Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well, I have been home exactly a week from our Holidays back home. It is soooo great to be home. Alot has happened since my last post. (which was a bit of a scare post too) I had posted when my whole site went down and alas, I have not been able to post since. Well, that is not entirely true. I could have posted this past week only I had too many other things on my mind.

So, the good news is that my site and forum are now back up and running. They both came back up right before we left town 3 weeks ago. I worked like mad just to have everything up before we left town.

Isn't it sad when expectations aren't met? This is what happened while I was out of town. Many MANY things did not go as planned. I will not get into some of them since some of them hurt too deeply for a mere mention on the internet to perfect strangers. But some of them are trivial enough that it doesn't matter.

One such expectation was that when I made my previous post about keeping everyone updated on my blog about my website that I would be able to keep this expectation. Little did I know just how busy I was going to be when I was home for the Holidays. I also forgot that my parents computer, for some weird and unknown reason will not let me log onto my blogger account. So, for two weeks, I had no way of posting here.

Another such expectation was that I would have loads of free time during which to design a few new patterns. No such time was found. I spent most of my time cleaning and cooking and preparing for the Holiday rush. It was fun but alas, my business suffered for it.

And yet another expectation was that I would be able to type up some new patterns and get them into testing while on my "vacation". Well, funny thing happened. That expectation was not met as well. Nope. You see, for another unknown reason, my dear husband decided to take my computer with him on his visit to his family. I had NO access to my computer, my files nor my emails. Uggg!!! And with him being almost 2 hours away, there wasn't any chance of getting him to bring the computer to me. So, no patterns got designed or typed. No emails got sent. Nothing got done in the way of business for me. But I did have fun with my family and that is what matters.

My WHOLE family was home for Christmas. This is important. Let me explain. It is the first time since I was a girl that my family has all been in one place at the same time. The last time was at my older brother's wedding when I was in the 8th grade. Oh my, how time does fly. The neices and nephews are all getting older...which in turn suggests that I am getting older too. A thought I don't like to dwaddle with for too long. I let it pass by zippity ziplike real quick.

And now we have a New Year upon us once again. Why is it that the years go by so much faster when you are old enough to enjoy them at a slower pace? When I was young they just seemed to go on forever and ever...and I wanted them to go by fast. Puzzling.

With this New Year, James and I have come to some agreements. Not neccessarily "resolutions" but just agreements between the two of us. One such agreement comes in the form of Saturday adventures. We have decided that every Saturday of the month we will work on the house together. Every Saturday, save one. The first Saturday of the month is reserved for a special adventure. We will traverse the world around us and explore what there is to explore.

So, last Saturday was our first such outing. We picked up a book that my parent's sent James for his birthday this past year...a Foder's book of the area and we picked a place we both thought looked cool and we drove there. This month we went to Ft McHenry. If you want to spark a bit of patriotism in your heart then this is the place to visit.

Check this out.

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This place was sooooo cool. It made me feel like I was in England again. Such history. You don't find this kind of history out west. Our history out there is only about 100 years old or so. But here...this is where our country was founded. This is where things happened. I was so amazed by it all. It even brought a tear or two to my eye.

To be here, where the battle of 1812 was fought so bravely. To look upon the location where our national anthem was penned. To watch my "Old Glory" wave and feel the pride swell up in my heart for my country. To know that I am free. It was a glorious day.

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One thing that amazed me most was how the soilders of that day slept while awaiting thier next duty assignment.

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A far cry from how my own hubby sleeps...that is for sure. They would line up on that thing and sleep. My oh my...

Well, it has been a while since you all have seen pictures of the little darling of my life. So, without further ado...here is Chloe at Ft McHenry.

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She had NO clue as to why we were there but she had a blast anyways. It is my dream that she grows up remembering family outings such as this. I want it to be a tradition for her...one that she will always remember with fondness. That her family always went exploring on the first Saturday of every month. Even if it is just down the street to a local park we haven't been to yet. Somewhere as a family...that is the main thing.

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Wanna hear something funny? James bought me this wonderful gift for Christmas exactly two years ago. An espresso maker. He knew that I love my cup of coffee each morning. I am a tea person by nature...but I have GOT to have my cup of coffee in the morning. So, being the sweet husband that he is, he got me this espresso maker. Well, he did not realize that at the time, I was pregnant and could not drink caffine...so alas the espresso maker did not get used. Then I was breastfeeding and again could not drink caffine...so again it did not get used. Well, this summer I oculd have very well used it but it scared me. I could not, for the life of me, figure this durned thing out!

My dear sister called me up a couple of days before Christmas to announce to me that her friend had gotten her an espresso maker for Christmas. What a delight!! And she had even gone to her local coffee shop and asked if she could watch them make her favorite drink so she would know how. Well, you can pretty much count on THAT lighting a fire underneath my tush.

I came home and what do you think I did??? I read the espresso manual from cover to cover. (well...that's a lie...I only read half of it. I can't understand very much spanish so felt there was no point in reading the second half. I got the gist of it in the English half) Okay...so then I went to the internet to get some "recipes" since I am clueless when it comes to espressos. I like my coffee with milk and sugar but this contraption is something else. I don't think it does coffee with milk and sugar. So I hunted and hunted and decided to make a mochacinno. (spelling???)

What I made instead was a giant mess. This milk frothing thing is for the birds if you ask me...

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I had milk all down the fronts of the cupboards, on the floor and I swear there are drops of it on my ceiling. But, when I took that first sip of my mochaccino, I was in heaven. I knew in a moment that I had found a new love. No, it will not replace my Spice Chai tea nor will it replace some good "true" English tea...but oh...it certainly rivels everything else on the planet. It was soooo worth the mess. I can guarantee you that.

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So, I am getting tired and need to get to bed. I have been sick the past few days and shouldn't push myself too far. But, I wanted to let you know that I will post again tomorrow and show you some things I have made recently. Recently as in a few months ago recently...since I have already shown you the Christmas presents I made and that was more "recent" than recently. And I haven't made much since then either, seeing as how I was so busy and whatnot...I mean, I did have to build my site over from scratch last week. Check it out. It may not look any different to the casual observer, but each page was made over from scratch since I had too much trouble trying to do the updates on the previously made pages.

Well, good night all.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time on your trip and your lovely daughter continues to grow up with every new picture!

busyHSmom said...

So glad that you are "back!" As for your site, not only did I check it out, but I ordered a pattern too!! ;-D