Saturday, February 10, 2007

Its TIME!!!!

Okay everyone! Its time for a BIG announcement. The Spring Round of Secret Pals is finally open over at the ville. Yay!!! I love this secrety pal kind of stuff. It is always so much fun.

The big announcement of mine is much bigger than just the opening of the Secret Pals Round. No...this is HUGE in the life of me. I am now a co-coorindator along with Lori and KnicKnac for the Secret Pals swap. Whooo Hooo. Can it get any more exciting than this??? (I don't believe so but it would be fun to be proven wrong...I do so very much like excitement)

So, there is 24 hours to sign up for this swap and we are already 3 1/2 hours into it. So far we have over half of the slots filled so if you want to participate, you must get over there quick to sign up. It is going to be fun!!!! I can hardly wait.

In other news, my dearest of all dear husbands (I only have one husband but since there are alot of dear husbands out there, I say mine is the dearest) bought me a special surprise for Valentine's Day. He bought tickets to go see Disney on Ice or otherwise known as The Ice Capades. I am thrilled. I loooovvvveee the Ice Capades. It ranks up there with the Nutcracker Ballet. (they are tied for first place)

We are going this afternoon. I can hardly wait. I have 36 minutes left until we walk out the door. I will take loads of pictures for you all to see...and will mostly likely be posting those tonight. (since I missed my blog post yesterday and I simply must get caught up so I don't fail my Resolution - see item #13...the 5th number 13.)

I will also have to show you what we did for date night last night. It will be something that will take quite a few date nights to get down. No more clues about it until my post tonight. Let's just say though, that hubby has not taken to the whole model car thing and so that one will be going in the garbage. I was hoping we would have a model car to show you but doesn't look like it will ever get finished. But just you wait and see what we are working on now. This is truly up both of our alleys and it will be fun, fun, fun!!!

So, now I must go work on the Secret Pal thing and then take a shower for the Ice Capades trip!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!


Miranda said...

I hope you have fun at Disney on Ice. I know Chloe will love it!!

busyHSmom said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Secret Pal Swap. I would have missed the sign-up if I hadn't seen it mentioned on your blog! Hope you get a nice Pal who spoils you properly!!

mom4x said...

I am in.. can't wait to get the assignments..