Friday, February 02, 2007

Long "To-Do" List Today

Its probably a good thing that "blogging" is on my to-do list today or I don't think it would get done. I have so many things to do today I almost don't know where to begin. I guess its good that I began somewhere this morning or I would be wayyyy behind. Anyways, I am almost halfway done with the list. There are many things on it that are simply NOT going to get done today. They take too long. They are those things that keep getting moved over to the next day's "to-do" list every night before I go to bed...the things that are important enough to add to the list but not more important than the things that actually get done.

Chloe loves to play with Barbies with me. About five years ago I was a nanny to a couple of little girls - only I watched them in my home. Okay...the problem with that is I was childless at the time and what could possibly occupy a 4 and a 5 year old girl? Well, needless to say, I went out and bought a few things. They adored Barbies and so this is how I acquired the four Barbies that I now have. Now these Barbies came with an outfit each and I purchased a couple more outfits when I bought them...but that is all the clothing they possess.

Chloe has now found that she can point to the Barbie box on the shelf in her closet and Mommy will get it down and sit with her (due to the small shoes...choking hazard, you know...I won't leave her alone with them) and I will play with her. She cannot change the clothes herself and so I do that part for her. We go to the mall, or shopping or sometimes they go for a walk around the bedroom being pushed in the dolly stroller. (Chloe's idea...not mine)

To be perfectly honest, I am getting a little bored with the few outfits we have for Barbie. (I think there are 6 outfits for 4 of them to share) Also, most of them are pretty skimpy on the cloth part...and I really don't like that. They have belly shirts and short skirts so if Barbie bends know. {blush}

I decided for Chloe's birthday to make her some Barbie clothes. Crochet them to be precise. So I went searching online for some free patterns. (opps...almost typed recipes there...can you tell I have been thinking about food again?) I found this cute little picnic dress and I knew instantly that I had to have it. I crocheted it up and then tried it on Barbie and this is what happened...

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{gasp} Ahhhh....ack....uggg... {gasp again}

The thing turned out HUGE! It goes past her ankles! This was supposed to be a picnic dress. What Barbie goes to a picnic in a floor length formal? Not mine...that's for sure. And check out those sleeves!!! They are supposed to go to her elbows according the picture on the pattern. My Barbie's goes to her wrists. Something is not right. I know I crochet a little loose...not much... but a little, but that is ridiculous. I even went with a hook size smaller. The pattern called for a size 6 and I used a size 7.

I have decided to make this dress again since the original pattern looks so cute. I will try it with some size 30 thread instead of size 10 and see if that works. Another thing I will be doing this time is trying it on her as I go. Gosh...why didn't I think of that before! (don't say it...don't say it. I know your thinking it and that is bad enough.)

I have been doing a bit of blog surfing lately. Don't know why I do this. I guess I just don't feel like tackling my "to-do" list and so I find the most mundane and pointless task I can come up with and I engage myself in it. I wouldn't even neccessarily call it a "task"...just an activity that keeps me mindless and occupied for countless hours. If only I would do my "list" you realize how much I could get done?

Anyways...back to the blog surfing. I have come across some beautiful blogs lately. And alot of them are on blogger. I started thinking...I know blogger didn't have templates as gorgeous as that when I was looking for mine. It must be that these people have created these works of art themselves. So now I look at my template and think "it could be so much much could really be beautiful!"

I have been debating what to do. Should I make a new template from scratch to match my website? (which, by the way, I am thinking of re-doing in the near future...changing up my "focus" a little bit...but that is in the prayer stages yet and it has not been determined where the Lord wants me to go with that one) Or should I play around with the templates that blogger has? (which I know is what alot of people have done....added thier own colors and graphics and stuff) The only problem is that I would lose all my "customizations" in the process. So, for a while my blog would be boring, old and plain. Could I live with that? And what would happen if I didn't like anything I could come up with? I mean, don't get me wrong...this template is perfectly fine and it serves its purpose. I would hate to lose it. But wouldn't a blog that reflects more of my own personal style be better?

So, these are the types of thoughts I have been having lately. Just random thoughts about things in my "online" world. Well, I better get loads more to do on my list and blogging isn't supposed to take up half the afternoon. I am doing pretty good with my blogging New Years Resolution though, aren't I? I have only missed a couple of days since I made that post. I call that pretty good, don't know about you. I won't say what happened with my other resolutions. Let's just say that I started some "February" resolutions and they look pretty similar.

Oh...and check out this contest! A gorgeous necklace is up for a prize for anyone who links to the post. Come know you wanna.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

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