Friday, January 19, 2007

Special Gifts and a Bargain

Okay. So, I have kept one New Years Resolution for at least a day. This is the first time this year that I am posting on my blog for two whole days in a row. Let's see how long I can keep this running. (2 days might be the record...we'll see.) And you may remember that I promised pictures of something special that I received. Well, I may be a little late in showing it...but I am keeping the promise.

James is the best. I know there are those of you who would think that your husbands are the best, but I am sorry to inform you that you are incorrect. My husband is the best, there is no denying that. And once you see what he has done this time, I believe you will all agree with me.

James likes to spoil me. When my heart desires something...I mean truly longs for it...James moves heaven and earth to bring me my desire. And not just the cheapest thing he can find. No. It has got to be the best. How lucky am I?

Well, I have been dreaming of something for years. My mother passed on her old Singer sewing machine to me when I got married. Old is the key word here. This thing was in use since before I can remember. In fact, I don't remember there ever being another sewing machine. When someone says sewing machine...a mental picture appears of this thing. It served my mother well and I was proud to inherit such a machine.

Soon after I inherited my Singer sewing machine, it decided that it no longer wanted to particpate in life. She was simply too old. So, for years now I have been trying to eek out every last breath (or stitch, I should say) she could offer. I can tell you that this was extremely frusterating. She would run fine for a few minutes and then she would stop. You never would know how far you could get into a I quit doing projects.

I have been begging James for a new sewing machine since I was pregnant with Chloe. I long to sew dresses for her and such. Well, finally, after a couple of years, my wish has come true. James bought me a sewing machine for Christmas this year. Check it out.

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Its my dream come true. Not only did he buy me a sewing machine but he asked me what the best sewing machine on the market was. I told him simply "Bernina". And so it was. I was going to get a Bernina. Well, James being the sort of guy that he is didn't want to get this wrong. I mean, this is an expensive little sucker and it would be a shame for me not to be happy with it, right? So, he took me to the sewing machine store to pick one out myself.

I must tell you that I am not a seamstress by any means. I have dabbled a bit in sewing, but it has never progressed beyond that. Come on...its a little hard with a machine that quits on you 3 minutes into a project to get beyond a dabble. With this in mind, I knew that I would have no need for a $2,000 machine. No...a simpler one would do just fine and serve its purpose. So, while in the store I asked for the cheapest models. They had a line of 6. I knew I didn't want the cheapest one. But the next one up was perfect. It was the price range I was looking in and it would do everything I need it to do. It also had some extra features that will be nice once I learn the basics. Well, James took one look at the collection of the "cheaper" machines and he pointed to the most expensive one in that collection and said, "You can have this one, if you want." I told him I didn't want that one. I would have no idea what to do with it. The one I wanted was only $220 and the one he was pointing at was $550. Big difference. After I looked over the one I wanted for a few minutes, he came back and pointed to the most expensive one again and repeated what he had said earlier. After a third time of the same conversation, I finally had to tell him that I didn't want that one and it had nothing to do with the price. It had too many features and I would get completely lost and would probably get so caught up in them that I wouldn't sew anything. He finally quit telling me to get that one and let me get mine.

See??? I told you he was the best. Anyways, I am extremely happy and I cannot wait to break it out for the first time. It has not happened yet because I have been so busy lately what with Christmas, my website issues and then a week of being so sick. Yuck. Now I am hoping that I can have some free time this Saturday to sew something.

This brings me to my next topic. My bargain. So, I had a new sewing machine but needed something to sew with it. I was in Walmart the other day (yes...I ventured into Walmart. I don't really know why since I avoid Walmart at all costs...but there I was.) I happend by the craft department. Bad idea...I know, but I was on a mission. I needed some Sugar and Cream kitchen cotton. Well, Walmart doesn't sell Sugar and Cream but they do sell Peaches and Cream which is basically the same thing, so I picked up two cones of it. While there,I passed by the patterns on display and noticed that they were pretty cheap. Don't know why I did it, but I stopped to browse. Well, at that point, I decided that I was going to get a pattern to sew. I found an easy pattern (at least it says its easy) that I am going to attempt.

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It looks easy enough. So, I started petting the fabric. I noticed a couple that I liked and when I saw the price, I knew I was to get both of them. They were only $2.00 yard. I don't know if thats a good deal or not, but it seemed like one so I took them both to the cutting table. The nice lady cut them and proceeded to scan them for my price. Well, she did the first fabric twice because she thought she punched something in wrong. was $.25 a yard. I got 2 3/4 yards for only 69 cents. Can you believe that??? The second fabric was only $1 a yard as well. I was on cloud nine. Literally. Here are the two fabrics I bought.

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And here is a close-up of the fabrics so you can see them better.

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I love them. I love them. I love them. I can't wait to try out my sewing machine now.

But James generosity doesn't stop there. While I was staying with my family at Christmastime, he left and spent a couple of days with his family. While he was there, his sister showed him this thing she had recently bought called a Magic Bullet. James loved it. Well, when I came for New Year's James asked Laura to show the thing to me. I liked it when I saw it. James wouldn't stop though. He kept on asking me if I liked this about it or if I noticed that about it. Yes, I told him. I really like this. I wouldn't mind having one.

Ha ha. Joke was on me this time. When we got home from our vacation, do you wanna know what was on my doorstep?

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That would be a Magic Bullet. He had ordered one when his sister was showing it to him and this was why he kept asking me about it. He had already purchased it and wanted to know if I really liked it. Kind of dangerous seeing as how I could have hated it and it would have been too late. But that is how well James knows me. He knew I would love it.

Anyways, this little tool is a must have for everyone. I don't know how I ever got by without one before. It is like a miniature blender only better. It purees food in about 15 seconds. My blender won't do that in 2 minutes without a lot of work on my part. This thing is the best since sliced bread. may even be better than sliced bread since I do my own bread slicing and I don't really see what the big deal about sliced bread is.

And while I am on the topic of special gifts, I thought I would show you what we got Chloe for Christmas this year. Its not her only gift but it sure is her special gift. It was expensive enough...but James picked it out and I have already explained about his "way".

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It is a miniature couch that folds out into a bed with a built in blanket that is attached with a zipper. Isn't this thing the coolest? Chloe no longer has to sit on the floor while we watch movies. (and this will keep her from creeping closer and closer to the screen.) She loves this thing. I didn't get a picture of it folded into a couch yet, but here is another one of Chloe putting it to use.

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I was taking pictures of Pattycakes today for a special project that I will tell you more about another day. Today I leave you with a picture of her. She is the coolest cat in the world.

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Have a wonderful day everyone. Keep up with those resolutions!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like James is definitely into spoiling you and Chloe whenever he gets the chance. But I would have to disagree that your hubby is the best, but we could end up going around and around. ;) We'll just have to say our Hubby's are the best for us.

busyHSmom said...

I feel your pain. Sewing on a tempermental machine is extremely frustrating! I can't wait to see your finished projects. $2 a yard is a great deal, but 25 cents??? Unbelievable!!