Monday, February 26, 2007

Management Binder: My Schedules and Routines - Part 2

As promised this morning, I will be showing you part 2 of my schedule and routine section of my binder. The next thing I have after last weeks Daily Routine is the Structured Play Time Routine for Chloe. Every afternoon I have a half hour time period when Chloe plays at the table with something I choose for her. It is sort of an educational/fun time. I usually sit with her and play right alongside with her. We have all sorts of fun sharing giggles and what-not while she "learns".

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I believe this time is important for two reasons. (well...more reasons than that but I will only share two with you today) One is that it helps a child's focusing skills to sit and work on something like that. It also helps with their hand-eye coordination. (depending on the "Play" thing.)

Structured Playtime Routine

Monday - Color/Markers (alternating weeks)
Tuesday - Puzzles/Blocks
Wednesday - Music
Thursday - Painting/Stickers
Friday - Playdough

The days that two items are switched every week. This helps Chloe from getting bored. (or at least I think it does. Maybe it just keeps me from getting bored. that's a thought.) I do recommend keeping this list age appropriate. I don't know how well an 8 year old boy would enjoy playing with Strawberry Shortcake stickers.

Anyways, the next portion of the Routines section is my Daily Schedules which are written out according to day. This is where I go into deep detail about what I do all day.

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And this runs over onto another page...

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I have listed side by side what I do and what Chloe is doing at the same time. For example...
At 8:00 am I clean up the kitchen, sweep the floor and prep for lunch and dinner. Chloe puts her milk in the fridge and throws away all the trash. At any given time during the day, you can look at this list and see what I am doing and what Chloe is doing at the same time. We don't have a "stick to this or die" attitude. I mean, how drab would life be if we stuck to the same routine for the rest of our lives? This is more like a guide that helps us to make sure everything gets done. You have to leave room for spontanaity and fun. (like fort building, tummy tickles in Mommy's bed and tea parties with Mickey Mouse and Barbie. Those can't always be planned)

And also, take today as an example. I felt like stashbusting and so I skipped housecleaning for the day. (mind you, I only made it until about 1:00 in the afternoon before I had to get up and mop my floors. But you all know me and my floors. *rolling eyes*) The point is that you can have a routine written down, but allow some flexiblilty in it. What would I do if Chloe didn't want to play with playdough? (that has never happened but this is only hypothetical anyways) I would simply pour some rice into a bowl...or put a bowl of water on a towel on the floor...or read some books...or watch the fish swim around...or dance to the Newsboys...or a million other things that we enjoy doing. You get the point.

This is all I have in this section of my notebook. Of course, my notebook is always changing and growing as my family changes and grows. Next Monday I will show you the next section in my notebook. My cleaning section. ( were waiting for this, weren't you. Will I talk about my floors? You will have to wait and see.)

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