Saturday, December 09, 2006

Two More Down...a Billion to Go.

At least that is how I feel right about now. Next year we are DEFINATELY going back to one family per month for the whole year. Making ALL your Christmas gifts in Decmeber is just, plain silly. I don't know why I decided to do this. Maybe I thought it was brilliant...or that it would be fun. Well...maybe it IS fun...but its also a little hectic. be organized again in my projects. I miss it. I WILL get back there...I will!!!

But I did finish two more gifts today that I thought I would show you quick-like before I "hit the rack". (my husband's phrase for going to bed)

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I made the torquoise set and the lavender set today. (the pink one was from the other day) Anyways...these are too cute. I love them. AND, if you want to test them, they will be going into testing in a day or two so come sign up on my forum and read the rules and you too can be a tester. {smile}

I also started another Sweet Decadence Shrug today for one of my neices. I have one arm done. I hope to work on it a tad more before I "hit the rack" but that all depends whether my dear hubby wants me to "hit the rack" at the same time as he does. We kind of don't really know who waits for who each night. I am here crocheting or typing on the computer (in other words...doing things) and he is down on his computer or working with his tools (in other words...doing things) and we both claim we are "doing things" while waiting for the other person to go to bed. I think we are secretly hoping the other person will just "do something" for a little while longer so we can finish "doing" whatever it is we are doing.

Anyways, so I will work on this shrug is hubby "does" something for a little while longer. We really should go to bed is late and we have church in the morning. But...oh...I am so behind on these gifts...just a few minutes more won't hurt, right???? (thanks for your vote. I KNEW you would let me!!)

Have a great evening everyone.


Norma said...

Hmmm. I don't care how many months in a year, I couldn't get this done. But I really admire people like you who do. When I unpacked my Christmas stuff I always enjoy most the homemade things my mom and sister gave me. You're stitching up memories.

My Monday Memories is up--looking at family things in a book case. Check here.

Anonymous said... are making progress, but I think you are right to go back to working on one family a month. I am amazed on how much you are getting done!

Andy's Crafts said...

I start in January LOL!