Friday, November 10, 2006

My Daughter, the Sculptist

Is that a word??? Sculptist?? Sculpturist??? Statue maker??? I don't know. But it seems that she takes after me in her sculpturing skills. I have been asked to show pictures of Chloe's artwork that she makes during our weekly play doh sessions. So here we go.


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Betcha don't know what that is...see if you can tell now!!

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Still can't tell??? project...

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If you don't know what that is by now then I guess you will never figure it out. Why its a dolly stroller (push chair as they call it in England). Can you see it now???

Okay, I feel that I must be honest now. Chloe is not that good at her sculpturing abilities. And neither is the person who made this stroller. Mwah. was I who made this dolly stroller for my play doh session today...and just so you know... I posted the photos above in reverse. They were actually taken in a matter of about 10 seconds. Little hands are very quick at taking apart mommy's creations.

So, you still want to see what Chloe made???? Well, here you go. Aside from eating little knobbies of playdoh she swiped from my stroller, Chloe made this work of art.

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Now what do you think of that? Gorgeous right?? Its her little finger indent on the side there. She also took the doggie bone cutter (my sister gave me to make doggies biscuits for my old dog) and made a few little knicks in the mound. She is getting better. Her favorite thing to do right now is to have mommy cut bow ties with the doggie bone cutter and hold them on her neck with her chin. She thinks she's stepping out when she wears her "fancies". We will have to see how much she improves next week. Soon she will be making dolly strollers too.

I got a lovely little something in the mail yesterday. We had a game in Novemeber over at my pattern testing forum hosted by my tester and moderator, thread_zealot. This game was fun and I came in second to last. I just didn't have the time to work on it like I wanted to. But anyways, she made EVERYONE a prize. Here is what she made me.

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Isn't she the sweetest??? She made me a doily and trimmed it in purple and pink. I wonder why she did that...they are only my two most favorite colors. {smile} Thank you are very kind and generous and a wonderful tester.

A few weeks ago I crocheted a doily for Chloe's hope chest. I finally got around to blocking it yesterday. This one was a doozy to block. My goodness gracious. I think it was all those picots. They kept turning under and facing the wrong way. I tried for an hour and I still couldn't get this doily to form a perfect circle. I gave up.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting know what's next....

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I will be adding these photos to Chloe's Hope Chest Gallery. I will be searching to find her a chest to store these things in. So far we have two doilies...but I would like to get some other things going. Check this site out that my friend Lady Snow linked to on her blog. It has tons of information about hope chests.

I already mentioned to you all about the snowflake swap over on my testing forum. Well, last night I made two of the five snowflakes and blocked them. (I made the other three this morning but they are still blcoking) These are going to be awfully hard to give away. I love them.

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I say that with everything though, don't I. I always say that I will make one for myself and then I never end up getting around to it. Well this time I will. I WILL!!! I just know I will!!! (I am dreaming of that Christmas tree next year all done in white snowflakes with little white lights.)

Okay, I am off to play with Chloe before bedtime. Have a wonderful evening everyone. Thanks for stopping by.

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Wystful1 said...

Honestly? I would have guessed a kinda close I was. And a cute sculpture for sure!!!

I crochet a lot too. And I must say, your snowflakes are absolutely wonderful!!

What talents you two ladies have!!