Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Holiday Foods I Find Yummy!!!

With all these Christmas gifts I have been making lately and the Christmas cd I have been playing, I am beginning to find myself in the Christmas spirit once again. I love this time of wait...I ADORE this time of year!!! It is one of my favorites. (this and Easter and my birthday and James birthday and Chloe's birthday)

Anyways, we get to go home for Christmas this year (Home being Washington state) and this has me really excited. As the day to fly out nears (that day would be December 19) I find the excitement building...anticipation of the wonders of Christmas and family ties and joyous celebrations of our Saviours birth flood my heart. (and this is the first time since I was in the 8th grade that my WHOLE family will be together in one place at the same time...and just in case you were wondering...that would have been about 14 or 15 years ago. A long time to not be together.)

So, in light of this excitement, I thought I would post 13 Holiday Treats I am really looking forward to this Christmas when I go home.

1) Turkey. (what's Christmas without turkey???)

2) Mashed potatoes and gravy. James doesn't like mashed potatoes and it seems kind of silly to make them for just me so I don't get them very often. (and you all wonder why I wasn 13 kids...its so I can eat mashed potatoes every night!!!!)

3) Fruit Salad (always been a favorite of mine)

4) Olives. For some reason olives taste different at Christmastime. They seem much more special. I guess God gives them an extra bit of shine like He does everything else during the season of His Son's birth.

5) My mother's chocolate mint cookies. These things are heavenly.

6) Divinity. If ever God had a favorite candy, this would have to be it. It really is divine.

7) Pumpkin Cookies. The kind with the butterscotch chips in them. Oh...they are soooo moist and sooooo yummy and soooooo good. (Please Mom!!!! Can you make me these??? or maybe I could make them myself when I get there???)

8) FUDGE!!! No Christmas is complete without fudge. It is a staple of the Christmas season.

9) Eggnog. Now I know many of you are saying "Yuck!!!" right about now...but I think eggnog is up there with divinity. maybe not divinity, but it rates at least as good as mashed potatoes, if not pumpkin cookies.

10) Whipped Cream. The homemade kind. (although cool whip will do in a pinch) I can literally eat this with a spoon. It must have sugar in it or something because it is sooo good. While this may not be God's treat of choice, I do believe the angels choose this one. It is so light and fluffy like clouds.

11) Stuffing.(or dressing) There isn't anything like some good homemade stuffing cooked inside the turkey. (none of that pre-packaged stuff cooked in water for 10 minutes for me...oh no...stuff that big bad turkey and make it right!!!!) No Holiday meal is complete without the stuffing.

12) Green Bean casserole. Now this is not something I grew up eating. My mother happens to find this a very boring dish that is what poor people eat every night of the week. I don't really know what she is talking about since I never grew up eating it. But while living in the south (where this is a staple) I have found that I do love it at Christmastime. So I am hoping that I can talk my mother into letting me make some for our Christmas dinner.

13) Pumpkin pie. Or any pie for that matter...but traditionally you must always have pumpkin pie. And since we already have the whipped cream (see above) we are set.

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas. God bless you this season as you remember His Precious Son's entry into the world as one of us.

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The Shrone said...

I didn't know about green bean casserole until my teens, when my dad remarried and my stepmom made it. I was hooked! Now I have it for the holidays since Pooky isn't fond of eating it.