ya think???

And now...13 ways NOT to make a new house a home.

1. Do NOT tumble down a flight of stairs. I didn't do this personally...but little Chloe will tell you that it is NOT fun. (we gotta get a banister up.) It is not a fun thing to listen to about panic in a mother's heart.

2. Do NOT bang your head on the kitchen cupboard door. Again...this is NOT fun and will NOT make you enjoy your new house more.

3. Do NOT let the internet technician tell you that the problem with your internet connection is your brand new modem. Its not!!!! He needs to get out there and test the line and CLIMB THAT DARNED POLE...whether he wants to or not!!)

4. Do NOT leave your television on the just looks tacky.

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On top of that, its a little hard to see from that angle...

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One must implant themself on the floor to see any picture at all!!

5. When visiting the nearest craft store, don't (and I mean DO NOT) ask your husband to take you. This might seem like a good idea at the time (so you don't get lost and you don't have to drive) but trust me...its better if he just stays home on this trip.

6. When buying candles for the new house...Do NOT forget to buy something to LIGHT the candles with!!!

7. When purchasing a chair rail for the new NOT leave it outside in the rain. This does NOT add character to the only makes it warp. (and probably won't look attractive on the newly painted walls)

8. Do NOT keep the dirty magazines found in the basement bathroom.

9. In not even TOUCH the dirty magazines in the basement bathroom...use a double layer of rubber gloves. (they are dirty in more ways than one...gross!!!)

10. Do NOT drop your grandmothers glass bowl with metal lid shaped like a rose. It WILL break and this will NOT make you good. (in fact, it you happen to drop it on the ceramic tiled bathroom floor and it shatters into a million pieces, this may make you cry...not a good idea to try)

11. Do NOT walk barefoot in the basement until it has first been swept. (or even worse...walking in the basement in your white stockings...they won't be white for long)

12. Do NOT open the windows when the teenagers get home from school. Not only is it very noisy at that time...but the cigarette smoke filters in through the windows causing headaches. (I wonder if thier parents know they are smoking)

13. Do NOT (I repeat...DO NOT) leave the Fug alone with the aluminum foil. (remember the day we baked cookies??)

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Lady_MSnow said...

Those are great Anna. I might have to put those into practice if we end up moving again!

busyHSmom said...

Yowsa wowsa! You've got to stop making such long entries! How can I coherently comment on it ALL!!! In fact, now that I am in the comments section, I can't even remember what I was going to comment.

However, if that crochet hook case happens to just disappear, don't look at me. I won't know anything about it (heh! heh!)

Oh, and look at your hair! I had no idea it was so long a pretty!!!

busyHSmom said...

I forgot to say...that doily you crocheted is BEEE-UUU-TEE-FUL! It deserved a blue ribbon!!

Namuelle said...

Your tea cosy is so lovely !!! I love it !.
Nice swap !