Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ice Skating Dreams

Do you remember when you were a little girl and you would watch the winter ice skating championships every year? You don't? Your not a girl??? Okay...sorry to any readers of my blog who are not girls, nor had ice skating dreams. But when I was a girl, I dreamed many different dreams based upon what was going on around me at the moment. So, when ice skating was on television, I dreamed I was an ice skater.

Well, as I mentioned in my earlier post today, we went to see Disney on Ice. Now, I would have to say that usually doing such a thing would bring up those sentimental feelings of "I wish...I wish...I wish I could ice skate like that" but for some reason it didn't do that for me today. Maybe this could be because I was holding my precious little girl in my arms and as I watched her face light up with recognition as Mickey Mouse skated onto the ice, I felt at peace with myself. Why would I want to be a world famous skater and miss the darling smiles on my little girls face each day? I wouldn't trade her for a million dreams. In fact, she is my dream. All my dreams from the moment she was born now include her.

Anyways, I was able to get a couple of pictures tonight as promised. Granted they are not decent pictures. James was not willing for me to spend some time getting aquainted with the camera settings while holding Chloe on my lap in the dark with Micky Mouse skating around. He was scared I would miss the whole thing. After about 7 times of him saying, "put the camera away Anna and watch the show with Chloe" I finally obeyed. And I did enjoy myself so much better. (and I am sure the people sitting next to us enjoyed watching the show without the bright flashes of light every two seconds.)

So, first we saw Goofy. (we were about half an hour late due to stop and go traffic for about 45 minutes) I do believe that Chloe recognized him because she made this funny little noise (kind of like a giggle and a "ohhhhh" - that's the best I can explain it) and she pointed at him. And you all know Goofy...kind of clutzy (like someone else we know...but I won't mention any names. I wouldn't want to embarrass myself) so he tripped and fell right in front of us. Good thing he landed on the little corner stage...poor guy. Had he landed on the floor (ice I mean) he probably would've cracked his tailbone.

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Funny thing is...he immediately skated across the arena and fell onto the other corner stage...what a clutz!!!! (I wouldn't have done that!!!!) So, then guess who came out next??? You got it! The star of the show...the reason we went. MICKEY MOUSE!!!

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So you can't see him very well? Trust was him. Chloe's noises alone would have told you that much. She was soooooooo happy to see him. We also saw Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

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And right before I was forced to shut the camera off, I got a picture of "Its a small world". Can you believe that James didn't have a clue as to what this was??? I guess he's never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld. (maybe I can change that in a couple of years...that would be fun. Hope Chloe still likes Mickey Mouse then.)

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So then the camera was shut off and we enjoyed the rest of the show flash free. (I didn't get any thank you's from the neighbours though. Schucks!) So, of all the "movies" represented, Lion King got the loudest cheers when they came on. I don't know why. We cheered loudly for Little Mermaid. (that's Chloe's other favorite.) One thing I don't understand though is why they don't have Mary Poppins come out...or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. (was that Disney???) Why is it only things like Mulan...or Pocohantas? Gosh, I forgot about that movie. I would love to see Lady and the Tramp come out and eat some spaghetti. Oh well...maybe I should write Disney and tell them my idea.

In other news, check out this picture.

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Now I know you may all be wondering what this stuff is. Let me tell you. This is very important Potty Training Tools. What??? You thought it was a load of junk food? Well, you are wrong! We are going to begin potty training this next week. I am debating whether to start on Monday and skip Bible study on Tuesday (because I don't want to drag Chloe out in the middle of potty training - I would like to stay home and stay focused) or if I should just start on Wednesday and go to Bible study. You see...the problem lies in the fact that I have yet to attend Bible study. I keep chickening out at the last minute. This past week, I was all dressed and ready to go and about 15 min til, I sat down on the couch and didn't get back up. I chickened out. So...potty training would be a good excuse but the question I really want to use it? Hmmm...maybe I should ask God what He thinks. That could be pretty important.

Anyways...there will be a method to all that junk Training Tools that you see in the picture. But I will tell you about that next week. (gotta save something for next week since I am now posting on this blog everyday.)

Wanna see one more thing before I go to bed? Sure you do...

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I recieved this in the mail today. While it was not what I am waiting for - I am still waiting for my Crochet for Barbie book I ordered a LONG time ago - it sure brought a smile to my face. It is from some dear person over at the ville who thought they would send me some love in the mail. I don't know who sent it (must be someone in Oklahoma, you think?) but thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means so much to me to know that someone I don't even know thought enough about me to send me a postcard. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I really do appreciate it.

Good night everyone. Happy dreams.

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