Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Loss of My Site.

Not my sight...but my site. Yes, my website is down. We had experience some difficulties this week including the loss of my forum for about 3/4 of a day. Well, it would seem that I have outgrown my current server and so I was forced to opt to find my own server.

This means I now have to start paying for my website hosting, but while I have that added expense it also means that I will be able to do my own updates. My friend Debra has done a wonderful job with my site and I am grateful to her for all the love and soul she has poured into my site. But there must always come a time to close one chapter of a story and open the next. There is sadness in the close of one... but there is excitement and joy in the thrill of the unknown that is about to happen in the next.

Debra and I have become dear friends and I hope to maintain that friendship. If you ever want a gorgeous site built, you really must consider her as your website builder. She is delightful to work with and I am sure you will make a charming friend in the meantime.

So, the other night I ordered a website hosting package which I feel will work best for me. The site was supposed to have been transferred over easily and quickly but alas...that has not been the case. Yesterday morning the site went down and has not come back up. I am working with the hosts on this but I have not recieved any emails giving me any sort of information. Only that my messages have been forwarded to this department or that department.

So, in the meantime, I wait...and crochet. I will keep everyone updated here on my the hopes of the slight chance that my dear testers will read it and not be alarmed at the missing forum. I hope that it will come back up today...but that is only a hope. I have no word from anyone regarding this so I am sort of lost.

In crochet news though....I have finished a few items but I will show those to you in another post at another time. I will mention though that I have quit making Christmas gifts. I had a couple more to make but I stopped. The last three neices and nephews are going to have store bought gifts. They are from the side of the family that doesn't really like homemade gifts anyways and my own little family was starting to suffer from the lack of me (with all the crocheting I was doing) and so the decision was made after consulting James on this. He was perfectly fine with it. This means I am done.

Now, me being the sort of person I am...this does not mean that with my free time I have nothing to do. Quite on the contrary. It filled up rather quickly with other things. So, I am going to make Chloe a little cradle purse for Christmas. I bought her a tiny little doll to put in it when I get it done. We talked about it and we thought it would be a fun tradition in our family for James and I to each get a seperate gift for Chloe each year. We will get her a couple of things from the both of us, but then she will get something from JUST mommy and something from JUST daddy. I think that will be special. So, my gift to her is the cradle purse. You will have to wait until Christmas to find out what James is getting her. (don't ya just love surprises and suspense????)

So, I am finishing up a couple of Holiday RAOK's for the ville today and then I will get to working on Chloe's cradle purse. There is only one pattern on the internet that I can find. I am debating whether I should just make her this one...or to design my own. I was thinking one in thread would be stunning. I just don't know if now is the right time for me to tackle this project. I am so busy between now and Tuesday. (when we fly out west for Christmas) I have a scrapbooking crop to go to this evening. It will be the first time I have left Chloe with James to go do something girly and fun. I am nervous and excited about it. I have left her with him once before when she was about 5 months old so I could go grocery shopping by myself but other than that, I haven't left her with him. (or anyone for that matter.) We have left her once with James sister for Valentines Day last year...and then before we moved we left her with my best friend's mother so we could go out with our best friends for an evening. A couple of weeks ago we put her in the nursery at church so she has been there twice now. That is all we have ever left her before. So, you can see why I am a bit nervous today. But I feel that it is time. I need to get out and get refreshed with some girl time. I don't know the lady whose house I am going to very well...I only just met her a couple of weeks ago. But she seems nice and I think we are kindred spirits. Tonight will tell.

Well, I must be off. I have a desire to finish a doily I started, crochet a bookmark and finish a bonnet I started for Chloe. (a new design going into testing VERY soon.) Have a wonderful day everyone. I know I will!!!!


Deborah said...

Anna I will keep looking here for updates was wondering what happen when I couldn't get on I miss all my friends there keep us posted. Love ya and miss you and can't wait to get back on there.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to "hear" of an update and to know that you haven't dropped off the face of the earth. ;) Can't wait for the site to be transfered and I am so sorry it didn't work like you had hoped. I really hope it is back up I miss it greatly. Glad to know you are finished making gifts...I think you would have almost gone off the deep end if you would have kept it up! ;)

Brae said...

Keeping an eye on the updates, Anna! I hope things will be running smoothly for you soon.

Misty..mom4x said...

Anna I am so glad you got to do something fun tonight.. Mine fell through:( Well I am constantly checking the site..I'm having serious withdrawls
Well this insomniac is off to try and crochet myself to sleep..

Anonymous said...

Glad to know you are ok. I'll keep checking here too, to see when the new site is up. Was wondering why I couldn't get into the fourm, then it disappeared altogether. Hope you have fun crocheting in the meantime :-) Stacey