Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen WIP's I intend to finish this year.

As many of you may or may not know, I have been working pretty hard this week on my tablecloth. It is part of my "new" organization attempt of my crochet world. Yes. I have two worlds in which I live. The first being my "real" life which would consist of mopping floors, spreading peanut butter and washing diapers. But that is not all there is to me. No. That is not all. And this other part of me longs to have the same routine as the diaper washings do. So, I mop my floors every day after what. Why can't I have routine to my hobbies too?

I previously mentioned what that routine would entail and this month I am a little off. (due to the rebuilding of my website and all that took place at the beginning of the month.) So, instead of WIP week being last week like my "list" states, I did it this week.

I have no idea why I lead you into my purpose in this manner. It really has nothing to do with my list of 13 things today, other than the fact that my tablecloth is a WIP and I worked on it this week. In thinking on WIPs this week though I have come up with a list of 13 WIPS I would like to finish this year. (If I can get past this tablecloth, that is) Without further ado (or boredom caused by rambling bloggers)I give you 13 WIPS.

Wip #1 ~ Lacy Medallion Tablecloth. So this one was kind of a given...but it must be included for it is the very first WIP I will finish this year. And my aim is TO finish it this year.

Wip #2 ~ Sheer Witchery Place Settings. I started these while living in England from a book I checked out from the library. Little did I know until recently that this pattern is free on the internet. Of course I was not very internet savvy at that time, so no wonder,eh?

Wip #3 ~ My quilt. Yes, I actually sewed a quilt. This was before my sewing machine got cranky. Well, actually, the sewing machine started getting cranky WHILE I was sewing this quilt. Anyways, the quilt is all put together and now needs to be quilted by hand. I MUST do it by hand you see...any other way would feel like cheating me. (and I am a little old-fashioned in things such as this.)

Wip #4 ~ Dragon Cross Stitch picture. Okay. So if any of you reading this blog have been with me since I first started it over a year ago, you may recall my talk of a "special" Christmas gift I was working on for James. Well, I didn't get that gift completely done for him, although I gave it to him anyways. And boy was he surprised. Anyways, I would love to actually finish this thing soon. It would be my masterpiece of cross stitch projects. It really is gorgeous...its just soooooo large and soooo time consuming.

Wip #5 ~ Cinderella Cross stitch picture. This picture was started as a "stall" from the dragon. It uses alot of blending filament and so I got sort of bored with it and have not finished. I aim to finish that this year as well.

Wip #6 ~ White flower cross stitch picture. I started this one on my move from Washington State to Louisiana. I didn't get it finished on the trip down and thus it isn't finished.

Wip #7 ~ Hunting Dog cross stitch picture. Isn't it hard to work on something that doesn't inspire you? That is the case with this project. I started it when I was first married because James picked it out. I worked on it for a oouple of days and never touched it since. (that was 8 years ago) I don't even think he would particularly like it now...but it IS a wip and it does need to get done. Maybe a Christmas gift???

Wip #8 ~ Flannel blanket. I started this blanket with my mother when I was living in Washington State. It was supposed to be a "cheap" blanket to make for a gift. (at least that was what the title of the book said) It turned out to be not so cheap. You are to find tons of different flannel shirts at the thrift store to use for sqaures for this blanket. NOT cheap...if you are picky like me and want the flannel colors to look good together and not have pills and look faded. Anyways, I did it and now the blanket needs to be finished. Little things like buttons sewn on and the edge sewn down. (it was a fleece backing...again, not so cheap of an item)

Wip #9 ~ Vintage Shell Purse in pink. This was started for my Boutique and I quickly diverted to designing other things. (designing does entice me so) It would be a quick WIP to finish.

Wip #10 ~ Vintage Shell Purse in blue. This purse was also started for my Boutique but I ran out of yarn, never made it back to Hobby Lobby to get more and now...alas...I am no longer in the vicinity of Hobby Lobby. So, unless I get some as an RAOK or something, I fear this WIP will soon become something else.

Wip #11 ~ Cables of Winter in Christmas colors. This was also started for my Boutique for Christmas but then I gat a little pre-occupied with making Christmas gifts that I didn't finish it. And now it seems a little silly to be selling a Christmas sweater in I will most likely finish it and start selling it this fall.

Wip #12 ~ Knit Sampler Afghan. I don't think I can finish this thing this year...but you never know. I might really take off with this knitting thing.

Wip #13 ~ Knit pink shawl. I decided (right before Christmas, mind you) that I would like to have a pink knitted shawl. I got about 6 rows into it when I made a better decision and that was to focus my attention BACK onto Christmas gifts where it belonged.

Now...being the organized type person that I am, you will probably soon notice that these are listed in order of importance. Meaning this...this will most likely be the order that I complete this list in. Of course, we all know this is subject to my changing whims. (which change every time the wind blows a new direction)

So there you have it. 13 Wips I aim to complete this year during my WIP week. (the third week of every month in case you don't recall.)

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Lady_MSnow said...

You definitely have a lot on your plate! You just can't stay away from neat new projects? I know....;)

The Shrone said...

Good luck on working your list to completion! I'll be looking forward to seeing your finished projects posted!