Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Facts About Floods

In light of some recent events in my life (recent as in as in ONE) I will issue this declaration of 13 things I have learned today about floods. (or facts about them which I happen to think might be worthwhile for you to know.)

1) Lots and lots of rain causes floods. When you look out the window, this type of rain actually looks like a blizzard. (that is a LOT of rain, by the way) Sometimes other kinds of rain can cause flooding too...but that is beside the point really so I am choosing not to make it. Just ingore that point.

2) Never leave your basement door open when this type of rain starts up. (even just a crack will cause flooding) In fact, its a good idea to never leave your basement door open anyways. Should you have a husband who tends to leave the door open, it might behove you to gently close it behind him.

3) If you do not have flood insurance, damage to your belongings (and house) will not be covered. A home warranty might come in handy at this point in time and should be considered. They will come fix the problem (if there is a problem) but they still won't replace the cross stitch picture of a bear sitting on the toilet or the stack of home improvement magazines left on the floor. And don't forget the deductible for that home warranty. Is it really worth it???

4) It might be a good idea to turn on the sump pump when such aforementioned rain occurs.

5) You should also make sure the sump pump is working properly. This can and WILL make a difference.

6) Another great idea is to KNOW what a sump pump is...

7) When two inches of water fill the unfinished basement, the drywall will get soaked and will need replaced. This is not a pleasant thought. (not pleasant at all)

8) Quite a few years ago, the whole earth was completely covered in water. Now THAT is a lot of rain. (I wonder what that looked like if this looked like a blizzard and it only covered 2" of my basement...hmmmmm)

9) Cardboard boxes disinegrate when wet. Do NOT pick up a box whose bottom is soggy. This will result in an even bigger mess then the one you are cleaning up. (Especially if that box contains a bunch of nails and screws)

10) Old nyion brooms do not sweep up water very well.

11) If the basement floor was not swept in the past 5 years by the previous owners, you will have mud when it fills up with 2" of water. (GROSS!!)

12) Flooding of the basement can be a good thing. It causes the homeowners to finally de-clutter thier belongings and organize the whole area much better.

13) *NOTES to SELF* - Install new basement door that actually shuts and be thankful my bedroom is up on the third floor.

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Kate said...

Oh, Anna! Yikes. I am so sorry (assuming these thirteen facts are not just some sort of huge hypothetical situation). What a terrible situation! Wishing you the best as you dry out...

The Shrone said...

Oh my! I guess some of the rains we've been having made their way to you. I'm sorry :-(! Thankfully, when it rains as much as it has, our basement only gets a little seepage. If we wanted to seal it up, we could, but don't care for the expense of it. We just don't store anything in the areas that get the puddles.

I hope you didn't lose too much of your stuff! That has got to be a major pain! I hope too that you won't get mildew or mold now. That can be a lot of work to get rid of.