Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"It's Blah"

As many of you know (and if you didn't, now you do) I love cooking. My favorite thing to cook is anything new. I love trying new recipes and cuisines. I just love food, I guess.

Now there are some things that I started cooking when James and I were first married that have stuck with us this whole time. Take for instance, Mac and Cheese Casserole. Simply cook up a box of mac and cheese (Kraft would be best here), throw it in a casserole dish, chop up some hot dogs and throw those in as well. Bake it for however long you feel like it but not too long (we like to go about 20 minutes before James is pulling the oven door down) and add some French's Fried Onions on top and bake it for another 5-15 minutes more. (again...however long before your husband or kids are tearing off the oven door)

So, mac and cheese casserole has been added to the "Menu" section of my new and improved "management binder" under the heading "TRIED AND TRUE". We have many other recipes under this heading...but I won't go into all those for you tonight. Just know that these are recipes we have eaten many times and both enjoy.

Well, about two weeks ago, I cooked some eggs for James on a Saturday morning. We like to have a nice breakfast on the weekends since on the weekdays, he gets up earlier than I do and his favorite thing to eat is "Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries" and I like my green smoothie introduced to me by my friend Debra. Back to the eggs though, before I get so lost on this tangent I forget what I was writing about. Eggs. Okay. So, two weeks ago on Saturday, I cooked up some eggs. I cooked them in the same manner I have cooked them for 8 years. I used the same ingrediants...even the same brands. Well, at the breakfast table, James took one bite of his eggs and announced that he didn't like eggs cooked this way. I looked at him and asked if I forgot to leave the onions out of his. (since I like onions in my eggs and he doesn't) Nope...that wasn't it. Wanna know what he said??? "It's Blah". That's it. Just those two words. What??? Blah???? MY EGGS!!! No...he must be mistaken. Anyways, he doesn't want them any more because they are blah. Do you want to know what he requested instead??? Fried eggs, sunny side up with salt and pepper. I am confused. My eggs with bell peppers, ham bits, tobasco sauce and onions are "blah" but he wants fried eggs with nothing on them???? Talk about one confused wife. I decided that he is just weird and left it at that.

Well, later that week, I pulled another "tried and true" recipe from the "management binder" (gotta keep saying that or I will slip up and call it a control journal and my mother does NOT like that.)So, we had mexican night and I cooked the yummy Mexican Rice that I love. mouth is watering just writing about it. Well, as we were eating our dinner, James announced that he doesn't like this rice. I gave him a quizzical look this time and said, "But you ALWAYS liked it before...its tried and true. The very next words out of his mouth was "It's blah." this is getting really weird.

This past Sunday I decided to cook a casserole for breakfast, only I started it the night before and put it in the fridge to pop in the oven on Sunday morning. This casserole had tons of yummy things all sloshed together in one dish. Well, Sunday morning, I couldn't get enough of this stuff. It was the tastiest dish I have had for breakfast in a long time. Bacon, eggs, cheese, bread...some other stuff I don't recall. Delicious. Well, James took a HALF of one bite and you can guess what his announcement was..."I don't like this. Not at ALL!!!" I rolled my eyes and before I could catch my tongue said, "Why?" I was basically able to speak simultaneously with James when he returned, "It's blah." Okay...this blah thing is going a little too far. I KNOW this dish is not blah. Its one of the tastiest dishes I have had in a long time. Is flavorful and just plain yummy. So, I asked James to describe "blah" to me because I was having a hard time understanding. "Its just blah" was his answer.

Well, that didn't help much and I have been thinking on this ever since. Why would he call these things blah? What is his definition of "blah" anyways. Its surely not my definition. Nor is it anyone's on because they all gave this recipe lots of stars and good ratings. So, what is blah???

This got me to thinking...James likes his rice plain with butter. He likes his eggs plain with salt. So while the word he is looking for may not be "blah", maybe he has a point. Maybe, I am putting too many extra things into the eggs and it is hiding the taste of the real egg.

This got me to thinking about my life. Am I adding too much stuff into my life? Granted they are good things...but too much of a good thing can be "blah", right? When I have my devotions in the morning, am I more focused on "getting it all in" than I am on the reason I am there in the first place? Hmmm...funny how plain or fancy eggs could bring me these kinds of thoughts. Amazing what God can teach you using everyday tools like eggs and rice.


Debra said...

My darling Sister in the Lord.. Oh what a way with words you have. I am so thankful to God that He gave you such a profound message through your wonderful husband.. I am so thankful that you were listening.. I love you sister!

busyHSmom said...

Very, very GOOD point!! Glad I don't know any women who try to do too much! Ahem! Cough! Cough! Choke! Choke!