Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Should I or Should I Not???

This is the question. I must admit something. It is hard to admit this...but I will do so anyways. I think I have an addiction. It is getting pretty bad. It all started when Lori posted about her 50 book challenge over on the ville and I decided to join in on this with my own 50 book list. Now I can't seem to get enough books. I borrowed a couple more books tonight from a friend. Yes...that would make 52 books only I will replace other books on my list that I don't currently have in my bookshelf with these two. So, I will still only have to read 50...not 52. (make sense? I don't know...it is late and I can't have coffee or I won't be able to sleep tonight)

But now, everywhere I go I think about books. I want to read books. I hear mention of a book and I think to myself "Oh...that would be a great book to add to my 50". Its as if 50 books isn't enough any more. What do I do??? I ask ya...what do I do? The compulsion is that to get more books. Alot more books I have this strong urge, pulling me towards my used bookstore. Its not so bad that they know me there. (like it was at Hobby Lobby in Louisiana...Gosh I miss that place) No...but I have the feeling that they soon will...very soon.

So anyways, my question is this...should I go? To the used bookstore I mean. There are a million reasons why I shouldn't. Like money or the fact that I have a ton of books in my bookshelf that I have yet to read or that I just bought a bunch of books. (both from the used bookstore and from Barnes and Noble the other night...didn't mention that here yet, but I did) But there is only one reason why I should go...and that would be because they have books. (duh!!!) And I like books. So, I am thinking I should go. Hey...I could even pick one up for Chloe. That wouldn't be so terribly bad, now would it? What if I got her two or three. Would that justify going? And if they happened to have any Cat Who books I might just slip one or two (or three...or four) in as well. Since I am already there and all. (and they are having a 50% off sale.)

While I have been on this book buying spree lately, I HAVE been reading some too. No...not as many as I have been buying but come on...I am planning ahead. For next year's 50 book challenge, right? (nod your head) So...since I last updated you on my challenge I have actually read three more books. Yay!!!

I finished The Cat Who Smelled a Rat by Lillian Jackson Braun last week sometime. Great book. I love this series. It is one of my favorites. Just light, easy going reading. It is one of those books that I don't find myself lost in a fantasy world like I would with...oh...say Anne of Green Gables? You know me...I get lost pretty easy in dreamland. I guess its also because the main character of the book is a 40 or almost 50 year old man with a mustache. I have never found mustaches particulary appealing. But he does have two cats...and these cats are very interesting. Pattycakes doesn't care for them, but hey...felines are known to be finicky in their friendships so I don't put much stock in her feelings.

I also finished Home Court Advantage by Kevin Lehman. Another great book. I would rank this up there with Dare to Discipline by Dr Dobson. Nothing quite compares to Dr Dobson but this comes pretty close. It was a Christmas present to James from my parents...but guess who was reading it? I hope James does read it though. It talks about alot of paranting philosophies that we have already implimented in our own home. Sometimes I think James just kind of goes along with whatever I do since I was the one rasied in the Christian home. I don't think he fully understands WHY I do the things I do. It would be great for him to read this book and understand my "whys".

The book I just finished yesterday was For Woman Only by Shaunti Feldhahn. I would recommend this book to any and every woman who is married to a man...or is getting married to a man...or even knows someone else who is married to a man. It has really opened my eyes to some things I never realized before. Oh sure...I knew them. Come on...I was raised in a Christian home. I know alot of things. But knowing and understanding are two totally different things. I guess it could be the way in which she describes it...but things really clicked for me. Great book! Read it!

Okay. I am off to climb my stairs 18 times. Why 18 times??? Is there a reason why I chose the number 18? Am I just being random? Actually no. I really am going to climb my stairs 18 times. You see...I have decided to try to be healthier. (hence the whole starving myself for 9 days...which, by the way, is a stupid thing to do. I have been craving chocolate cake ever since. I can't seem to get enough chocolate cake. Chocolate chips work...even chocolate bars. But I just NEED chocolate.)

Anyways, one thing we have done to be healthier was to switch to organic milk. Expensive, I know. But I do believe the benefits will be worth it for little Chloe when she grows up. I have never liked milk much...my mother thinks that maybe I am not supposed to have it for some reason or another because it gives me an instant headache when I drink it. When we first brought the organic milk into our house, I thought I would taste it just to see. (and to make sure I was feeding my child something that tasted okay and not like cow hooves or something) I was quite surprised with my findings. First, it actually tasted much different than "normal" milk. I could taste the difference. Second, I actually liked it. (I LIKED IT!!!) That is a big thing for me to say that I liked it. Okay. I do like chocolate milk (I think you all could have guessed that on your own by now) but this was not chocolate milk and I still liked it. Third, no headache. So, we now have only organic milk in our house. Yay. One change at a time. Start small. Baby Steps.

Okay...back to the 18 stair thing. I decided about two weeks ago that I wanted to start exercising a bit more every day. (interpretation: that I wanted to start exercising.) Well, thinking back to the whole baby steps thing got me to thinking about steps. And I have steps. Lots of them. I also read in the "Disciplines of a Beautiful Woman" book by Anne Ortlund that she climbed her stairs everyday. And if she could do it...so can I. She got up to 75 times a day. Now that is good. I can only dream of that at this point in time. I started out on Day 1 with only 10 stairs figuring "hey...I can handle 10 times". And wouldn't you know it but I almost killed myself doing this. Not from falling and breaking my neck either. No...from a heart attack or something sort of like that. My heart was beating so hard it felt like it was going to come crashing through my chest at any given moment. It HURT!!!

Well, now I am on something like day 16 or something and I am up to 17 times up and down the stairs. (okay you math whizzes out there...quit adding up those days. So, I haven't climbed the stairs every day. I'd like to see you try it! And you can't lollygag up them...NO! you have to run - since that is what James makes me do.) I can say that it is getting easier each time I do it though. My heart doesn't beat quite as hard as the first day. I am far from 75 but give me a couple of years and I may just get there. You never know.

I will really go now. This is quite a long post with no pictures so I am sure you all are getting awfully tired of reading. Have a wonderful night everyone. I am going to climb the stairs 18 times and then read a book. Haven't decided which one yet. Maybe I will draw straws or something.

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