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Homemade Goodness

Little Suzy Homemaker. Betty Crocker. June Cleaver. Old-fashioned. Those are just some of the names I have been called in my short time as a wife. (8 years to be precise) But I would not consider these names to be "name-calling" per se. You see, I like these terms. To me, they are the epitome of all I strive for. And once attained, they are not to be taken lightly. For to be "Little Suzy Homemaker" one must be AT home a majority of the time. One must "keep the house", cook for the family and cultivate the spirit of peace in her home. I aspire to be such as these names portray.

It is a learning process - one must constantly learn how to do things better. One thing I have learned is not to jump in and try to do everything at once. Flylady teaches baby steps. You must walk before you learn to crawl. So, I don't rearrange my whole routine all at once. No, I start with one thing at a time. Once that becomes a habit, I change something else. Replace the old habit with a new habit and you are less likely to fall back into the old habit again...and again...and again...

One such thing I have instigated around my household is homemade bread. We love homemade bread. We adore homemade bread. We eat a whole half of a loaf of homemade bread between the three of us every time I bake it. I started this homemade bread ONLY thing (no store bought bread) a couple of months ago. Out with the fake, nutritionally bankrupt bread and in with the homemade stuff. Yum! You can actually taste the difference and let me tell would be so hard to go back to Wonderbread.

Yesterday it was time to make more bread. (as I mentioned yesterday, in case you forgot) I promised some pictures of our bread-making fun and so here they are.

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Here is Chloe in her usual "helping mommy" spot. That apron you see is none other than the one my dear friend Lady Snow sent us for our housewarming. (Thank you Melanie. You wouldn't believe how much use that thing gets) I took this picture because she had flour on her nose and cheek and forehead...but you can't see it very well. Drats. It was so adorable. My own little Mini Suzy Homemaker.

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And there she is kneading her dough. I gave her a tiny ball to knead and she worked wonders on it for all of 5 seconds. (enough time for me to snap a picture) Then the ball got rolled around in the flour a few times, licked and bitten and then tossed into a measuring cup for later use.

Once I was done kneading my dough, I had Chloe put hers into a miniature rising bowl (her little snack container) and set it next to mine under the cloth.

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She did very well and was extremely proud of herself. Once I started washing up the dishes though, she went back and retrieved the dough and proceeded to dump it on the floor underneath the drying rack saying, "Ga? Ga?" (which means Where'd that go? The first Ga goes up in question and the second Ga is coming gotta get it right in order to understand it. If you could hear it you would know what she was saying) a few pieces of crumbs never hurt anyone. And the oven is on 350 degress so that will burn off any germs, right? RIGHT? Okay worries.

Once the bread came out the oven, we immediately (well...we waited for about 5 - 5 1/2 minutes actually) and THEN we immediately cut up our slices of bread. YUM!!! And the butter melts into the bread just so and you just CANNOT get that from a loaf of wonderbread.

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Even Chloe enjoyed her little ball.

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Brown flecks? What? You saw brown flecks in my bread? (I know some of you have just scrolled up to have a second look) Okay, yes...there are brown flecks in my bread. This is one of those "new" things I am adding into my "habits". it isn't neccessarily taking any old habits place, but I thought it would be a good idea. I added a bunch of flaxseed to the bread. It is quite yummy. (and VERY good for you) I do think next time though I will grind them up a bit in the coffee grinder. James doesn't like nuts and so he did notice these. He hasn't complained yet...but you all remember this don't you? So, no more whole flaxseed in the homemade bread. I don't want to end up seeing wonderbread in my bread drawer. (James was raised on wonderbread and thinks it the best thing in the world...even before sliced bread.)

I went shopping today. Quit rolling your eyes. I know I go shopping every Thursday (except when cleansing...I stay as far away as possible from anything even remotely looking like it contains food) but this was a different kind of shopping. Of course I did the grocery shopping too, but not until after I made a run to A.C. Moore. (gosh I miss my Hobby home away from home) Anyways, A.C. Moore used to be this cool place that sold all kinds of neat yarns like "cashmere" and "King Tut cotton". Insanely priced yarn that you just drool over and imagine youself buying once you realize that your husband is a prince from a distant land only his family had protected him from the national war by shipping him to America to grow up knowing what it was like to live the hard life, working all day for a piece of crust. (from wonderbread, no doubt) maybe this is only MY dream...but still...I know you drool too.

Well, I was sad to see today that they have clearanced out all that delicious yarn. I guess too many people drooled and couldn't pay...sad, despicable people. How could they?

But I moved on...its not like I was going to buy any anyways. I just wanted to mean "pet" the yarn. (I would NEVER drool...I am a lady for goodness sake. Ladies don't drool. We "admire from afar".) Anyways, I was on a mission. I had a coupon. 40% off and it was GOING to get spent today. I browsed and browsed, bent on a certain sort of book. You will never guess what sort of book that would be so I will just go ahead and tell you. I was looking at the knitting books. *gasp* "Oh NO!! No she did NOT just say...*ahem* *cough*...knitting, did she? Isn't this a crochet blog?" Okay, I KNIT. I do...and I have told you all this before. I do not hide the fact that knitting intrigues me. I do not fancy a crocheted sweater unless it is more of a lacy type thing. But there are so many knitted sweaters out there that I would definately wear. I just need to bring my knitting level up to where I feel its good enough to tackle something beyond a square dishcloth.

So, I found the perfect book. The book I was to buy needed to have various projects in it that even a beginner like me could handle. But it also needed to have something a little more challenging that I could "grow" into. I found what I was looking for. Not quite but close enough. I wanted an adult book but none of them tickled my fancy. I couldn't see myself wearing the stuff in most of them. So, what do you do in this situation? Buy a book for babies and toddlers so you can knit something for your kid.

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I love this book and I can see myself knitting almost everything in it. I can't say everything because, as like most books, they had to throw in the few "odd" things to fill up space that no one would ever knit anyways. But over all, I am quite pleased with the book. I even chose my first project.

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And then I went so far as to buy some yarn to make my first project.

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I went with something a little on the cheaper side just in case these mittens are a flop. The pattern actually calls for "cashmerina" which I assume is a kind of cashmere? I am not well-versed in the sophisticated yarns so I don't really know, but I figured it would probably be pretty pricey with the whole "cashmer" part of the name...its too close to cashmere which I KNOW is expensive. If I get these mittens right, maybe then I will splurge and buy myself some cashmerina yarn.

Now I only hope that I have the right size knitting needles. Let's just pray that they don't want me to work in the round. I guess I should have read that part first before decided on a project. I haven't knit in the round yet, but could be fun.

Well, it is getting late. I am off for the night. Sleep tight everyone and don't (please don't) let those bedbugs bite. Oh...and by the way, I have added a new blog to my sidebar. My friend Mom4x has FINALLY gotten a blog. Yay!!! Mom4x is like a sister to me and she is also my other administrator on my testing forum in addition to Lady Snow. What am I saying "like a sister"? They ARE my sisters, both of them. We share the common bond of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and that makes us sisters in Him.

I also have been adding things to my 1,000 gifts post. Just click on the picture on my sidebar any time you would like to see some things I am thankful for. (and it might even help you realize things you can be thankful for too.) Good night all.

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Lady_MSnow said...

I love homemade bread! Speaking of...I should make some today...down to a half a loaf. As for flax seed...don't grind them in a coffee grinder that you use....The oil from the flax seeds will "stay" in the coffee grinder. I actually have a separate grinder for flax seeds. I am so glad Chloe is getting better and that she likes her apron!