Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What's Wrong With Me???

I just can't seem to stick around here in the blogging world for very long lately. This time I have a valid excuse though. Its not as if my past reasons were NOT valid or anything - they were simply...umm....well...er...I'm not really sure what they were...but they were valid. Of this I am sure.

So, what's the big excuse this time Anna? (I know your asking this question. I KNOW you are) Well, it would seem that I got sick. Yup. Sick. And I would not wish this sickness that I got on anyone. It is soooo long and drawn out. James got it a few days before Christmas and he STILL has it!!! Lucky for me, I only had it for a little over a week.

It all started on a Saturday evening. My throat felt a little funky and shortly after that I lost my voice. It was gone for two days. On that second day my throat got very VERY sore. I started getting a headache and congestion. About halfway through the week I woke up with my eyes glued completely shut with gunk. Sticky, horrible gunk. And a day later, I woke up with a horrible earache. Finally, someone mentioned to me about draining my head out. I laid on my tummy on my bed and hung my head over and sure enough...pure liquid started dripping out. I had tried everything. Hair dryer on the ear, sudaphed, prescription sudaphed stuff, boiling water on the stove, steamy showers, hot wash cloths...you name it? I tried it. Nothing worked. But when I did the tummy thing, the next morning I woke up feeling much better.

So, how is that for an excuse. Do I pass? Will you all forgive me for my long absence? Thank you all. I appreciate it.

Now, last time I posted, I promised pictures of things I have made that are now for sale on my site. You all have probably visited my site already since you lack the patience to wait for me to get around to posting. But I will forgive you since you have forgiven me and I will post said pictures.

First I want to show you a bag/tote I made. As many of you might recall, I was in the Autumn round of Secret Pals over at the ville. My Known SP was none other than Michele over at Blue Moon Artistry. (check out her site. She has some gorgeous hair sticks. I am planning on purchasing one in the near future) Anyways, I made this tote for her. I call it Bits of Bobbles and Cables. A fitting name I do think...since bits of bobbles and cables abound in this tote. It is one of my favorite purse patterns I have designed yet.

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I even got a picture of my trademark crocheted lining. I crochet linings for all my purses because I am too cotton pickin scared to try sewing one.

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And shortly after I designed this tote, I realized that I needed a gift for my mother. So I whipped up another tote just for her. She loved it and uses it too. (usage plays a large role in my designing attempts. I want the things I design to be USED)

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Next I will show you Chloe's Thanksgiving Dress. I call it Thanksgiving Harvest. I made this for her while we were staying in the hotel before we moved into our house. She wore it on Thanksgiving when we went to see James Aunt and her family and they all thought it was gorgeous. (well, either that or they thought Chloe was gorgeous. {he he})

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This next picture didn't turn out as well as I would have liked. It is a tad bit blurry but it shows the hat off so well. I actually adore this hat. It is my favorite. I designed little ear flaps which are optional and they add so much to the design I think. It makes the hat so practical.

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The skirt of this dress was designed to resemble leaves falling. (hence the Thanksgiving Harvest name)The shrug turned out too big. I accidentally made a 24m size instead of the 12m size that Chloe wears. There are still some things that are 9m that she could wear if I let her.

Now I already showed you all the Cabled Mug cozy that I made. I can't remember if I showed you the teapot cozy or not...so I will show it now. (sorry if its a repeat but at least its cute, eh?)

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I absolutely LOVE this set. It is truly one of my favorites. Okay, I know I say that ALOT but it is really true for this one. I designed it so that it acts as a coaster and a cozy all in one. It also ties on which makes it easier to fit. I designed a button flap to insert through the handles which keeps the cozy in place. It is perfect in every way.

I loved it so much that I made another one to sell on my site.

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I even found those adorable teapot and mug buttons I used on it. I think I am asking too much for it though. I am unsure of how much to charge for my handmade items. Check out my Boutique and let me know what you think.

Now I will show you one of my truly truest favoritist patterns. My Elegant Lattice Stole. This one came to me at 1:00 am while I was sleeping on morning and I had to get up and crochet it out or else I would have lost it. The stitch technique on this one was fun to come up with. I have never in all my years of crocheting ever seen anything like it. Chains weave in and out together to form a mesh. It really is neat.

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And another shot so you can see the stitches better.

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It is my goal to design one free pattern for my site each month. So last month I released this pattern for free. It is called Simple Hair Wrap. My dear tester Threadie asked me to design something like this. I guess these are all the rage in New York. I made some for my teenage neices and James tells me that one of them didn't know what it was. I guess they haven't hit the west coast yet. It is a great pattern because it is soooo easy.

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Well, that is all I will show you for now. I will try my hardest to post again tomorrow. I have something very special I want to show you. This will blow your minds. Or make you drool. Or at least you all will feel happy for me. Whatever. It is big for me though and I can't wait to tell you. See you all tomorrow. (unless somethign else dreadful happens to keep me from my blogging world.)


Anonymous said...

Glad you are not sick anymore Anna. I know it "took you down" for a while.

busyHSmom said...

Eeeeew!!! That sickness sounds horrible! Glad you can't spread those types of viruses through the computer!!

Everytime I see a photo of the tote, I think, "Hey! That's my tote!" I guess I should take my tote to the computer and show it it's picture online so that it can know that it is famous!!! ;-P I feel so priviledged to be it's proud owner. I guess I should also tell my tote that she now has a sister out there in the world.