Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Not Wip Wednesday

It was supposed to be Wip Wednesday today but alas, other things took priority. You will have to wait and see...its a surprise. {smile}

So, Saturday was supposed to be a big day for us. (what's with all these "supposed to's", eh??? Doesn't anything go according to plan????) Anyways, I mentioned that we would be visiting a petting farm with Chloe. Well, after hours and hours of downpour from the skies above ALL night, the farm was closed. They claimed the animals were too dirty and the show ground had 3" of water. They offered that we could come back Sunday but the only time they are open is right during church time. So, that was it for the season. Too bad. Maybe next year.

The other place we were supposed to go (another "supposed to" but this one actually happened) was to the Fall Festival at the church we have been visiting. Chloe fell asleep in the car on the ride over (the long five minute ride) and so we sat in the corner while she slept in the stroller for most of the time.

She was pretty young for it too. Everything was geared more for a 3-7 age group. But she played one game and won a fantastic prize. Take a look...

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Throw the ping pong ball into the miniature fish bowl. She did fairly well considering the held the bowl under her hand. It only took her two tries. And she won a goldfish.

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I named him Orange Juice. And the most surprising news??? He is still alive. It has almost been a week!!! He is a strong little guy. He has survived little hands grabbing him and stirring his bowl around. (sea-sickness CAN happen to fish...) He nearly got hit in the head with a wrench this afternoon. Quick little sucker...

Anyways, we took the advantage of the opportunity (the opportunity being that daddy was holding the camera) and got a picture of Chloe and I together.

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I want to let you all know...I don't just crochet. Some people tend to think that crocheting is ALL I do. (MOM!!!) I am diversified in various art forms. One of which is sculpturing. I love create wonderful works of art with, playdough????

See the beautiful creation I made on Friday in honor of the holiday season.

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Do you think I could sell this and make a million???? I didn't think so...but Chloe sure liked it. The little "carrot" nose was her favorite. I had to quickly take this picture because she kept grabbing it off the poor snowmans face and smooshing it. Oh well.

So, I have joined a couple more swaps for the Holiday season. Yay!!! (or OH NO!!!) I can handle this...I CAN handle this. I DON'T have too much on my plate. But really, this will be fun. I joined the Holiday Ornament Swap over at the ville and also the Holiday Swap there. I have my game plan in action and will have many things to show you all in the next month. In addition to that, one of my administrators at my pattern testing forum thought it would be fun to have a Snowflake Swap. So, I am now waiting to see who my partner is for that. I will be making tons of snowflakes out of the new snowflake pattern book that my Autumn Secret Pal KateCrochets sent me.

In honor of the Thanksgiving Season, I thought it would be neat to post 5 things I am thankful for each day. So here is my list for today.

I am thankful
1 ~ for sweet baby kisses

2 ~ that thorns have roses

3 ~ for blue eyes gazing into mine. (either James' or Chloe's...doesn't matter)

4 ~ for Jesus' Redeming Love

5 ~ for ESPN (so James will sit in the living room with me...instead of in the basement with the computer)

So, I didn't work on my tablecloth today. I will put it off for a couple of weeks to get caught up on some other things around here. I have a few new designs I am working on at the moment that have me sort of excited. I also released a couple new patterns for testing. Be on the lookout for those in the near future.

Have a wonderful day everyone. I hope you all can find something you are thankful for this holiday season.

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Lady_MSnow said...

Your sculpture is definately an original. ;) You are going to be so busy with swaps....Good thing you are fast at crocheting. ;)