Wednesday, November 08, 2006

One Thousand Gifts

God has blessed me with so much and I often neglect to focus my attention on these wonderful gifts. The past week I have been trying to find things each day that I am thankful for and writing them down...whether here on my blog or on my testing forum. I enjoy looking at the simple things in life and thanking God for those little things that make up my day. Things that would pass some people by as mundane but that God put into my life for me to enjoy. My little God Hugs (as one wise woman once put it to me).

So, here in this post, I will record the little "God Hugs" I recieve throughout the day. I will add this to my sidebar so you can check back often and see what God has done to shower me with love and blessings.

1 ~ It rained all night last night and this fact it is still raining. I usually do not enjoy the rain but for some reason, last night it was different. Listening to the rain brought a peace to my soul. I could hear the harmonious effect of the droplets knocking on my windowpane and I thought of the life that the rain sustains. The grasses the soak it up...the flowers that drink from its cup. It reminds me to drink from my Lord's cup of Living Water and get my sustenance from His Word. I am thankful for the rain.
2 ~ Rocking Chairs. I love rocking chairs. It is so peaceful to sit in a darkened room and rock your sweet little one who is snuggling against your chest.
3 ~ The colors of Autumn. They are simply breathtaking. If God brought me here to the north for no other reason than to show me His glory in the Autumn leaves than I am eternally grateful for that. It is reason enough.
4 ~ Internet friends who inspire me, encourage me, stand by me and draw me closer to my Lord by the words they write.
5 ~ Cozy blankets
6~ Sipping cups of tea
7 ~ Tummy rumbling laughs
8 ~ Sharing giggles with my toddler
9 ~ Recieving a kiss from my toddler
10 ~ The color pink
11 ~ The color purple
12 ~ soft yarn
13 ~ clean clothes
14 ~ the ability to smile
15 ~ My Bible (God's precious words written for me. My own personal love letter from the Almighty Himself)
16 ~ Crabs to eat
17 ~ miniature forks to eat crabs with
18 ~ moist towelettes to wipe fingers after eating crabs
19 ~ The thoughtfulness of my Sister-in-law who bought me my all time favorite series on DVD for Christmas. Anne of Green Gables.
20 ~ Garbage Men (must be a pretty drab job picking up other people's refuse all day every day. I am thankful they do it.)
21 ~ the sound of a cat purring
22 ~ Organic Milk
23 ~ ribbons
24 ~ curly hair
25 ~ slippers
26 ~ bathrobes
27 ~ bubble baths
28 ~ My husband's generosity
29 ~ My sister-in-law's gift of discernment
30 ~ soft carpet
31 ~ God's precious teachings
32 ~ God's tender mercies that are new every morning
33 ~ God's acceptance of me no matter what I do. Even if I never lifted a finger again the rest of my life, God would still love me and accept me and smile at me.
34 ~ Long Hugs
35 ~ tickets to the Ice Capades
36 ~ Scrapbooking with friends
37 ~ God's blessing on my business this last month
38 ~ Homemade bread
39 ~ Children's Tylenol
40 ~ Vacumn Cleaners
41 ~ Automatic Dishwashers
41 ~ Having new friends over for dinner and realizing how much we have in common
42 ~ My meal for those friends turned out great and they loved it
43 ~ Beautiful banister built by my Husband
44 ~ Watching snow flurries falling from the sky
45 ~ The smell of Strawberry/Rhubarb candles
46 ~ My sense of smell
47 ~ My fingernails
48 ~ Flaxseed
49 ~ Kitty cat kisses on my nose (except when I am sleeping)
50 ~ New playmates for Chloe
51 ~ The prospect of new friends
52 ~ A good church home
53 ~ writing utensils
54 ~ Stationary...especially the pretty kind
55 ~ Roses
56 ~ pink toenail polish
57 ~ The fragrance of Lilacs in the spring
58 ~ Books to delight in
59 ~ Fun movies to watch
60 ~ Elephants
61 ~ Fingers
62 ~ cool breezes
63 ~ eskimo kisses
64 ~ blogging friends who encourage me in my walk with the Lord
65 ~ God is blessing my business and growing it
66 ~ Through my blog and my writing, God is drawing hearts of ladies closer to him
67 ~ dresses
68 ~ lace
69 ~ carpet
70 ~ apple juice or grape juice
71 ~ baking soda doesn't give me headaches when I clean like harsh chemical cleaners do
72 ~ bubbles
73 ~ sweets (like candy, cakes and cookies)
74 ~ Endless amounts of recipes for me to try
75 ~ pillows
76 ~ The letter q. I love that letter. It makes me laugh.
77 ~ my wooden TOTC hook. It is gorgeous.
78 ~ I am thankful that today I am a better person than I was yesterday and that tomorrow I will be a better person than I am today...all by the grace of God.
79 ~ birthday parties
80 ~ birthday cake
81 ~ good christian music that uplifts my soul
82 ~ free china cabinents
83 ~ beautiful teacups and teapots to bring me pleasure
84 ~ strollers (to push children in)
85 ~ butterflies
86 ~ flowers in my garden
87 ~ I actually grew vegetables and fruit that we can eat
88 ~ a digital camera
89 ~ my laptop computer
90 ~ my crochet hook collection
91 ~ my knitting needle collection
92 ~ that God meets me in prayer whenever I call his name
93 ~ phone conversations with old friends
94 ~ fun purses
95 ~ shoes
96 ~ the glove on my hand that helps prevent my carpel tunnel syndrome from getting worse while I crochet
97 ~ a washing machine (I can't imagine washing diapers by hand)
98 ~ toddler fingers and hands (they are so small but are so busy)
99 ~ puzzles and games to play with family
100 ~ puppets (they are so fun to play with Chloe)

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