Tuesday, January 30, 2007

May He Rest in Peace!

A sad farewell was given to a dear member of our household last week. Little Orange Juice was given a lovely memorial service on Wednesday with his one mourner standing next to the porcelain throne as he was laid to rest in the watery grave of the depths below. (otherwise known as the sewer) This is the first fish I have ever cried over. Granted, it was only a couple of tears...not a bawl or anything. But I was saddened when I saw Chloe's poor little goldfish fondly known as Orange Juice struggling for his final breath at the bottom of his home.

I am quite surprised at how long he lived though. We got him in October at the Fall Festival at church. 3 months is quite a long time for a little goldfish. (or so I am told.) Chloe didn't seem to notice anything though. I did miss him something terrible for the first day or so. If little goldfish could have personalities than Orange Juice had the most desirable one. He was such a spirited little thing...always swimming right up to the edge of his "pond" whenever I came to look at him. Always pouncing on his food or swimming rapidly around the "pond" when he got excited. For he did get excited. Especially in the morning when he saw his first human of the day. (which most of the time was me...since James never really paid him any mind) Oh...poor Orange Juice.

But James, being the nice daddy that he is (or husband since it was probably more for me than for Chloe) said that for family night last Friday night, we could go to the pet store and replace Orange Juice. (as if we could ever "replace" a loved member of the family with a stranger...but oh well.)

We went to Petco and I picked out not one...but three little fishies. I am glad he lete me do this since poor Blue Lagoon was getting pretty lonly. It seemed that while Orange Juice was alive, she wouldn't give him the time of day. And who would??? I mean Orange Juice was a little goldfish and Blue Lagoon is a gorgeous little female Beta. She is a little on the slow side (not mentally...just physically) She meanders around the pond at a leisurely pace...never rushing for her food, she is happy to eat whatever is left over.

But when Orange Juice passed through the porcelain gate to fishy heaven, poor little Blue Lagoon mourned him at his final resting place in the "pond". She didn't move for a whole day...not even to eat. I was worried that she was mourning Orange Juice to her own death or that the bacteria from a dead fish was killing her. (I opt for the first choice since I am a tad on the romantic side)

Well, now we have three new fishies to keep Blue Lagoon happy. We have an Red medium Platy (who actually looks orange and very similar to a goldfish) who I have named Cheddar. We were going to get another goldfish and name him...guess what...Orange Juice 2...but after getting to the store, I realized that this would just be another attempt to "replace" our beloved Orange Juice and that just was no possible.

The second fish we purchased is a silver Platy whom I named Sprinkles. He has some sprinkling of a brownish orange color along his fins. The third fish is...I forget the name, but he looks like a little silver dollar. I was going to name him Divinity but wasn't too sure he looked like Divinity. Well, James insisted on naming him and so I let him. He named him "Q". I am very pleased with this name for a fish. You see...James has always wanted to have a boy (human boy...by the way) and name him "Q". He thinks it is a great name which posseses an air of "coolness" about it. Well, I am NOT having it. It sounds like a name off James Bond and we are NOT naming our kid Q. Just think of what people will say!!! No...our first boy will be Cameron James. Our second boy will be Jason Martin. So...no Q's in the near future here. Aside from Q the fish.

So, I know there are some of you who are waiting for an update on the tablecloth. Here is the long awaited update. I spent only half the week on the tablecloth last week since I have a more pressing project with a deadline that I had to work on instead. But during those three days or so that I worked on the tablecloth I was able to get another 4% done. HOORAYYY!!!! I am so happy. I will now have to update my sidebar with that additional four percent. Now, I am not going to show you a picture of my progress until I am halfway done. I have 2 more rows to go until I am at that point. (and 1 row is 4% so you can see that I have a ways to go.) I am hoping that next WIP week I can get 8% done which will leave me at 50%. Yay!!! Maybe just maybe, this thing will get done this year. Maybe!

Well, I had something new I wanted to post about today but my camera isn't letting me upload pictures onto my computer. And when I tried to do it from James' computer, the pictures disappeared. So, now I have to wait until he gets home to find them for me. Once he does that, I will have something new and enlightening to show you. (maybe not very enlightening but definately new.)

Okay, I must go now and work on the project mentioned ealier. My deadline is fast approaching and I am no where near done. Have a wonderful day everyone. Hope to post again this evening!!

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Lady_MSnow said...

So happy to hear you are making great progress on your tablecloth. I am so sorry about the goldfish...when you can you should show a picture of the new additions to the family. I have "tossed" around the idea of getting Titus a fish for his birthday this summer, but I don't know yet. We will see.