Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Half a Prayer Answered

Yesterday I asked you all to send up a little prayer for speedy hooks and silky yarn. Well, it would seem that half of that prayer was answered. I amaze even myself sometimes. Take a look at what I made today. (and yes...ALL of them were made today.)

First I made this little shrug for my neice. I adore this pink color...its sooo girly. She is a few months younger than Chloe. (3 months younger to be exact) I can't wait to see her in this shrug.

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It is my Sweet Decadence Shrug for Babies that can be found on my site. I used Lion Brand 3 ply yarn for this though instead of the Royale fabric thread I used for Chloe's last year. It turned out cute...but this was where I learned that the second half to my prayer was not answered today. This yarn was rough, in fact, I could feel my fingers chaffing as I crocheted. (not a good DOES hurt.)

No silky yarns to be found anywhere for me today. Nope. I even got out one of my faves (Sugar and Cream Kitchen cotton) and it too was like crocheting with hemp. ( it wasn't THAT bad, but I am sure you can imagine what this felt like after the rope Lion Brand "thinks" is baby yarn.) I was still able to cruise through a sweater for my nephew with this "hemp". (which is natural like cotton so I guess technically they are in the same class???)

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This is the largest of the two sweaters I am making for Christmas gifts so I am glad it is now out of the way. (it was a 24 month size) I again used my own pattern Cables of Winter from my site. (love this quick and nephew will be the envy of all. {grin}) Don't you just love those buttons? Can you even see the buttons in the picture??? Oh looks as if I need to get some close-ups for you tomorrow. They are the cutest little train buttons. My sister informs me that my nephew has a thing for trains. (and what auntie doesn't induldge in thier neices and nephews whims???)

I did have time for one more project today. While not as substanionally large as the last two still is worth mentioning. I designed a little head wrap for my neice. (older neice...pre-teener type)

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I know I said I wouldn't show you all any designs until they were for sale on my site...but come on...its Christmas. And if I waited til this pattern was on my site, it would be after therefore it wouldn't be in my gallery. (and I wouldn't want any of you thinking that I left someone out because their gift wasn't pictured.)

So, neither James nor I think this is enough as a tomorrow I will be designing a wrist wrap thingie to go with it. Now all these pictures will also be added to my gallery so someday you can take a peak and see how far I have to go til completion. (the race is on!!!!)

Okay...I am I need some sleep so I can crochet tomorrow away as well. I am on a roll!!!! Do you think I can do it now??? Did you doubt??? Well, I think I have washed away some doubt today. (of course, don't mention that I doubt myself...I get tired of this sort of we shall see if I can continue at this pace without a dress or doily for myself thrown in there somewhere. Have a great evening everyone!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great Job Anna...knew you could do it....Will be waiting to see what you do today. ;)